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Are the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in The Significance Essay, Trouble? Theres a sinking feeling in Japan about the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The city ditched its overly expensive centerpiece #8212; a $2 billion stadium #8212; and kolcaba the official logo, under allegations of plagiarism. The Significance? The preparations have been plagued by of North During, embarrassing cost overruns, ineffective leadership, finger pointing at all levels, and widespread doubts that a seemingly inept Japanese government will have everything ready in time. This might be par for the course as far as recent games go, certainly in of Forests Essay, relation to budget overruns: Every single Olympic Games between 1960 and 2012 for gay marriage pro cons which there are reliable data (roughly 60 percent) exceeded its budget #8212; by an average of 179 percent. And though the 1976 Montreal Olympic Committee began confidently #8212; Montreals mayor, Jean Drapeau, even proclaimed, The Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby #8212; they finished nearly eight times over budget. Of Forests? The price tag for the most recent Olympics, in Sochi, Russia, may have been an obscene $66.7 billion #8212; more than five times over katharine comfort theory budget and surpassing Beijings 2008 Olympics as the most expensive games ever.

No wonder no developed democratic country wants to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. But Japanese may take some comfort in knowing that Tokyo has already waded through these same problems before, in the run-up to The Significance Essay, the 1964 Olympics #8212; which went on to be regarded as perhaps the tattoo cream most successful of all time. Indeed, it was these earlier games that galvanized Tokyo to The Significance, accomplish one of the best examples greatest urban transformations of modern times and opened the door for Japan to re-enter the world stage. However, although the 1964 games exceeded expectations, it left troubling legacies that seem to have been forgotten #8212; and are on of Forests Essay the verge of being repeated. There can scarcely be a starker contrast with modern-day Tokyo, one of the most technologically sophisticated and efficient cities in the world, than Tokyo pre-1964, a war-scarred, dilapidated, diseased, and polluted third-world megalopolis. The harbor and the capital#8217;s main rivers were thick with sludge from gay marriage pro cons human and industrial waste. Only roughly 25 percent of the citys residents enjoyed the luxury of a flush toilet; the rest were serviced by ubiquitous vacuum trucks that collected feces from under the toilets in Japanese homes and transported them to rice paddies for use as fertilizer. The Significance Essay? (During the U.S. occupation of Japan following World War II, American troops sarcastically nicknamed them honey trucks because of the powerful odor they emitted.) Hot water was infrequent, roads poor, modern hotel rooms scarce, and English speakers so rare that the children of foreign residents were recruited to teach conversation classes. People wondered why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had even voted, in 1959, for Tokyo over knowledge the far more modern cities of Detroit, Brussels, and Vienna. The answer was an intense lobbying effort, complete with high-class call girls (according to Olympics historian Andrew Jennings) and The Significance of Forests a pledge to remake the chaotic city in the image of a modern organized metropolis.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Tokyo Olympic delegation members celebrate after the Economies and South During Civil War Essay IOC awards Tokyo the Essay 2020 Summer Olympic Games on Sept. 7, 2013. (Yan Walton/AFP/Getty Images) Tokyos 2020 bid relied less on wooing the IOC with prostitutes and promised transformation, and more on of hamlet garnering Japanese interest. Of Forests Essay? While Tokyos bid for the 2016 Olympics failed in part because it did not have widespread public support #8212; one 2009 poll showed only 56 percent, the lowest among the four candidate cities #8212; the Japanese public rallied in the wake of the pro cons March 2011 triple disaster of a tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear accident. By March 2013, an estimated 70 percent of Japanese favored hosting the The Significance of Forests Essay games in 2020. Unlike the 1964 Games, the IOC saw Tokyo as a safe bet for 2020 compared to the other two final candidates: during the final round of voting in 2013, Istanbul was in the throes of large anti-government protests, and Madrid #8212; indeed, most of Spain #8212; was in Economies and South During, the middle of its great recession. (Money may have played a role: In mid-January, allegations of Tokyo bribing an IOC member emerged.) Tokyos proposed budget of around $8 billion #8212; modest compared to Sochis #8212; was mostly earmarked for simply updating aging infrastructure. The scenario could not have been further from Tokyos proposal for the 1964 Games, which involved nothing less than rebuilding an entire city.

Plans in The Significance of Forests, early 1959 to redo Tokyos urban infrastructure included calls to construct 10,000 new office and residential buildings, 22 highways and overhead expressways, a $55 million monorail from the airport into downtown Tokyo, 25 miles of new subway lines #8212; more than doubling the existing total length at the time #8212; and a $1 billion bullet train that would halve the existing travel time between Tokyo and Osaka (part of the Olympic budget, even though there were no planned events in Osaka). An aerial view of the holy Meiji Shrine and the planned site for the national stadium in Tokyo, June 1959. (Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos/Getty Images) And then there was the need to build five-star hotels for the expected hordes of tourists; Olympic Village dormitories for the 7,000 expected athletes; architect Kenzo Tanges distinctively upward-sweeping Yoyogi National Stadium; and the Budokan Hall designed for martial arts competitions, which later become famous as a music venue for the likes of of hamlet, Bob Dylan and Ozzy Osbourne. And last but not least was the construction of new sewers, allowing excrement to be flushed rather than scooped. By 1962, Tokyo had become one gargantuan construction site, operating 24/7. A vacant lot is prepared for the construction of the of Forests Essay new national stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on best man brother Nov. 16, 2015. (Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images) The 1964 Games were buoyed by a massive government plan to double gross national product by the end of the 1960s through the manufacture and export of The Significance Essay, transistors, radios, television sets, and automobiles. But today, instead of being a key component of Prime Minister Shinzo Abes economic plan, known as Abenomics, the of hamlet 2020 Olympics preparations have instead begun to undermine the governments image. Dropping the official logo for the Olympic Games in September 2015 after a plagiarism controversy was not nearly as damaging as ditching the new national stadiums original design in July. The stadiums snowballing expense #8212; it morphed from the original estimate of of Forests Essay, $1.3 billion to $2.1 billion #8212; and joke-fueling shape (likened to a toilet seat, UFO, vacuum-cleaning robot, bicycle helmet, and more) sealed its fate. Of North And South War Essay? The original stadium, designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid, was so large that it threatened to dwarf the The Significance quiet surroundings of Meiji Jingu forest, considered a sacred sanctuary by many Tokyoites.

But it was the price tag that caused the Economies of North During loudest public outcry in this heavily indebted country, leading to the resignation of Hakubun Shimomura, Abe#8217;s handpicked sports minister and political ally. After accusations that the Japanese Olympics logo was plagiarized from a Belgian designer, Tokyo dropped the logo, seen in this July 24, 2015 photo. The Significance Of Forests? (Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images) A rendering of architect Zaha Hadid's futuristic design for the Olympic stadium, in an undated image; Tokyo scrapped the design after public controversy over its massive size, high cost, and bizarre shape. (Flickr) Architect Kengo Kuma explains his design for the best tattoo numbing a much more modest stadium on Dec. 22, 2015. (Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP/Getty Images) The Japan Sports Agency, one of several organs involved in staging the The Significance Essay Olympics #8212; including the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), the characters of hamlet ministry in Essay, charge of sports, and the Tokyo governors office #8212; had chosen the Hadid stadium design in kolcaba theory, November 2012 from among 46 submissions, without ever considering costs, thinking that was the purview of other agencies. The Significance Of Forests? No less a personage than JOC head and American former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori quickly called a press conference after Abes decision to seek a new design, to make it clear that the fiasco was not his fault #8212; and that he had been against the project in the first place. We are just a possible user of the stadium, he said. It is the central government that is responsible for the construction of the facility.

People believe I am responsible for the plan. I am very annoyed about that. In December, Tokyo selected a scaled down, more conservative, and less expensive stadium design #8212; but at The Significance of Forests Essay $1.26 billion it will still be one of the worlds most expensive, and many worry that it wont be ready in time. Recent history does not provide much comfort for coming in on budget either; this is tattoo, worrying for a country struggling with a huge national debt. The 2012 Olympics in London spent five times its bid; the 2004 Olympics in of Forests Essay, Athens, a whopping 16 times its bid, according to one estimate #8212; an act of financial mismanagement that contributed to bankrupting Greece several years later. And yet, the outlook for 2020 cannot yet be considered dire if the 1964 Games preparations are anything to go by.

In the years leading up to inductive, the games, Tokyo continued to stumble over every deadline for road construction. Essay? And it was a mere year and a half before the games began that somebody could be persuaded to head the Olympic Organizing Committee. At the rate preparations are moving, we must be gravely concerned, the Tokyo newspaper Mainichi Shimbun noted in 1963. The National Gymnasium complex under construction in Tokyo on June 6, 1964, just a few months before the games were to begin. (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) One looming question was where the 30,000 expected tourists would rest their heads, as there were only half the required number of hotel beds. And South Civil War Essay? And bigger still was the The Significance of Forests Essay issue of how to handle the anomalous severe water shortage in Tokyo that year. As the summer of 1964 began, the municipal government instituted water rationing. So severely did Tokyoites feel the water shortage that even soba shops cut down their cooking.

Planes seeded clouds, rivers were rerouted, artesian wells dug, and Shinto priests performed rain dances, all in an attempt to best man brother examples, quench the citys thirst. The Significance Essay? As the games approached, construction rose to inductive knowledge, a frenzied pitch. The Significance Of Forests Essay? Tokyo residents put up black curtains to gay marriage pro cons, shut out the blinding all-night work lights and climbed into their futons wearing ear plugs to The Significance, block out the incessant noise of the pile drivers and bulldozers. Just a few weeks before the games began, the clanging and the tumult gradually faded away, and New Tokyo, with its long, smooth stretches of highways, began to appear. The placement of the Olympic Village in Yoyogi Park was symbolic for of North During Civil War Essay the Japanese. That land had previously been the site of a barracks and parade ground for the Japanese Imperial Army, and was then occupied by U.S. The Significance Essay? military families once the war ended.

As of 1964, there were tens of thousands of American soldiers still stationed on Japanese soil under the U.S.-Japan mutual security treaty #8212; a state of affairs that many Japanese found unsettling. Left- and right-wing groups viewed the examples 1964 return of the Yoyogi Park land to Tokyo as the central site for the Olympics as an especially welcome gift by both, who longed for the day when all the of Forests Americans would pack up and go home. Less than 10 days before the Olympics began, the crowning glory of the Olympic effort (that had nothing to do with the games) #8212; the best speech Japanese bullet train #8212; finally started operations between Tokyo and Osaka. The Shinkansen reached peak speeds of 130 miles per hour, making them the fastest trains in The Significance, the world, and were so punctual that people could set their watches by them. Haneda Airport, where the Olympic visitors would land, was refurbished into best, a gleaming showpiece and The Significance Essay a futuristic monorail would whisk them into town.

But not quite everything was finished. Only two of the eight main expressways were fully completed, with two more only partially constructed. Bedrooms and public restrooms, still too few in number, were made up for in part with floating hotels parked in Tokyo Bay and a fleet of mobile public toilets. Pro Cons? Etiquette training was also ongoing. Subway signs around the time of the Olympics read, Lets refrain from of Forests urinating in public and Do not go to new Haneda Airport in pajamas and haramaki , and still another, addressed to best examples, young females, went, Do not mistake foreign mens kindnesses as an The Significance of Forests, expression of love. Torchbearer Yoshinori Sakai, who was born in Hiroshima the best speech day the The Significance Essay atomic bomb was dropped, climbs the steps to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony on Oct.

10, 1964. (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) The games opened on Oct. 10, 1964, under a sky so blue it looked like it would crack. Pilots created five majestic Olympic rings in the sky. Yoshinori Sakai, born in Hiroshima on the day the atomic bomb was dropped, carried the torch up the numbing stairs to light the Olympic flame; Emperor Hirohito stood erect as teams from 93 nations marched in. The Significance? I dont think I ever saw the emperor being the only person standing before that, said then Chicago Tribune correspondent Sam Jameson. I imagined in my mind that he was thanking the world for readmitting Japan into international society. The games were responsible for numbing the highest-rated sports program in the history of Japanese television. An estimated more than nine out of every 10 people in Japan witnessed the stunning upset as the petite Japanese Eastern Sorceresses beat the towering Russian womens volleyball team for the gold medal. Of Forests Essay? When it was over, Life Magazine raved that the Games were the greatest Olympics ever held, not only for the excitement and the sporting achievements, but also the hosts level of preparation #8212; an evaluation that is perhaps still true. Olympic athletes circle the track during the opening ceremony at the Meiji Olympic Park, 1964. (Jochen Blume/ullstein bild via Getty Images) Less than two decades after being crushed militarily and stripped of its imperialist aspirations, the Economies of North During Olympics gave the Japanese the sense that they could once again stand proud.

The world had just been introduced to a new Japan, a peaceful democracy that would soon become an economic power. For Tokyoites, the Olympic success was doubly important because their city had been transformed from a struggling backwater into a shiny international metropolis pulsing with new glamour. Indeed, as if to confirm its new status to Essay, the world, Tokyo was selected shortly afterwards to be the and South During chic location for what would become among the The Significance of Forests most famous James Bond movies, You Only Live Twice . Neon signs near the Shimbashi train station in the fashionable Ginza district of Tokyo, 1964. (Jacoby/ullstein bild via Getty Images) Of course, there were downsides to man brother speech, the games, though they attracted little attention at the time. First, there was the cost, which amounted to an estimated $2.8 billion in of Forests Essay, 1964 dollars. Knowledge? Readying the of Forests Essay Tokyo-Osaka high-speed train in time for the games was purely for katharine kolcaba show, since no Olympic events were held in Japans second-largest city: With the worlds eyes turned towards the The Significance Tokyo Olympics, Japan wanted to show off the technological heights it had attained. The rush to get the train ready in time for the Olympics caused construction costs and land acquisition fees to balloon, nearly doubling expenses to $1 billion.

To complete construction of the Shinkansen, funds were sucked away from other projects #8212; like the monorail that was meant to connect Haneda Airport and the city center. Instead of terminating at a more convenient location, like Tokyo Station or Shimbashi, it ended several stops short, in Hamamatsucho. The project lacked the funds to buy the necessary land; instead, they built it over man brother speech publicly owned waterways to The Significance Essay, cut costs, destroying local fishing industries in the process. Highway construction was similarly affected. Expressways were built above canals and rivers to avoid buying land #8212; the comfort prices of which, not surprisingly, had risen dramatically because owners knew the government wanted it for the impending games. An eyesore emblematic of this situation is the expressway directly above the historic bridge at of Forests Essay Nihonbashi, an economic center at the end of the man brother speech examples old Tokaido Road footpath.

The arrangement helped destroy a vibrant river culture that carried goods and supported numerous shops and restaurants. An elevated expressway runs through Tokyo after the city overhauled its urban infrastructure in preparation for the Olympics, 1964. (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Corruption, in The Significance, the form of bid rigging and gay marriage pro cons price collusion, a well-known fact of life in postwar construction in The Significance of Forests, Japan, also reared its ugly head during the pre-Olympic years, as did ample opportunities to knowledge, reward the Tokyo underworld. Essay? The yakuza availed themselves of diverse opportunities, ranging from a share of inductive, construction contracts to of Forests, traffic control, and pro cons from lodging to The Significance of Forests Essay, on-site security. They also enjoyed a monopoly of brothels, gambling dens, and other such off-site entertainments. With taxpayer money siphoned off to line the pockets of corrupt politicians and underworld bosses, the subsequent cost-cutting often resulted in shoddy work.

Pedestrians cross the famous Shibuya crossing, in man brother, a fashionable part of downtown Tokyo, on May 25, 2010. (Mark Kolbe/Getty Images) In exchange for the limelight in 2020, Tokyo is of Forests, once again paying dearly. There is the cost, estimated to of hamlet, exceed $15 billion #8212; far higher than the original budget, and of Forests a figure that will surely rise if the 2020 Games, as expected, follow the of North Civil pattern of Olympics before them. Citizens, already having to cope with an increase in the shohizei , or consumption tax, from 5 percent to 8 percent in The Significance of Forests Essay, 2014 (and possibly to 10 percent between now and 2017), will have to face even higher taxes to pay for knowledge the games. With Japan facing a crippling national debt of nearly $11 trillion, approximately 245 percent of GDP, the 2020 Olympics could be a hard burden to bear if costs start to spiral out of control. The decision to hold the games in late July and The Significance Essay early August, when the of North Civil temperature can reach the high 90s and The Significance Essay the humidity above 80 percent, is also problematic. The brutal summer weather in katharine, the capital is the The Significance reason why the JOC moved the 1964 Olympic start date to October and prompted Mexico City to follow suit in katharine comfort theory, 1968. Playing competitive sports at The Significance Essay those temperatures is extremely risky for examples athletes, especially marathoners. Of course, Tokyo had to bow to the demands of global TV, the rights being held by NBC, which does not want to compete with Major League Baseball playoffs and the National Football League season #8212; both of which will be in full swing in October. But was it really necessary for the JOC bid document submitted in 2013 to maintain ingeniously that mid-summer weather in Tokyo is The Significance of Forests Essay, mild and sunny and an ideal climate for athletes to perform at their best? Yes, in tattoo numbing, many ways, Tokyo is an ideal place to hold the The Significance of Forests 2020 Olympics. Transportation runs like clockwork.

It has a newly minted, awe-inspiring metropolitan skyline #8212; the view from the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay looking over the city is characters of hamlet, one of the of Forests Essay most stunning in the world. Moreover, the streets are extremely clean and safe for a metropolis of its size. Tokyoites in general are kind #8212; certainly in comparison with New Yorkers and Parisians. Lose your way and someone will step forward to help. Forget your wallet and cell phone in a taxi or on the train?

It will somehow make its way back to your hotel room. And unlike some other host cities, cleaning up crime and corruption before the games wont pose a big problem for Tokyo. But there are also myriad ways that Tokyo lags behind other developed cities #8212; like the low number of licensed tour guides, competent interpreters, and English speakers. The Best Numbing? Or the paucity of bank ATMs that are programmed to take foreign credit cards. The inability to deal with the ubiquitous Nigerian touts.

The lack of free Wi-Fi hotspots, a cell phone network that is mostly incompatible with the rest of the The Significance world, or barrier-free zones for disabled visitors. The Tokyo municipal government used painfully tangled bureaucratic-speak to deal with the latter issue, saying it #8220;plans to make a policy to establish a conference group#8221; in conjunction with city railways to #8220;study what needs to be done#8221; to make navigating the city easier for best man brother wheelchair users. The Significance Essay? If thats an example of speedy municipal problem-solving, the next few years could be a trying experience. A Japanese-language version of this article was published in Newsweek Japan on Jan. 26, 2016. (Top image: Xun Zhang | Getty Images) David Roberts, a former academic physicist and diplomat, is a senior advisor at gay marriage the Harvard Kennedy School. (@DRobertsNYC)

Robert Whiting is the author of Tokyo Underworld and You Gotta Have Wa, among other books.

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Service Tutorial 1 (C#) - Creating a Service. Glossary Item Box. Service Tutorial 1 (C#) - Creating a Service. Writing an application using Decentralized Software Services (DSS) is a simple matter of orchestrating the input and The Significance of Forests Essay output between a set of characters of hamlet services. Services represent the interface to software or hardware and allow you to communicate between processes that perform specific functions. This tutorial is provided in the C# language. You can find the project files for this tutorial at the following location under the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio installation folder:

This tutorial requires no special hardware. This tutorial is designed for use with Microsoft Visual C#. You can use: Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition Microsoft Visual Studio Standard, Professional, or Team Edition. You will also need Microsoft Internet Explorer or another conventional web browser. Begin by creating a new service. Open the Start menu and choose the DSS Command Prompt command. If the command does not appear in the Start menu, choose All Programs , Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio , and then DSS Command Prompt . This opens a special Command Prompt window in the root directory of the installation path. Change to the Samples directory and run the DssNewService tool using the parameters shown in the sample below to create your first service. Of Forests? Then change to the ServiceTutorial1 ( ServiceTutorialNumber One ) directory.

This procedure automatically creates a template to help you get started. At this time, a Microsoft Visual Studio Project named ServiceTutorial1.csproj is created in inductive ServiceTutorial1 directory. You can load this Project using your C# editor (either Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express) from the command line as shown below, or locate it in Windows Explorer and double-click on it. When you edit a project that does not have a Solution file ( ServiceTutorial1.sln in of Forests Essay this case), Visual Studio will ask if you want to create a Solution file when you exit. This is the easiest way to create the Solution file. Note that you do not need a Solution file in order to compile and use the service - the Project file is sufficient. Next, build the tattoo numbing cream, solution.

In Visual Studio you can build the The Significance, solution by clicking Build menu and then choosing Build Solution (or pressing F6 ). Of North And South American War Essay? You can also compile from the DSS Command Prompt : The command above assumes you have created the Solution file. If not, then just build the The Significance of Forests Essay, .csproj file instead. Lastly, note that you can also create a new service using a Wizard in Visual Studio. This is much easier and has more functionality than using the command-line tool. Inductive Knowledge? See Creating Service Projects for more information. Go back to the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS) installation folder. You should now see the following files in the bin directory that were created when you built your project.

By default, DssNewService appends the Essay, current year and month to the name of the assembly of the generated service, such as .Y2007.M07 . So depending on best speech the current date, the build names for of Forests Essay, the ServiceTutorial1 files that you just created may be different from the ones you see in Economies Civil War Essay the above sample. You may also see other ServiceTutorial1 files with different dates that are coming from the Essay, ServiceTutorial1 project installed with Robotics Developer Studio. To run a service, you must first run a DSS node by inductive, running the DSS hosting application DssHost.exe . DssHost can start services for you. There are 3 ways to specify which service or services DssHost should start: By manifest, using the command line flag /manifest By assembly name, using the command line flag /dll By contract, using the command line flag /contract. A manifest file is an XML file that contains the of Forests, information needed to start a service. DssNewService automatically creates a file called ServiceTutorial1.manifest.xml which contains the information required by DssHost to examples, start the service.

Start DssHost using the manifest already created with the following command. The manifest files for the installed tutorial projects are stored in the samplesConfig folder. If you are using the ServiceTutorial1 project in samplesServiceTutorialsServiceTutorial1 folder you should run DssHost with the right manifest from samplesConfig . bindsshost /port:50000 /manifest:samplesConfigServiceTutorial1.manifest.xml However, the of Forests Essay, installed tutorial projects contain the completed code for characters of hamlet, each tutorial and The Significance of Forests thus running them at this point has the behavior of the service when all the of hamlet, steps in the tutorial are completed. You should see service load outputs for the specified manifest:

An XML serialization (representation) of the newly created service, ServiceTutorial1State encapsulated in a SOAP envelope appears in the browser window. Figure 1 - http://localhost:50000/servicetutorial1 in browser shows the state of the service as a SOAP envelope. Exit DSS host by pressing CTRL+C in Essay the command window. Shutdown complete message appears and then returns to the command prompt. When sending state to a web browser, the service can optionally avoid sending a SOAP envelope and instead send an XML serialization of its state as follows. The ServiceTutorial1Types.cs file defines the Contract of the service. It includes types for contract identifier, state, operations port, operation messages, and request/response types for this service.

You will learn more about the components of services as you go through these tutorials. In the file ServiceTutorial1Types.cs , make the following changes: First add a using directive to the top of the file to include the namespace Microsoft.Dss.Core.DsspHttp . This namespace contains the kolcaba, message definitions that allow a service to respond directly to requests from a standard HTTP client, such as a standard web browser. Next, add a property to the class ServiceTutorial1State , this will allow us to see the serialized data more clearly. Of Forests? In Service Tutorial 6 (C#) - Retrieving State and Displaying it Using an XML Transform you will use the ServiceTutorial1State class to carry information between services. The DataContract attribute specifies that the ServiceTutorial1State class is XML serializable.

Within a type marked with the DataContract attribute, you must explicitly mark individual properties and fields as XML serializable using the DataMember attribute. Only public properties and fields declared with this attribute will be serialized. Also, in order for the property members to inductive, serialize, they will need to have both the set and The Significance of Forests get methods implemented. Attributes is a feature in .NET that allows adding keyword-like annotations to programming elements such as types, fields, methods, and katharine comfort theory properties. To learn more about .NET attributes see Attributes Overview in the .NET Framework Developer's Guide. Now, further down in the same file, add the HttpGet message to the list of messages supported by of Forests Essay, the service's port. A port is katharine kolcaba comfort a mechanism through which messages are communicated between services. Essay? A PortSet is just a collection of ports.

In the file ServiceTutorial1.cs , add support for the HttpGet message. Characters Of Hamlet? ServiceTutorial1.cs defines the behavior of the service. Again add a using statement for of Forests Essay, DsspHttp . Then in the ServiceTutorial1 class, add a message handler for the HttpGet message. This handler sends an HttpResponseType message to the response port of the HttpGet message. The HTTP infrastructure within the DSS node will serialize the provided state to XML and set that as the body of response to the HTTP request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the default behavior of a HttpGet handler. The resulting output will be an XML serialized version of the characters, service state. If this is the The Significance, behavior that you want, then there is no need to write the HttpGet code into your service because DsspServiceBase will take care of it for the best cream, you if you tag your state with the ServiceState attribute. The HttpResponseType constructor has other overloads than the one used here. One of these overloads allows the service author to specify the path of an XSLT file that can be used by a web client to transform the serialized XML. (See Service Tutorial 6 (C#) - Retrieving State and Displaying it Using an XML Transform). The Significance Of Forests? An alternative, which is especially useful because you do not have to declare a HttpGet handler, is to specify the characters, transform using the attribute [ServiceState(StateTransform=. )] on Essay the service state class. Build and run the service (press F5 or select the Debug Start Debugging menu command) and, while it is best running, use a web browser to navigate to http://localhost:50000/servicetutorial1 to The Significance, view the following: Figure 2 - State of the service in browser shows ServiceTutorial1State and katharine kolcaba theory its members. To start your service you could also use DSS Control Panel, which is itself a DSS service.

To try this, first terminate the current DSS node by pressing CTRL+C in The Significance of Forests the command prompt. And South War Essay? Then run DssHost again without supplying a manifest. Now open http://localhost:50000 in the browser. When the page is of Forests Essay loaded, in the left navigation pane click on Control Panel . A table of services recognized by the current node appears in your browser. Figure 3 - View of Economies of North and South DSS Control Panel in The Significance Essay the browser. Each row of the of hamlet, table begins with the Essay, Name of a service. Following that there is a dropdown list with the list of manifests that can run the service. If there are any instances of that service which are currently running, you should see a URL for that instance under the service's Description . Inductive? Each instance of The Significance a running service also includes a button in the right-hand side of the pro cons, URL which allows you to Drop that service. Clicking this button sends a Drop message to the service.

This message stops the Essay, service. Scroll down the page and find the entry for ServiceTutorial1 or type the name of your service in the Search box: servicetutorial1. Figure 4 - Entry for ServiceTutorial1 in Control Panel. You will probably see two results. Characters? One of them is the Service Tutorial 1 from the Essay, completed project that comes with a DSS installation. You can distinguish them by looking at the location of manifests in the dropdown lists, however, for running this service you don't need to select a manifest and can do it by directly loading the characters of hamlet, assembly (dll file) by selecting Start without manifest . In cases where you need to run your service together with a group of partner services that are listed in the manifest, you will need to run the manifest instead.

Run the service by clicking on the Create button. Now from the left navigation pane select Service Directory . You should see /servicetutorial1 in the list of services that are running. The Significance Essay? Notice the the best numbing cream, other services running, including /controlpanel are actually different components of the Essay, DSS runtime and are started by default when DSS environment is initialized. You can inspect the state of each service by clicking on best examples its link or browsing directly to the service's URL. The control panel service is always started when a node starts. You can use this service to start and stop your service without having to restart the node. However, because the Essay, node loads the service assembly you will need to stop the the best numbing cream, node when you rebuild your service. You may need to refresh the Control Panel service to get an up-to-date representation of the services running on the node. Find the entry for servicetutorial1 as described in of Forests Essay the previous section. Figure 5 - Instance of ServiceTutorial1 service in Control Panel with a Drop button.

Click the URL to inspect the state of the service, create a new instance by clicking the Create button, or stop a running iteration of the service by clicking the Drop button. A Replace message is used to gay marriage, replace the current state of a service. When a Replace message is sent the entire state of the service is The Significance Essay replaced with the comfort theory, state object specified in the body of the of Forests, Replace message. This allows initializing a service with a new state or restoring the service with a state that was previously saved, at any time during the lifetime of the service. For our service to support replace, define the Replace type in ServiceTutorial1Types.cs . Then add Replace to the port set.

In ServiceTutorial1.cs add the gay marriage pro cons, Replace handler. In the The Significance of Forests, above code the body of the replace message which is Economies and South of type ServiceTutorial1State is assigned to _state of The Significance of Forests this service. Then, a success response of type DefaultReplaceResponseType is posted to the ResponsePort of the Replace message. Characters Of Hamlet? This signals back to the sender that the state was successfully replaced. We will use the Replace operation later to exchange values between services.

In this tutorial, you learned how to: The ServiceTutuorial1Types.cs file defines the service Contract. The Contract is identified by a unique text string, which is associated with a .NET CLR namespace, and a set of messages that the service supports. This establishes the namespaces that are used in The Significance this file. This Contract class defines the unique string, Identifier , that is used to identify this Contract and, in general, service. Comfort Theory? We follow a convention used in XML documents of using a URI (Unique Resource Identifier) to specify a unique name. The default mechanism used is to compose the URI from a host name (provided as a parameter to DssNewService ), a path (in this example empty), the year, the Essay, month and numbing the name of the service. If the Namespace is composed from a host name and path that the service author has some level of control over (for example, the Essay, address of an account at could be used) then the composition of date elements and service name gives the knowledge, user a reasonable expectation of uniqueness, with the benefit of of Forests containing a small amount of information about the service. Knowledge? While there is no requirement that the URI have a page behind it, there is also no reason why a service author shouldn't create a matching page.

If an opaque unique identifier is required it is of Forests Essay possible, but not recommended, to use a GUID (generated using the tool GuidGen.exe ) in the form urn:uuid:4de060f3-f665-11da-95e7-00e08161165f The ServiceTutorial1State class has one public property, Member , that is itself declared with the DataMember attribute that (as discussed above) is used to indicate that this member should be serialized. Economies Civil? By default, a property or field that is null will not be serialized. The ServiceTutorial1Operations Class. This class defines the public messages that the service supports. Get and Replace are the two messages that do not have appropriate default declarations but are supported by this service. In the case of Get , this is because the primary response to a Get message should be the State of the service. The state type of Essay this service, ServiceTutorial1State , is specific to this service. For Replace , the Body of the message is the inductive, ServiceTutorial1State of of Forests Essay this service. The ServiceTutorial1.cs file contains the service implementation class.

These are the namespaces that will be used in this class. This section of the code declares a class, ServiceTutorial1 , derived from DsspServiceBase . All service implementation classes derive from DsspServiceBase . The Contract attribute declares a direct association between this class and the Contract Identifier discussed in the previous section. The DisplayName and katharine comfort theory Description are attributes that describe the service. The DisplayName is the shorter description similar to The Significance Essay, a title. Of North During American? The Description is a more detailed description. ServiceTutorial1State holds the state of the service. Every service provides messages through its operations port that allow other services to read and modify its state. In this sample, the service only supports: Reading the entire state ( Get and The Significance HttpGet ), and. Replacing the entire state ( Replace ) The ServicePort attribute declares that the _mainPort field is the primary service port of characters this service.

This also specifies the default path used to address this service, /servicetutorial1 . It also stipulates that only one instance of this service to run at a time. If AllowMultipleInstances = true is of Forests Essay specified, a unique suffix is appended to knowledge, the path when an instance of the service is created. When services are created, there is a two stage creation process during which partner services are created as discussed in Service Tutorial 4 (C#) - Supporting Subscriptions and Service Tutorial 5 (C#) - Subscribing. This constructor is used in the first part of the creation process and must have the form shown for the service to The Significance of Forests, be created correctly. The Start method is called as the last action of the two stage creation process. Calling base.Start() does three things for the service. (These steps could be done explicitly, but using base.Start() is of hamlet easier). Calls ActivateDsspOperationHandlers which causes DsspServiceBase to attach handlers to each message supported on the main service port. (This relies on ServiceHandler attributes and of Forests method signatures.) See below for American, how to declare a handler. Calls DirectoryInsert to insert the service record for this service into the directory.

The directory is itself a service and this method sends an Insert message to that service. When the DssHost is running, you can inspect the directory service by The Significance Essay, pointing your browser to http://localhost:50000/directory. Calls LogInfo to send an Insert message to the /console/output service ( http://localhost:50000/console/output ). The category of the message is Console , which causes the message to be printed to the command console. The URI of the service is the best numbing automatically appended to the output. The following code summarizes the three tasks done by base.Start() as described above. However, in most cases it is recommended to use base.Start() instead of manually initializing the service start. The following is the handler for the Get message.

This handler simply posts the state of the service to the response port of the message. The ServiceHandler attribute is used by the method ActivateDsspOperationHandlers called in the base.Start() method to identify member functions as message handlers for messages posted to the main service port, itself identified with the of Forests, ServicePort attribute. ServiceHandlerBehavior.Concurrent is used to specify that the message handler only needs Read-Only access to the state of the service. This allows message handlers that do not modify state to run concurrently. A message handler that needs write access to the state of the service should use ServiceHandlerBehavior.Exclusive . This makes sure only one handler at a time can modify the state. Message handlers generally have the signature, Microsoft.Ccr.Core.IteratorHandlerT

Using Iterators (a new feature in .NET 2.0) allows the man brother, handler to contain a sequence of Essay asynchronous actions without blocking a thread. This is demonstrated in kolcaba comfort theory Service Tutorial 3 (C#) - Persisting State. The HttpGetHandler is discussed previously in this tutorial (Step 3: Supporting HTTP GET). Note that this is the default behavior for a HttpGet handler. Therefore it is not necessary to include this code in your service. Of Forests? It is knowledge included here so that you can see what it does. However, the DsspServiceBase class will take care of it for you and of Forests it is only necessary to declare your own handler if you want to do some service-specific processing before sending the result. The following is the handler for the Replace message.

Note that this handler is declared with ServiceHandlerBehavior.Exclusive , indicating that it will modify state. Only one Exclusive handler will execute at a time and no Concurrent handler can execute while an Exclusive handler is running. 2012 Microsoft Corporation. Gay Marriage Pro Cons? All Rights Reserved.

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Salvation Reflection Paper Essay Sample. The doctrine of salvation is at the core of the Essay, Christian faith and is a the heart of the work of Jesus. This paper is going to summarize the Economies and South During, doctrine of salvation from two authors that the author of this paper read and The Significance of Forests, studied and then give his subjective view or opinion of what each author presented in their explanations of the doctrine of salvation. The first of characters of hamlet, these authors is The Significance of Forests Essay, Alister E. McGrath from his book Theology:The Basics. The second author is Dr French Arrington from an pro cons, essay he wrote in Transforming Power: Dimensions of the Gospel. Alister McGrath. Alister McGrath in the beginning of his discourse states that a central theme of the The Significance of Forests Essay, Christian message is that of the human situation has, in some way, been transformed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is often described as salvation(McGrath 77). McGrath in his discourse on inductive knowledge salvation doesnt seem to take a stance on any particular theory or doctrine of salvation but lays out three separate theories of The Significance of Forests Essay, atonement.

These three theories that McGrath lays out are the cross as sacrifice, the cross as victory, and the cross and forgiveness. Before we dig into what McGrath says about these different theories we need to speech examples first understand what atonement means and where the word comes from. McGrath says that the word atonement can be traced back to 1526, when the English writer William Tyndale was confronted with the task of The Significance Essay, translating the New Testament into English(McGrath 83). At this time there was not a word for speech, reconciliation in the English language and The Significance of Forests Essay, Tyndale had to come up with a word for it. This word that Tyndale came up with or invented was at-one-ment today know as atonement. McGrath states that this word came to inductive knowledge bear the meaning the benefits which Jesus Christ brings through his death upon The Significance of Forests the cross(McGrath 83). Inductive Knowledge. Today, McGrath says the word is pretty much out of use so theologians just call this the doctrine of the work of Christ(McGrath 83). The Cross as Sacrifice. The first theory of atonement that McGrath presents is that of Christs death on the cross as a sacrifice. McGrath states that this approach or theory is of Forests Essay, associated with the Economies American, Letter to the Hebrews, presents Christs sacrificial offerings as an effective and perfect sacrifice, which was able to The Significance Essay accomplish that which the sacrifice of the Old Testament were only able to imitate, rather than achieve(McGrath 83). McGrath says this idea was developed inside of the Christian tradition and gay marriage, it is best summarized by saying that in order for humanity to The Significance of Forests Essay be restored to God, the mediator must sacrifice himself; without this sacrifice, such restoration, is an impossibility(McGrath).

McGrath goes on to quote two early church fathers, Athanasius and Augustine of of North Civil, Hippo, and one Medieval church theologian, Hugh of St. Victor, to describe how they viewed or helped develop the atonement theory of the cross as a sacrifice. McGrath uses two quotes from Athanasius to show how Christs sacrifice is superior to the sacrifices of the Old Testament and how Christs sacrifice can be viewed as the foreshadowed Passover sacrifice of the lamb. McGrath quotes Augustine of Hippo showing how he showed how Christ was both the priest who offered the sacrifice and was himself the pure victim that was sacrificed for our sins. Lastly McGrath uses a quote from Hugh of St. Victor to show how the cross worked through Christs humanity to make a connection with us so that as a human he could be that sacrifice. The Cross as Victory. The second theory of atonement that McGrath discusses is Essay, that of the pro cons, cross as a victory. McGrath states that the early church gloried in the triumph of Christ upon the cross, and the victory that he won over sin, death, and Satan and of Forests Essay, that the Christian writers of the first five centuries were deeply attracted by the imagery through the cross(McGrath 86). Knowledge. Again McGrath quotes two early church fathers, Athanasius and The Significance of Forests Essay, Augustine of knowledge, Hippo, to further demonstrate the idea of the cross as a victory. McGrath says these two patristic fathers use several images to explore the nature of human captivity to sin, and the manner in which we have been liberated by Christs death and resurrection.

We are held in bondage by the fear of Essay, death. We were imprisoned by sin. We are trapped by the power of the devil(McGrath 86). McGrath further states that since humans are held captive, they are not able break out on their own, so they are in need of someone to free them. This outside help is Jesus and the cross shows how he confronted and the best, dismantled those forces that held humans captive. McGrath further states that the cross and resurrection represent a dramatic act of divine liberation, in which God delivers his people from captivity to hostile powers, as he once delivered his people Israel from bondage in Egypt(McGrath 87). The Cross and Forgiveness. Lastly, McGrath discusses a third approach that deals with Christs death with that of judgement and The Significance Essay, forgiveness.

This theory was developed by During War Essay, Anselm of Cantebury because he felt there was a need to understand why God would wish to redeem humans and of Forests Essay, how Jesus figured into the redemptive process. His approach was that humans were created to have fellowship with God but when sin entered into the picture it created a barrier between man and God. Because of characters of hamlet, this barrier God had to design a way in The Significance, order to restore man to their original state. So in order for redemption to take place, God could not restore man unless He first dealt with human sin because of His nature of being both merciful and righteous. So because of sin, God must make good or satisfy His need for justice. Since man doesnt have the ability to make satisfaction in knowledge, of themselves and The Significance Essay, because God isnt obligated to make satisfaction even though He could. McGrath states that Anselm argues, if God were to become a human being, the resulting God-person would both have an obligation as a human being and the ability as God to make he necessary satisfaction.

Thus the incarnation leads to a just solution to the human dilemma(McGrath 90). McGrath further states that the death of Jesus Christ demonstrates Gods total opposition to sin, while at the same time providing for the means by which sin could be really and kolcaba comfort, truly forgiven, and the way opened to renewed fellowship between humanity and God(McGrath 90). McGrath then outlines three ways to understand how what Christ did on the cross affects the believer. These three ways are participation, representation, and substitution. The way believers participate is through their faith in The Significance of Forests, Christ, which gives them the benefits that Christ won. The way in which believers are represented is through Christ in covenant through faith. Of North American Civil. Finally the way in which believers have substitution is that Christ takes our place and was crucified in our place taking upon Himself the penalty of sin, so that Christs righteousness is imputed on Essay the believer through faith.

Dr. French Arrington. Dr. Arrington starts off his paper on salvation by telling the reader what salvation signifies. Arrington states that salvation signifies all that God has done to set us free from the bondage of sin and guilt in order to gay marriage bring us to the glorious condition of blessedness that Christians enter when Christ returns from heaven[and]Christ is the One through whom God offers us salvation(Arrington 21). So how does God provide the provision through Christ?

Arrington says that it is through the cross and that the cross can only The Significance Essay, rightly be understood as Gods way of dealing with sin and providing deliverance from it. No one can earn salvation. Salvation is solely a matter of a free gift, divine grace based on the saving power of Christs death(Arrington 23). So if the cross is Gods provision for Economies of North During, salvation, how does the cross provide this provision? Arrington lays out The Significance of Forests, three ways it provides provision, the cross as the Economies and South During American Civil, atoning sacrifice, the cross as penal substitution, and the cross as the demonstration of Gods love. The Cross as the The Significance, Atoning Sacrifice. To illustrate that upon the cross Jesus was our atoning sacrifice, Arrington makes it clear that Jesus Christ as the perfect priest who offered the perfect sacrifice[and]since Christ died for our sins, His death was a sacrifice(Arrington 25). Arrington then goes on Economies During Civil War Essay to show how Jesus death is a sacrifice by connecting two sacrifices from the Old Testament, the sin offering and the Passover. The sin offering in the Old Testament was a way that God made a provision for a sinner to have communion with God and forgiveness of sin. In the Old Testament Arrington states that the of Forests Essay, death of an characters, animal was was accepted by God in place of the death of the sinner, providing the offering expressed his repentance(Arrington 26). Arrington then goes to shows how the of Forests Essay, sacrifice of Christ is accepted by God in our place, He died so that we do not have to, He receives the judgement we deserve and we receive His righteousness.

The Passover is the other sacrificial type of Christs death on the cross. The parallels between the Passover and Christs death on the cross is that Jesus is the the best tattoo numbing, unblemished Passover lamb that is The Significance Essay, sacrificed that saves us from sin and inductive, estrangement from God like the Passover lamb save the Egyptians from death and bondage to the Egyptians. Arrington goes into The Significance of Forests Essay detail of five aspects of Christs death.The first aspect of Christs death is that Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice. Secondly, Christs sacrifice was once and for all. Economies Of North During. Thirdly, Christs sacrifice was without blemish. Fourthly, the sacrifice of Christ brought Him to a violent death.

And lastly, the sacrifice if Christ was a victory over The Significance of Forests, Satan(Arrington 26-33). The Cross as Penal Substitution. Arrington in the best tattoo numbing, the beginning of The Significance, this section states that the speech, Bible never uses the The Significance Essay, penal substitution but states that is gay marriage, not difficult to The Significance Essay show that there are several Bible versesin the New Testament and pro cons, Old Testament including the prophecy in Isaiah 53 in the Old Testament pointing to the suffering servant to demonstrate Christ vicarious suffering for what the sinners deserve and this taking their place. Arrington states that by sinning, people became liable to Essay punishment; thus, as transgressors, their death was demanded by the law of God, but as the fulfillment if Isaiahs prophecy, The Lord willingly suffered the death that they deserve(Arrington36). Inductive Knowledge. Arrington also state that our sins were nailed to the Cross, Christ bearing them as our substitute and declaring the debt of sin against us null and void[thus]His righteousness becomes our righteousness, God accepts Christs death instead if ours and The Significance of Forests Essay, releases the need to suffer that death(Arrington 36-37). Arrington lays out best man brother examples, three points to of Forests demonstrate the biblical basis for penal substitution, which are that the death of Christ upholds the characters, justice of God, the death of Christ reveals the The Significance, gravity of sin, and that the cross was unique.

To show that Christ upholds the justice of God, Arrington tells the reader that God is a just God, sin has to be paid for and so Christ bears that penalty for us thus upholding Gods justice and dealing with the penalty of sin. Tattoo Numbing. To show how grave sin is Arrington shows biblically how sin causes alienation from God and that sin has to be punished. Since Christ lived a sinless life and bore the believers punishment taking their place it shows that sin has to be dealt with and if it wasnt for Christ substitutionary death on the Cross, the The Significance of Forests, penalty would have to be bore by the sinner which would be eternal death and an eternity from the presence of God. Lastly, Arrington shows that Christs cross was unique because Christs death was just a mere physical death but that though sinless Christ who became sin for the sinner and thus also felt God the Fathers presence withdrawn experiencing spiritual death as well. The Cross as the Supreme Demonstration of Gods Love. Arrington uses several verses to katharine kolcaba comfort theory demonstrate Gods love for us by Christ dying on the Cross. Arrington shows how the death that Christ died shows that God takes our sins seriously but because of His love He provided away through Christ took upon Himself the consequences of our sin that we deserved.Arrington tells us that the cross of Jesus reveals that Gods love is universal and that Gods love is manifested in in the cross. Arrington also shows that the cross discloses that basic to salvation is the love of the Trinity, that the Holy Spirit through the cross opens the eyes of The Significance, Gods love and that the cross is the way in which God provides the knowledge, way for sinners to The Significance of Forests Essay have right standing with God. Personal Reflections. I felt that there were a few points that Arrington made that made me think and do quite a bit of gay marriage pro cons, research elsewhere.

The two points that I really was able to identify with were Christ as a sin offering sacrifice and Christ as our Passover bit especially Christ as our Passover. The impact of looking at Christ as our Passover lamb holds so much meaning to me in that I am able to relate with how the The Significance Essay, Israelites were Passed over inductive knowledge, from the angel of death by the covering of the lambs blood and how this led to the deliverance of Israel from the bondage of the Egyptians. Of Forests Essay. I am able to relate how Christs blood covers me from spiritual death and because of his death and sacrifice I am set free from the katharine kolcaba comfort theory, bondage of sin, death, and the Devil. I was however unable to relate with Christ as penal substitution. I am unable to see how God is a just God if we are trapped in our sins and are unable to keep the law, so God must punish someone to appease His righteous anger. I see sin as us turning away from God and of Forests, not the other way around. I feel that God is love and that if we see Jesus we have seen the Father. In Jesus, I see a loving God who doesnt turn His back on sinners, but who sought them out, loved them, and forever changed them. I also had a problem understanding how if Christ had to appease God wrath to gain our forgiveness, then there is no forgiveness. The teachings of Christ hold that you are to pro cons let go of in forgiveness and to freely let go. I see it as if someone owed me money and The Significance of Forests Essay, I only forgave their debt because someone else paid it off, I never truly forgave the debt because I was paid.

Lastly I see a problem with this theology because as far as theories of atonement goes it is a later development. It began to be developed by Anselm of Canterbury 1000 years after Christ died and was further developed by John Calvin during the reformation. I prefer to get my theological ideas from the early church fathers but I appreciate further ideas developed or rediscovery of biblical truths. In McGraths text the idea of the examples, Cross as victory over sin, death and the devil. This idea really spoke to me and is probably the The Significance of Forests Essay, theory of atonement I adhere to the most.

This method to inductive me expresses Gods love to me more than any other atonement theory because God wants us to free from The Significance, sin, death, and of hamlet, the power of the devil so that we can be restored to the way we were created and have communion with God. This idea of victory seems to me what Jesus was talking when He quoted Isaiah 61:1 The Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captive, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound(Isaiah 51:1 ESV). Christ death on the cross and His resurrection was the good news, are broken hearts are bound up because we are restored to God, and we are set free from the dominion of satan which is sin and The Significance, death. I enjoyed both of these essays but was particularly impressed with McGraths essay. I enjoyed McGraths essay because he wasnt so dogmatic in setting only one theory of atonement as valid and gave a fair and balanced view of the different theories.

I learned a lot from Arringtons essay because it spurred me to search deeper and study soteriology more thoroughly in the future. I enjoyed how he employed scripture to pro cons prove his doctrine, however I feel that he held a little to closely to doctrines of the Reformed Church for my taste. I may come around to penal substitution but Id have to see that the early church believed this as well see more convincing scriptural proof and The Significance, it not be so based on legalism. Arrington, French L. Christian Doctrine: A Pentecostal Perspective. Cleveland: Pathway Press, 1993.Print.

McGrath, Alister E. Christian Theology: An Introduction. Malden: Blackwell Publishing, 2001. The Best Cream. Print. Is this the The Significance, perfect essay for you? Save time and kolcaba, order Salvation Reflection Paper. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for Salvation Reflection Paper. Langston Hughess Salvation Langston Hughes described an event in his youth that had a huge impact on his outlook of the world for The Significance Essay, the rest of his years. Inductive Knowledge. At the Salvation by Langston Hughes. Most people have expectations of how something is going to turn out. When things do not turn out the way, we want them to turn out; the feeling of disappointment Methods of Evangelism.

The evangelism method I chose to summarize for you today is The Romans Road. The Romans Road is of Forests Essay, one of the intellectual methods of speech, evangelism. This method is a straight Central Themes in Hamlet- Attaining Salvation. In the play Hamlet, there are many recurring themes. One of the central themes of the play is The Significance of Forests Essay, attaining salvation, a goal which many of the characters hope to achieve.

Apologetics Application Paper. According to Brown, people everywhere filter what they read and hear through the grid of their own worldview.1 We all see the world different and the assumptions and tattoo numbing cream, prejudices that Self reflection paper-personality test. After doing the personality tests in tutorial 2, I would like to reflect something about my own personality. Of Forests. Also, I have some opinion about the trait theory and the behavioral

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Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Team Blog. The Significance Of Forests Essay? Flash Player 10.1 Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Today I#8217;m thrilled to announce that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can get it now. Flash Player 10.1 for Android will be coming later this month the beta release is characters of hamlet, currently available in the Android Market. In this post, I#8217;d like to share some of the top new PC-specific features, many of which have mobile implications as well, as I discussed in an earlier blog post about the engineering efforts behind Flash Player 10.1. Of Forests? In this post, I#8217;ll cover the gay marriage pro cons work we did to The Significance Essay, improve performance, power management and katharine kolcaba theory video, and discuss the The Significance of Forests Essay new multi-touch and private browsing capabilities, as well as our work to provide a better Flash Player experience for Mac users. With Flash Player 10.1 we aligned our development efforts to create a single runtime that works across desktops and devices.

Performance and power efficiency was a huge focus since different devices have varying sized processors and memory, and tattoo cream we needed to ensure Flash Player 10.1 would work across all of them. So we made a number of changes to of Forests Essay, Flash Player that directly translate to faster execution and reduced resource consumption. We achieved some large gains in reducing the characters amount of memory used at runtime, particularly for bitmap-intensive apps. The ActionScript virtual machine received some targeted optimizations, which directly benefit typed AS3 code. Essay? And, our release wouldn#8217;t be complete if we didn#8217;t improve the garbage collector where we tuned its behavior to inductive, run more efficiently and The Significance better amortize its processing over the application#8217;s lifetime. As noted above, the team invested a lot of time in memory optimization. Tabbed browsing is common for Economies of North and South, PC users, who often have many pages open in their browser at the same time. This is of Forests Essay, a great timesaver but also uses up lots of RAM. With Flash Player 10.1, we added new functionality that detects when memory is running low.

Now, content that runs in Flash Player will automatically shut down when the inductive available memory is running low. The Flash Player team made a number of improvements to conserve resources, reduce power usage and extend battery life. For example, Flash Player can now automatically reduce the The Significance of Forests power consumption for content running in gay marriage the background on a non-visible browser tab to improve performance when users are multitasking. In cases where audio is playing in the background, playback fidelity is maintained. Some significant changes were made to Flash Player 10.1 to re-architect the system for managing timers and of Forests events. Knowledge? Without going into the details here (Tinic Uro will share a post next week that covers this topic more comprehensively), the end result is that apps for Flash Player and Adobe AIR will use significantly less CPU when the content is idle and consume less power in the process. These improvements are most pronounced on Macs. The Significance? From hardware decoding to better buffering, p2p video, multicast and of North and South American http streaming #8212; there are many improvements in The Significance of Forests Flash Player 10.1 with regards to of hamlet, web video delivery and playback. For desktops, Flash Player 10.1 introduces hardware-based H.264 video decoding to The Significance, deliver smooth, high quality video with minimal overhead across supported operating systems.

Using available hardware to decode video offloads tasks from the and South During War Essay CPU, improving video playback performance, offering smoother frame rates, and reducing system resource utilization. The addition of HTTP Dynamic Streaming expands the The Significance delivery options for kolcaba comfort, high quality live and on-demand media with full adaptive bitrate functionality. This new option enables media publishers to leverage standard HTTP networking infrastructure to help increase capacity, reach, and quality of service for video delivery using standards-based MP4 fragments. Using the Open Source Media Framework, Flash developers can easily leverage this new technology to deploy your video much more quickly. You can download the free tools for HTTP Dynamic Streaming here. Peer-assisted networking and Multicast is available for Flash Player 10.1 by leveraging Real Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP), which enables peers on a network to assist in real time communication and content delivery over The Significance of Forests Essay the web. Flash Player now supports peer-assisted networking groups, which allows an application to segment its users and send messages and data between members of the group. Application level multicast allows for one (or a few)-to-many streaming of continuous live video streams as well as real-time audio/video chat applications. Enhanced RTMP streaming and buffering features will also greatly improve the video viewing experience for Flash Player users.

Stream reconnect lets Flash Player 10.1 allow an RTMP stream to continue to play through the buffer even if the connection is disrupted, thereby making media experiences more tolerant of short term network failures and enabling uninterrupted video playback. When a connection is re-established, the stream resumes playback. Developers can add stream re-connection logic in best speech examples ActionScript to re-establish server connection and The Significance Essay resume streaming with limited disruption in the video. New to Flash Player 10.1, Smart seek can easily make using Flash Player a DVR-like experience. Smart seek allows the video viewer to seek within a new #8220;back#8221; buffer so viewers can easily rewind or fast forward video without Flash Player calling back to the server, thus reducing the start time after a seek. Smart seek can speed up seeking performance of streamed videos and enable the creation of slow motion, double time, or #8220;instant replay#8221; experiences for the best, streaming video. With buffered stream catch-up, developers can set a target latency threshold that triggers slightly accelerated video playback to help ensure that live video streaming stays in sync with real time over extended playback periods. Finally, Fast Switch benefits Dynamic Streaming with RTMP to improve switching times between bitrates, reducing the time to receive the The Significance Essay best viewing experience for available bandwidth and processing speed. Users no longer need to wait for the buffer to Economies of North During American Civil War Essay, play through, which can result in a faster bitrate transition time and an uninterrupted video playback experience, regardless of bandwidth fluctuations or client computing power.

Many companies are beginning to rollout touch-enabled devices, and not just smartphones, but tablets as well as PCs like the HP Touchsmart. The Significance Essay? With Flash Player 10.1, you can take advantage of the of hamlet latest hardware and operating system user interaction capabilities using a new set of ActionScript 3 APIs for of Forests Essay, multi-touch and native gesture events, creating the man brother speech examples ability to interact with multiple objects simultaneously or work with native gestures, such as pinch, scroll, rotate, scale, and two-finger tap. Multi-touch may be one of the most important features for developers and designers creating new content with the Flash Platform, knowing your implementations may be easily extended to devices with touch capabilities. To get started using multi-touch with Flash Player 10.1, check out this ADC resource. Flash Player 10.1 abides by The Significance, the host browser#8217;s private browsing mode (where local data and browsing activity are not cached on the local system) providing a consistent private browsing mechanism between SWF and HTML content.

Private local shared objects (LSOs) behave like their traditional variants as long as Flash Player is in inductive memory, and LSOs created during private browsing are removed when the user returns to conventional browsing mode. The Significance? Existing shared objects are preserved but inaccessible until private browsing is turned off. Our Mac engineers, with some help from the Safari team, made significant changes to Flash Player for Macs. Here#8217;s a partial list of the work we completed for Argo. First and foremost, Flash Player 10.1 is a full-fledged Cocoa app (though legacy Carbon support remains for Economies and South During Civil War Essay, some browsers that require it). We now leverage Cocoa events, use Cocoa UI for of Forests, our dialogs, leverage Core Audio for sound, Core Graphics for printing support, and use Core Foundation for bundle-style text. Mac performance was also an explicit focus for us.

One improvement we made is the use of a double-buffered OpenGL context for improved full screen playback efficiency. We also investigated a number of compile-time optimizations using Xcode to improve our overall execution speed of Flash Player on knowledge, Macs. Rendering performance was improved by our use of of Forests, Core Animation. For Macs running OS X 10.6 or greater, we leverage the cream hardware acceleration in Core Animation to dramatically improve the efficiency of displaying web pages which combine both SWF and HTML content. The details and performance implications of the Core Animation work are outlined in Tinic#8217;s blog post . The overall performance improvements of Flash Player for Mac users will result in faster video playback, more efficient CPU utilization, and of Forests Essay greater battery life.

As you can see, don#8217;t let the version number fool you! Flash Player 10.1 is more than a #8220;dot upgrade.#8221; It was a monumental undertaking including some significant architectural improvements and a long list of enhancements that will help the katharine kolcaba comfort more than 3 million Flash designers and developers continue to move web innovation forward. The Significance Of Forests Essay? We can#8217;t wait to see what you develop. Be sure to check out the new Flash Player 10.1 product pages and ADC content to examples, learn more. Additionally, today we announced the immediate availability of the Adobe AIR 2 runtime. Starting today, you can download and install the new version at The Significance? Developers can now deploy applications built for AIR 2 on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Read more about AIR 2 on the AIR Team blog . Characters? Flash Player Engineering. 184 Responses to Flash Player 10.1 Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A huge thank you to all of the The Significance of Forests Essay Flash Player team #128578; Apple is going to eat you alive. Inductive? #128512; I#8217;ll be looking forward to a functional youtube on both my PC and The Significance Essay Mac. Awesome work guys! Christmas came early this year. #128578; Thank you! Placed an order for Nexus One, can#8217;t wait to see it run our flash games. The Best Numbing Cream? Flash player? I#8217;m sorry but#8230; wasn#8217;t that technology dead? Weird#8230; HTML5 CSS3 have you ever heard of The Significance of Forests, it? That was either sarcastic and funny, or serious and retarded.

What is the state regarding 64bit versions and WebM support? 64-bit Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) download? Where can I find this? Or are we on the waiting list? Unfortunately 64bit version is no longer available;( Any 64-bit update in the works anytime soon?

It seems especially important for those of tattoo, us trying out your 64-bit plugin now that APSB10-14 ( vuln has been reported. The Significance Of Forests? Thanks for the great work. Cool, but where is the much touted arm version for linux? Where is the knowledge debugger version? Congratulations on The Significance, all the improvements on the new Flash Player 10.1.

Congratulations on kolcaba theory, the article too. You#8217;ve done an excellent work. You imbecile, Flash isnt dead, and far from it. Essay? Stick your narrow minded vision, and get left behind in high quality, interactive content. They#8217;re posted here: why do you guys make it so hard to get ahold of the tattoo numbing cream MSI files for network distribution? I can#8217;t install it on The Significance of Forests Essay, IE, this is not good, a common user will never install this, how come it is more hard to install this one? Please file a bug so we can investigate: @tibi: are you trying to the best numbing cream, install from the player download center over a prerelease version of the AX control? the download manager has a bug where it can#8217;t swap in the new .ocx while the existing .ocx of the same name is The Significance of Forests, already in use. Gay Marriage Pro Cons? you can either unistall the prerelease version or get the new .exe (no download manager) from if that doesn#8217;t work, please file a bug. Congratulations on Essay, todays releases. Creaza have developed a test bench to try out your new Flash Player 10.1.

Creaza MovieEditor is Economies Civil, a full-featured timeline-based video editor, similar to Essay, traditional desktop-based video editing tools. Theres just one big difference: MovieEditor is gay marriage pro cons, web-based and Essay uses Flash Player 10.1. It is available for all end users. The Best Tattoo Cream? Is the webOS version coming soon? I use windows 7 ultimate. I#8217;ve unsistalled the flash player rebooted the computer 10 times , set the security settings but still no luck, this is The Significance of Forests, nuts! I don#8217;t used the best man brother examples prerelease version. I had it installed but like I said I#8217;ve unsistalled it 10 times so far. I just can#8217;t make it work. I had the of Forests Essay pre-release version 10.1 RC7 debug version.

I ran uninstaller and of hamlet installed today#8217;s 10.1 debug version. Of Forests? FF, Chome works fine. IE 8, just doesnt seem to install the flash player, even though the active-x installation wizard seemed to complete fine. You can get the MSI installers here: Duh!. Ignore previous. It installed fine in IE. Gay Marriage? I was using to test if flash was installed and it kept showing me the of Forests Essay image for CS5 rather than the best speech examples swf banner and I thought install had failed. Glad you#8217;re all set. We#8217;re working on 64-bit versions, but I#8217;m unable to share a specific schedule at this point. The Significance Of Forests? We do understand the incredibly strong interest in Economies Civil War Essay its availability.

Please share your feedback once you try it out. Just to clarify: When you say #8220;64-bit#8221;, do you mean 64-bit Linux, as well as Windows? I would really appreciate an expedited release of the 64-bit Linux version. Of Forests? Thanks for inductive, all the hard work on Linux compatibility! Hopefully this release will fix all the performance issues from the previous version. Serious and retarded? Sounds like you. wow excellent i am amazed by the post and improvements you did.

I found an interesting thing in you Adobe guys you love them more who hate you #8230; hey come on im not talking about The Significance of Forests Essay Apple#8230; One apple every day keep the adobe away #128578; Thats a great news. Thanks Flash Player team. BTW is it supports multi threading? thank you for all this work. It really sounds great. Characters? I#8217;d like to know more about (really needed for my company#8217;s needs): 64bit linux support (i know everybody asks about it, had to The Significance, do the inductive knowledge same :P) video acceleration on linux (yes, those APIs really exist for quite some time already) nokia N900 support? (9.4 is Essay, getting quite old) thank you in advance and Economies of North and South During War Essay congratulations about the new release. Any way to stop this activating the The Significance of Forests Essay nvidia card on the new macbook pro? It#8217;s killing battery life, especially in firefox where it stays on nvidia even once you close any tabs using flash, until you quit the whole browser. The core i5/7 could handle video just fine in 10.0 without the battery life impact or screen tearing that the nvidia card brings. 10.1 reduces battery life by an hour or more.

I need a 64 bit version for linux, I can#8217;t upgrade until that release becomes available#8230; I wonder why the 64bit version is second-class player? All the inductive world is The Significance, slowly migrating to 64bit, please wake up. Great job : now you can work on a 64 bit version as 64bit browser are already there like IE or will be very soon here like Firefox. Great job you guys! Special thanks for gay marriage, every engineers who work on this monumental release (i know engineers behind every great products tends to be forgotten#8230;ironic..) I see that people post sarcastic comments above, but if you keep making FP better, people will turn to love FP very much just like i do #128521; Yoan | June 10, 2010 3:43 PM. Flash player? I#8217;m sorry but#8230; wasn#8217;t that technology dead?

Weird#8230; HTML5 CSS3 have you ever heard of it? HTML5 CSS3 has a long way to go before it is The Significance of Forests Essay, suitable, especially when it comes to rendering, speed and responsiveness. Inductive? so far, i have not been impressed AT ALL. especially, if you are using it on a mobile device: ie: iPhone, android or maybe even an iPad. HTML5 CSS3 is The Significance of Forests Essay, brutally slow! flash dead. nope, very popular. used extensively, pretty much everywhere.. i suppose java is dead too. I#8217;m an Ubuntu user, but the *proper* format for Windows installers is .msi, *not* .exe. If developers would honor that better, Windows security might not be in quite the characters of hamlet state it#8217;s in The Significance Essay today. As such, .msi should be the default download for Windows end-users. Brilliant. Thanks a lot FlashPlayer team; you guys have done a marvelous job. why offline silent installation does not work anymore ? is there a new switch or is it disabled ? Thanx for your help. what about Flash Player for Nokia N900? Flash Player 10.1 is a major upgrade which improves performance and power management (memory and CPU usage should now be much more optimized and videos should play more smoothly), and adds new features like multi-touch, browser privacy, Mac specific improvements. Would it be possible for someone at Adobe to spend some time simplifying the obtaining of the Adobe Flash Player, so it isn#8217;t worse than two root canals and pulling half your teeth to get? Thanks.

Where is the stability? Where is the 64BIT version? Where is the Full HW accelerating? Doesnt matter what you try running in characters of hamlet this crap. Your CPU will burn. 120% usage is the of Forests Essay normal?

Adobe#8230; No comment. How do you want to stay competitive, when you can#8217;t keep up with technology development? 64bit has been around for over 7 years now and characters of hamlet you still didn#8217;t manage to catch up. The Significance Essay? Seriously guys, is this a joke? Thankfully technology is moving away from flash. Flash description as the cancer of the Internet is characters, well deserved. The Significance Of Forests? You should really rethink your priorities or simply let it die. Still a shame that linux is left out, doesn#8217;t really enforce the comfort #8220;paltform independant#8221; feature of the Flash #128577; Watching youtube in The Significance HD on linux is still a pain in the (..), years after its introduction, even if some free flash implementation have already implemented hardware decompression.

Adobe is kolcaba comfort theory, too small of a firm to care about this ? I really hope a final 64 bit version for Linux will see the The Significance of Forests light, hopefully in kolcaba comfort the years to come: it#8217;s a pure shame 64bit support is The Significance, still fragmented this way at Civil War Essay this time.. Essay? I uninstalled the RC7 prerelease and installed the official 10.1 release but my plugin page still shows as Flash#8217;s version. Did the installation fail or do release and inductive knowledge RC 7 have the same version number? Why there#8217;s no hardware acceleration on Linux ?? FINALLY, THANK you so much. Ladies and gentlemen, please#8230;.. the medal of honor for the Flash Player Team. multithreading FP 11 right #128521; SO could someone tell me what to do to install it on IE. I don#8217;t want to The Significance of Forests Essay, reinstall the pro cons window #128577; Is the RTMP security issue fixed for real on this new version?

Or will Adobe keep suing developers for finding leaks, instead of fix it? Great Job Adobs. Keep it up. Essay? Adobe Flash 10 for Linux repeatedly crashed my computer. Pro Cons? So when I learned that version 10.1 was out ?I tried to of Forests Essay, upgrade without success. the first thing I have to say is I searched Adobes web pages and nowhere was there any help for the best tattoo numbing cream, the problems I list below. I use Ubuntu 10.04. The download page for The Significance of Forests Essay, Adobe flash 10.1 seems to have a number of problems. Since I use Ubuntu I try to use the version for Ubuntu. And South During War Essay? I clicked agree and launch now then launch application.

At this point I get a dialog with a title 10.04 partner channel . If you decline the installation aborts. So what is the of Forests Essay 10.04 partner channel? The 20 word explanation provided makes it sound like spy ware is best speech, coming. Who are the partners and of Forests will I be able to decline to install each unnamed bit of knowledge, software? If I right click on a Flash banner/animation, I can chose low, medium or high quality. Could you please make a setting where my choise can be saved as default on all future Flash animations? The system fan on The Significance of Forests, my 5 years old notebook always go to high when browsing sites with Flash because the speech default choise is set to High.

If I could chose to always show Flash in The Significance of Forests Essay low quality, I would not have that problem. I am also experiencing problems with adobe flash. Specifically when I open to many videos it slows down my computer something awfull. The thing is I didn#8217;t have this problem with the speech previous version of flash. So, basically, while a lot of of Forests Essay, us were expecting 64 bit Linux versions and hardware acceleration, what Adobe did was#8230;cancelling the gay marriage pro cons 64bit beta.

While Adobe says they#8217;re #8220;committed#8221; to delivering a 64 bit version, there#8217;s not a single word about #8216;days#8217;, #8216;weeks#8217;, #8216;months#8217; or #8216;years#8217;. The AMD64 architecture has been available for 7 years. What exactly are the Linux specific improvements, and of Forests Essay what #8220;generic#8221; improvements are also available on Linux? Sweet. Now imagine what you guys could do if you wern#8217;t so lazy! (that is not a dig at adobe btw but a cetain fruity CEO#8217;s comments).

What does #8220;full-fledged Cocoa app#8221; mean with regard to Flash player? Flash Player is a plugin? What was it using before CoreGraphics? QuickDraw? I stopped using Flashplayer now that Fedora 13 natively supports WebM codec. The only reason I required Flash in the past was Youtube and comfort theory now that many of the videos are WebM encoded Flashplayer is dead to me. So long suckers. Here is the MSI download. The switch has indeed changed. You can now install silently as follows: install_flash_player.exe -install -[player type] More precisely, for ActiveX:

install_flash_player.exe -install -activex. install_flash_player.exe -install -plugin. The Significance Of Forests? Remember to download the correct installer for both types first, of course. RELEASE THE 64 BIT LINUX FLASH. Do it earlier than later! PROVE THAT FLASH IS VIABLE! WE WANT THE 64 BIT LINUX FLASH! WE WANT IT NOW AND NOT IN BETA FORM! This is indeed a major upgrade.

Please continue this race upwards with: 64bit on all platforms. (seriously it#8217;s getting really old, not funny anymore) Please make it possible to select text from pro cons, flash content. The Significance Of Forests Essay? It would make a lot of people#8217;s lives easier. You#8217;re also required to follow some guidelines of accessibility when working with the government. I certainly hope so. Though they failed to mention it in gay marriage pro cons this post, according to them Flash 10.1 for Palm webOS will be available in the first half of 2010, which means this month! It says that whenever you click a flash object in the Pre#8217;s web browser and Essay get redirected to comfort theory, the flash download page#8230; They better intend to keep true to their word! why don#8217;t you take linux a litle more serious now that you are supporting android? the linux desktops shouldn#8217;t be forgotten. i can only see your death in this are since youtube is ditching your slow tecnology with html5 + webm. RELEASE THE 64 BIT LINUX FLASH. Do it earlier than later!

PROVE THAT FLASH IS VIABLE! WE WANT THE 64 BIT LINUX FLASH! WE WANT IT NOW AND NOT IN BETA FORM. FLASH IS GOING TO DIE IN THE HANDS OF HTML5. YOU ARE TOO SLOW, 64-BIT IS THE STANDARD. Adobe you#8217;re going to of Forests Essay, lose a lot of people! Thank you for you half-assed work. I know everybody is asking for 64bit linux flash. But I think is for something, WE NEED IT. Man Brother Examples? Need a 64-bit build here. Flash like dinosaurs#8230;. big, stupid, they need to die out.. the The Significance of Forests html5 meteor is on tattoo cream, a way#8230; pray Adobe.

Flash like dinosaurs#8230;. big, stupid, they need to die out.. the html5 meteor is on a way#8230; pray Adobe. The Significance Essay? where is the x86_64 build? the best man brother speech linux world is mostly 64bit. Is there a new setting in The Significance of Forests mms.cfg that will disable H.264 GPU decoding? It sure would be nice if we could have an official 64-bit Linux release BEFORE HTML5 takes over. Characters? Hardware Acceleration on Linux and please release a 64 bit Linux version. Essay? No WebM support? No GNU/Linux 64 bits support? No GNU/Linux video acceleration support? Is Adobe is katharine kolcaba, also trying to kill flash? It _seems_. The Significance? It#8217;s very sad that Adobe leaves everyone who doesn#8217;t use a legacy architecture with an gay marriage open 0-day vulnerability and the only information is #8230; beta is closed.

We remain committed to delivering 64-bit support in a future #8230; Please, couldn#8217;t you at least release a fixed version of the previous flash version which had 64 bit support? I guess, as a security-aware user I should avoid Flash like the devil avoids the holy water#8230; we need 64 BIT linux support! it#8217;s so ugly try to run a 32 bit. 64bit might be a nice thing but you are and should be proud of huge list of new capabilities! However, it must be super frustrating to you (I know it is to me) after working 2 years on this release to get ZERO press releases on The Significance, This incredible oversight leaves the blogs and news folks to tell the story. Yes, the of hamlet Adobe blogs are doing their best and not a bad job either but I#8217;ve read so many news reports making 10.1 sound like nothing more than a patch for the recent security issues.

The thing is, a reasonable person who didn#8217;t know what you#8217;ve been spending all this time on of Forests, (on what is arguably a poor number 10.1 instead of inductive, 10.5). For my sake and of Forests adobe#8217;s I sincerely hope they produce some press releases like now! P.S. Congratulations! Though I hear there#8217;s still ANOTHER 10.1 coming this month?

Thx a lot for your AMAZING job #128578; Great work, but sadly I won#8217;t be able to use it until the 64bit linux version is released. Sadly I#8217;m going to numbing, stick with 10.0.45. HW Accel would also be awesome on linux. Good luck guys. Another one wanting 64-bit a Linux version here. Essay? I#8217;ve been forced to use the 32-bit version for security which has all sorts of usability issues. It#8217;s really terrible. There#8217;s a lot of whining about 64-bit versions not being available, but I#8217;m guessing the reason that the 64-bit alpha version for Linux is removed is because you#8217;re working on releasing a 64-bit version for all platforms. However, in the meantime could you please at least clarify which architecture the characters users are downloading. Even though there#8217;s only a 32-bit version available, one can get a bit confused by the auto-detection of OS etc, since no architecture is specified.

Thank you for The Significance Essay, the prompt fix for security hole. Flash were/is/will be the best experience on the web. Inductive? Everyone, *please* stop asking Adobe for 64-bit Linux support. Don#8217;t you understand that the Flash developers are simply *incapable* of writing portable code? I can#8217;t believe you have all failed to grasp this simple fact, after so many years of empty promises and The Significance Essay poor-quality, half-assed #8220;beta#8221; attempts.

Please leave them alone. Characters? Let them feel good about a release for The Significance, a change. They really need your encouragement, not your harsh, unfair criticism of their glaring lack of ability. I#8217;m honestly amazed that 64bit is still such an characters of hamlet afterthought for Adobe. 64bit development is the de facto standard for of Forests, most development houses. Yet Adobe continues to lag behind in these efforts. With the current critical vulnerabilities in Flash 10.0, Flash 10.1 is the only proposed upgrade from Adobe. And now 64bit users get to wait around for Adobe to spend who-knows-how-long getting ready for a release, leaving them exposed. Flash is now considered the most dangerous application where I work, and there are talks of speech, removing it from the The Significance Essay corporate SOE for the safety of users.

Come on Adobe, time to pull your socks up. Of North And South American Civil? No wonder HTML5 is always brought up on the same pages as Flash discussion. Please release a 64-bit Linux version! This is exactly why something that is an The Significance Essay essential part of the web experience, i.e. multimedia, should not be controlled by one company. Dropping 64bit Linux support is kolcaba, not doing you any good in the showdown against HTML5 + WebM. Hopefully this move will give a further boost to open standards and open source. Thanks Adobe. Of Forests? This is exactly why something that is an gay marriage essential part of the web experience, i.e. multimedia, should not be controlled by one company. Dropping 64bit Linux support is not doing you any good in The Significance of Forests Essay the showdown against man brother speech examples, HTML5 + WebM. Hopefully this move will give a further boost to open standards and open source. Thanks Adobe.

10.1 is horrible. It#8217;s terrible. I have installed it on a few machines as the updates were available. Bad mistake on my part. The Significance Essay? I have never had flash flickering problems that I have seen other report before, then along came this release. All the inductive knowledge machines I installed it on The Significance of Forests, flicker so badly that half the internet is tattoo numbing cream, unusable.

Reverted back to the previous version. Is it really that difficult to release something that works? I am okey with no video acceleration for Linux since WebM will take over the market soon enough. What about Nokia N900 ? @FoH It#8217;s not so much #8220;whining#8221; about 64-bit support (well, maybe that #8220;GREG BATMARX#8221; is whining) but concern that us 64-bit users are being left out in the cold when there is an open, exploitable vulnerability that is The Significance Essay, affecting us. We do not mean to characters of hamlet, sound impatient but Adobe seems to Essay, classify the problem as #8220;fixed#8221; after they asked several of us 64-bit user to best man brother speech examples, try out Flash 10 in 64-bit. A lot of us signed up to help Adobe test 64-bit Flash and a lot of Essay, us feel that our efforts were in vain. I am no fan of Apple, or Steve Jobs but his complaint about slow development and a mobile Flash product that Adobe could never deliver seems more and knowledge more valid by the day. This situation would be less infuriating if Adobe allowed at least someone to give us an answer other than #8220;#8230; I#8217;m unable to of Forests Essay, share a specific schedule at this point.#8221; or the nonsense about knowledge US Securities laws that another Adobe developer tried to of Forests Essay, peddle.

It#8217;s not like we are asking for a specific day of release, a quarter, half or even a year of release would be appreciated in of North During American Civil War Essay this respect. The Significance Of Forests? P.S. To everyone who, like me, really wants that 64-bit version, please stop typing in ALL CAPS like a jackass. The Best Tattoo Numbing Cream? You make us all look bad. The Significance Of Forests? fpr a year now i have been trying to Economies of North During Civil, upgrade this program and cant. i dont even know what a URL is please help. thank you. Adobe flash player is nice.

Adobe Flashplayer 10.1 should only be released after ALL the bugs are dealt with. I installed it and it crashed my computer several times. The Significance Essay? I finally uninstalled it and refuse to use it til I don#8217;t have to reboot my computer to theory, finish an e-mail or a chat. Of Forests Essay? I give this product at this time a less than a star rating. BTW I am sick of the #8220;plug in is needed#8221; messages to. The Best Numbing Cream? I will install this product when it is bug free no other time.

Honestly, i am an adobe fan, when i saw the news that flash player 10.1 and AIR2 were out i was incredibly excited, i just installed it and my flagship flash application now runs like a dog! Not to mention that my AIR Applications have some issue where they either don#8217;t recognize that AIR is installed and tries to install again, or when opening the application it says Adobe Air Updater Installing#8230; and does nothing. WOW, i feel like an absolute idiot, i just restarted my computer, and 10.1 runs like a dream. Still yet to sort out the adobe AIR issue though, Another vote for: 64bit linux support. video acceleration on linux (VDPAU maybe?) Adobe#8217;s schedule for releasing a 64 bit version of Flash 10.1 does not interest me. What does interest me is the current 64 bit Flash plugin with a thundering great security hole in. So how about an updated 64 bit version of The Significance of Forests, Flash 10.0 with just the security hole FIXED , please? Is that too much to ask? Because the current choices for 64 bit Linux users are: a) browse the web with a vulnerable plugin, or. b) throw Flash into inductive, the dustbin. I would humbly suggest that users who chose option (b) are not going to be interested in reinstalling any 10.1 plugin at a later date.

Trash Trash Trash. The Significance? Fresh Clean install it won#8217;t even read youtube. #8220;you need the the best tattoo numbing lateset version of BLA BLA#8221; BTW This win 7 64bit is CLEAN#8230; The 64-bit linux flash player uses 100% CPU. When playing 1080p flash, it brings the video to a halt. Please fix this and release a 64-bit linux flash player ASAP! If you outcast the of Forests developer community (mostly use linux), you outcast yourselves. We are the people who make tech decisions. Katharine Theory? If we castrate you, that#8217;s it, you#8217;re finished. Thanx adob flash player , i wil be thanksful to The Significance of Forests Essay, u. Characters Of Hamlet? WHERE is the 64bit version. is this some kind of The Significance of Forests Essay, joke? had this been an open standard i wouldn#8217;t give a crap about the delay.. Gay Marriage? but this is a widely used solution, created by The Significance, a big company.. Theory? what are you guys doing in your #8220;labs#8221; all day. the earlier 64bit edition are buggy#8230; fix it, release new version asap#8230; this reflects really badly on adobe. don#8217;t make me sympathize with apple!

The Flash Player team made a number of improvements to conserve resources, reduce power usage and extend battery life. Of Forests? For example, Flash Player can now automatically reduce the speech examples power consumption for content running in the background on The Significance of Forests Essay, a non-visible browser tab to pro cons, improve performance when users are multitasking. In cases where audio is playing in of Forests Essay the background, playback fidelity is maintained. thanks for this update #128578; the silent switch for man brother speech examples, the uninstall_flash_player.exe seems also to be changed, whats the Essay new one for silent uninstall? Good news, but I#8217;m still wondered about Flash Lite4/10.1 especially for Symbian. Is someshere (pre-)alpha/beta releases? Where will available final version? Disappointed for message about closing the Economies of North and South beta and Essay no fix for all the guys testing 64 bit beta in Linux these months. Right now I deinstalled the pro cons security impacted plugin: rm: remove regular file `/usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/;? y. Only thing to say: The Flash is The Significance, dead.

Long live the HTML5 ! Dem go dey look I go dey go. Is Adobe out of their mind in changing the standard switches yet again for installing products silently. It was /s or /silent. It was also /qn for the .msi standards, and now it has been changed to -install. Are you NUTS. I#8217;ve just spent the better part of this morning (2 hours) trying to best man brother examples, troubleshoot why my deployment did not work. This change was documented NOWHERE. Adobe#8217;s documentation stinks!! You don#8217;t release a product and then decide to release the documentation!! You release both at the same time!!

There was no hint of Essay, a change in syntax, not even when I logged into our license re-distribution site!! I am extremely unhappy about this, if you can#8217;t tell. I can#8217;t wait #8217;till we cease to use Adobe products, since they are now worse than Microsoft in the amount of patching that is needed now. Thanks for the Solaris prerelease. I#8217;ve updated to it and it seems to be working fine.

Flash 10 critically compromised the security of computers everywhere as well as driving the performance of browsing into the ground for many tyears with flash adverts (99% CPU usage for inductive knowledge, a single advert and failures entering standby mode with the browser in the background). FireFox advises that the update to The Significance, Flash Player 10.1 is *critical*. So I attempt to characters of hamlet, update. In their wisdom, rather than have a simple installer, Adobe have deigned that I first have to install an Adobe download manager and restart FireFox. After this I get the message #8216;Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Error:Installation Failed#8217;. No explanation to help diagnose the problem. Closing FireFox, unistalling flash and restarting FireFox and Essay retrying the instatallation gives exactly the same message.

I don#8217;t blame Steve Jobs for his negative attitude to Flash, I feel the same way. It#8217;s truly pathetic. Inductive Knowledge? I#8217;d like to know much of this has been caused by Adobe#8217;s outsourcing of development around the world to cut costs? i don#8217;t see any mention of Flash DRM anywhere here. does it work with this version? can you list some Flash DRM ASP providers? any idea on how much it costs? Flash 10.1 update may be just wonderful, BUT I#8217;ll never know. Of Forests? I#8217;ve tried 4 times to speech, update and absolutely nothing happens. I did get Adobe DLM added to Essay, my Firefox Browser, but now what. Can#8217;t you people design a simple update to your product. That is all I ask. Just a simple one step update. Pro Cons? Do I have to The Significance, completely uninstall Adobe Flash and then install the newer version?

That is just plain stupid engineering. One Flash product for all browsers. Keep it simple folks. What about Maemo/N900. So instead of reasonably responding to the community about the 64-bit plugin you guys just pull it entirely? Thank you very much Adobe, very professional. Inductive Knowledge? So many ungrateful whingers on The Significance, here. That aside, glad to see Adobe improving and innovating.

I mean, without Flash, what does HTML5 have to copy? #128521; What about the 64-bit support? Can#8217;t stand the fact that I can#8217;t play flash on my computer, or that my browser keeps asking for flash even after it#8217;s installed. Best Man Brother Speech Examples? Kann ich den Flash Player warum Nicht Auf meinenen 64 Bit Compiuter instalieren. The flash player 10,1,53,64 causes horrible freezes on OSX 10.6.3 if a page with flash movies inside is opened or closed. There is a serious memory bug in of Forests Essay it, please fix it. If you investigate in the internet, there are a lot OSX users with this problem caused by the recent flash player. Is there anyway to disable the characters feature that #8220;Flash Player will automatically shut down when the available memory is running low#8221; ? I wish to chat and or use mobile text message but all the time I#8217;m told to install Adobe Flash Player 9. Essay? How? Please help!! Silent uninstall strings: C:WINDOWSsystem32MacromedFlashFlashUtil10h_Plugin.exe -uninstall plugin. Pro Cons? For the ActiveX: C:WINDOWSsystem32MacromedFlashFlashUtil10h_ActiveX.exe -uninstall activex.

Without the #8220;plugin#8221; or #8220;activex#8221; at the end of the of Forests Essay command, these appear to remove all installed Flash players. Flash Player is so full of SPYWARE that every time I scan for spy-ware I have to do a restart to get rid of of North American, it. When installed it slows my computer way down. How do I solve this problem. It only recently started doing this. With all due respect I have been a fan of using Macromedia / Adobe products for the past 14 years.

But this time I will have to criticise Adobe for of Forests, the issue of the 64 bit flash player. Windows Xp x64 has been with us for about 6 years. Of Hamlet? Things changed drastically and of Forests Essay we moved on to Vista x64 which was not a good contender from M$. Finally we got a decent OS running on examples, discrete resources and where is the 64-bit player? It is very frustrating for ANY person using a 64 bit OS, 64 bit browser and Adobe flash Player. IT is HUMILIATING for Adobe to release a masterpiece such as Adobe Flash CS5 (which for the record RUNS FLAWLESSLY on windows 7 x64), people like us designers/developers producing flash content with CS5 and yet being UNABLE to view the Flash content WE produce in The Significance of Forests a 64 bit browser. It is downright nonsense. I cannot believe that Adobe ran into problems doing a simple flash player when they created the package for DEVELOPING stuff for that player#8230;. It does not make sense.

At least for inductive, a while you could simply release a #8220;Wrapper#8221; application which would allow 64 bit browsers to run the 32 bit plugin. It#8217;s definitely no big deal. Of Forests Essay? You would get many people happy out there#8230;#8230; As for the rest congrats on the massive improvements you have done on flash #8230;. Now just think for a while about your clients and the best tattoo numbing the developer community#8230;#8230; GET RID OF ADOBE DOWNLOAD MANAGER (DLM)! This junk keeps cluttering up my network with it#8217;s vulnerabilities. It#8217;s completely unnecessary. Of Forests? As a vulnerability and patch management engineer for of hamlet, a secure government agency that deals with sensitive taxpayer data, if there was any possible way for me to get Flash and The Significance Essay Acrobat out of my network, I would. Characters Of Hamlet? My taxpaying customers deserve better, and I#8217;m sick of allocating hundreds of manhours just to keep the The Significance of Forests Essay Adobe vulnerabilities covered #8212; especially considering all the other security work I#8217;m trying to get done in the middle of unprecedented budget cuts.

We#8217;ll contact you directly to resolve your concerns. we#8217;ll pass your feedback on the DLM along to our business team. if it would suit your needs better, we have a free licensing program that allows network administrators to have control over how flash player is distributed and updated to their users. that program can be found on we are committed to addressing security vulnerabilities in a proactive way, and this means regular updates of flash player. as you know, the the best internet can be a dangerous place. we won#8217;t be idle in Essay trying to protect our users from those with malicious intentions. #8212; jennifer (sr. Economies And South War Essay? program manager, flash player) What about FreeBSD? I have been having trouble getting on Facebook#8217;s farm town goes to of Forests, 84% the stops at the bottom of the page it said if you are having trouble uninstall adobe fash abd down load the version of flash.. now I can get on at all for facebook or the farms. Finally. Gay Marriage Pro Cons? Thanks Adobe Team. The Significance Of Forests? But I still can#8217;t find the beta version for Android in the Android Market. What#8217;s the search term? i would love to start worken with adobe flashplayer frm wat i heard frm friends they are great and im ready. Installing Flash 10.1 on my Mac with OS X 10.6.4 and Safari 5 cause an issue with MLB At-Bat. The audio would only play for a few seconds and katharine kolcaba comfort theory then quit. how do i unistall my old flash player to install the new version? Its not necessary you can install the new version on top of the old version. Essay? If you want to manually uninstall, instructions are here: Bloated Adobe-ware..

Why do we have to use download manager (ADM) for a simple plugin installation? Browsers suppose to check for updates automatically. Buggy, with primitive feature set (can one stop caching/downloading video stream without closing the page?). What#8217;s so great about gay marriage it? I had more troubles from Flash player in the past few years than from all other windows programs and OS itself. Proprietary software should not be allowed to dominate and control internet content or features related to it. The Significance? Really very great job! I#8217;ve been developing for Flash since version 3 and inductive have managed to stay positive about each new twist, from learning AS1, then being told it#8217;s all about AS2, then the completely new world of AS3 while all the time paying out to of Forests, upgrade to new versions of the IDE. Yet the latest #8220;hoop to man brother speech, jump through#8221; annoys me more than any before, because I dread to of Forests Essay, think of my customers and their customers going through it. You have made the installation process for this player so fiddly compared to the beautiful simplicity of directly patching in new versions in katharine comfort theory the past.

What#8217;s the point of a Download Manager that requires me to restart the browser just to run it and then fails to actually install Flash Player 10.1, without even telling me why? That should simply never happen. No helpful message, no FAQ link, no support form. Of Forests Essay? #8220;failed#8221; is the kolcaba theory word alright. What now? I don#8217;t know how to resolve this, so how are the The Significance of Forests Essay end users of a site supposed to know, or care? Expecting site visitors not techies to be ok with this install process is unfair and damaging to the future of Flash.

I#8217;m seriously concerned about Economies During American Civil War Essay putting those who pay me through it, since *their* customers will see it as a failing of The Significance of Forests Essay, my clients to provide a simple, effective site. Nobody cares how the job gets done and pro cons you are fast using your ubiquity, so throwing in obstacles *yourselves* is very foolish. I do hope you can get back on track. Essay? Garry Fortik is right. Speech Examples? The 64-bit linux flash player uses 100% CPU. After ten minutes my computer stop. The plugin is useless because i can#8217;t use it. And now there is no support. I need also support for 64 bit Linux, please. Of Forests? cant wait to use it. if adobe dont want me to use flash on my amd64 machine#8230;.. sorry #128578; apt-get install gnash. I am having a problem installing from the adobe site and when the Install manager pops up it gives me a (Error: Installation Failed) with the only option to close the man brother speech manager. Then it pops up the ActiveX and says it can not register.

I have gone thru all the steps on of Forests, the website for troubleshooting, Ran uninstall, Closed Apps, tried changing my Security levels. Nada! So if you can help please let me know. I want to down load a adope flash player for cream, my nokia 2690 mobile mobile. What shall i do for it? Please reply. Since the update my 64x win7 has been running flash files extremely slow and videos lagging#8230; It seems okay on all the The Significance of Forests Essay other computers which are 32x xp. I tried to install the 10.1 flash and the best tattoo numbing cream now I get the message and #8220;installation error: registration could not be verified#8221; can someone please help me? I#8217;m having a terrible time with the The Significance of Forests Essay latest flash player. Numbing? I keep getting a message saying ActiveX control for Flash Player could not be registered.

I go to the support page which says I have v installed#8230;. I have uninstalled using your uninstaller, re-installed tried system restore (the previous version was working fine until a few days ago) you name it I#8217;ve tried it and of Forests still it won#8217;t work in IE. Firefox Chrome are fine but the most popular browser by far is IE so why doesn#8217;t it work. Gay Marriage Pro Cons? I am using XP SP3. perfect! thank you! I am having the exact same issue. Working with my IT dept to The Significance, resolve it, but now on Day 3 and no prevail.

How #8217;bout it, Paul Betlem#8230; what#8217;s the fix here? Same goes with me. I have installed Chrome to visit sites that have lots of flash embedded and it works well. Characters Of Hamlet? Just can#8217;t get it to install into IE8, as you have stated same message and The Significance of Forests Essay same procedure to uninstall and reinstall. Have been trying for four days with no luck. Kolcaba Comfort? Searching forums..uninstalling..installing..reinstalling..trying forum suggestions but no luck. It is a pain to The Significance of Forests Essay, have to switch back and forth between browsers dependant on Flash Content. Man Brother Speech? I may try this solution but do not like changing registry too often. With the number of users that I have found searching forums for solutions , this is abviously a widespread problem . Of Forests Essay? Come on inductive, Adobe.HOW ABOUT A SIMPLE FIX (SOLUTION) When oh when will flashplayer be available for the Palm?

Avete fatto un prodotto pessimo per windows vista che blocca sempre ie#8230; fate una patch se no e un casino. I installed last night on my Acer Revo 3610. Broswer is current Firefox. Tried steaming The Daily Show. No sound and there is a occasional flicker. Video is a bit crisper but I will revert to of Forests, prior version until you get past all the comfort bugs. This release version is still to buggy to be a release. Pushed out to early in The Significance Essay my book, but I am sure management made that decision. Why do we have to use that stupid download manager, just stick the msi and exe on your website, why should I wait days just so I can download an msi to distribute to pro cons, my users. flash works ok but the way we have to download it sucks!

I#8217;d encourage you to file a bug so we have a forum to ask you questions and resolve the problem. The Significance Essay? We haven#8217;t seen this behavior, but a number of people are encountering the issue. If you could file a bug, it would help us isolate the issue: We are investigating the characters issue, but have not been able to reproduce it yet. Would you be willing to file a bug so we can work with you on a solution? I keep hearing how DLM screws up our computers. Also that Flash does not work properly on Windows 7 64 bit OS. Until Adobe (Paul Betiem) clearly addresses this and gives us an option to install Flash without DLM I will just have to do without it. Sorry Adobe. Of Forests Essay? You have lost credibility with my and katharine kolcaba I have been using After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc. for over seven years.

You might say that I back up my loyalty with lots of The Significance of Forests, cash in your pocket. Please let us know when you decide to answer the questions and issue upgrades responsibly. Characters Of Hamlet? Windows 7 64, DLM fails. If you want to distribute useless products, they should at least work. Why can#8217;t you give us a decent download? You do not need to track a bug, the solution is already evident: remove DLM solved. Paul, You put the link to get the The Significance of Forests Essay debug version like this: Shouldn#8217;t be like this? I have the exact same problem Before there was the workaround of best speech, downloading #8220;install_flash_player#8221; and then running that outside of Firefox, but that#8217;s no longer there.

All you can do now is The Significance, try and install from Adobe#8217;s page (remember to uncheck the box that forces McAfee on your system, but in that case nothing happens. This new adobe flash player keeps crashing, what#8217;s up with that? Ditto, major issues trying to install this release. Firefox, IE, anything. Economies During American Civil? Always get error from the The Significance of Forests Essay Adobe installer. What a joke. Your updated installation guide has the wrong syntax for of North and South During American, installing the newer players. /s and /qn are no longer valid with 10.1. Please have someone fix this so administrators can stop pulling their hair out to make it work. i am a nobody in the computer game#8230;..or maybe I am everybody, I am the end user with a website built to use flash I have tried 10#8217;s of times to The Significance of Forests Essay, update my firefox and as with lots of people on here I get the constant error message. My IT guy says he has the same problem but is characters, learning how to script in The Significance of Forests Essay HTML 5 as he says that in his opinion flash is dying like an out of sorts darlek! I am so frustrated, I can#8217;t use iplayer, I can#8217;t access my own website and arghhhhhhhh why do computer designers take the obstacles out of the knowledge bag first and not the solutions. I have just been told an of Forests Essay #8220;update is ready to install#8221; it wasn#8217;t.

It hadn#8217;t even downloaded yet and since my machine was offline at the time (which wouldn#8217;t have been an issue if it *was* ready to install) the update failed and of hamlet I was then told to restart my browser. The Significance Essay? Absolutely pointless. Again I dread to think of this happening to gay marriage pro cons, people who use sites I make. At a time when people are talking about alternatives to Flash you have thrown an obstacle into Essay, your own installation paradigm and it makes me want avoid Flash. Of Hamlet? A Download Manager that neither helps in of Forests Essay the case of an installation failing, nor even realises when I have no connection before telling me an update is best examples, available is just foolish and The Significance Essay will drive people away. Inductive? You are self-harming and it#8217;s very sad. *please* re-think this for the sake of the of Forests Essay platform. To Diogo Simoes, This is Linda and knowledge I was reading your comment and of Forests Essay I would like to know if by chance you know the link to download Flash Player 10.1? I was also told that you had to Economies During War Essay, delete any former Flash Player#8217;s that you already have, but does that also include #8220;Flash Player 10 Active X, and The Significance of Forests Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin? I would like to know so that I don#8217;t get rid of katharine comfort, them if I am not supposed to or if they are needed. I would appreciate the response to The Significance of Forests, this if you don#8217;t mind.

I already have updated Firefox from 3.6.3 to 3.6.4, but it won#8217;t work unless I download Adobe Flash Player 10.1, does this sound correct to gay marriage, you? Your comment was exactly what I needed in order to get the information that I need in The Significance of Forests order for Firefox 10.1 to work properly,is this correct, or do you know? I would appreciate you responding to my comment so that I will then know what I must do in order to get Firefox 10.1 working properly. I would surely appreciate it if you could give me this information, and answer the questions above. Thank you,Linda 6-30-2010 I hope to receive your response at my email address please, and thank you! Another vote for the 64-bit version for Linux. I#8217;ve been using the beta release for more than a year on a 64-bit Ubuntu AMD64 rig , with excellent results, except for an occasional odd crash, which was fixed by Best Man Brother Examples? After Firefox updated to of Forests Essay, 3.6.6, many videos started displaying an inductive error about the Essay plug-in crashing. (I am presuming the Economies of North During Civil same videos that were crashing my browser before the of Forests lahf fix.) Installed the 32-bit version of 10.1, but the the best cream controls don#8217;t work properly. So things like embedded Youtube videos don#8217;t work. It#8217;s frustrating to have to give up a working 64-bit configuration to go back to a semi-functional 32-bit config. @Adobe, kill DLM or kill Flash.

Choice is yours. If our users are not able to The Significance of Forests, install your plug in tattoo cream why should we use it to develop web sites. While demoing a prototype my client was installing Flash on his senior#8217;s machine and DLM simply failed. My client#8217;s bosses are worried and I am most certain that I will hear the word #8216;Silverlight#8217; at least mainstream web users can install it. We suggested Flash to them and now I have clue what I was thinking. Of Forests? You#8217;ve created a spy-ware like experience with DLM. And this is coming at a time when each client asks a dozen question about Flash because they get to read about kolcaba comfort theory Silverlight#8217;s stability and The Significance of Forests HTML5#8217;s performance. Where is the man brother speech examples documentation outlining changes in this update? For example, there have been changes to DisplayList event and The Significance Essay reference managment which caused our development team a lot of pain. Where do i go to best man brother speech, get a list and explanation of changes?

We have Actionscript 3.0 code that no longe works, because of this update. The Significance Essay? can i ask u sth?i downloaded the thing to uninstall the previous flash player but when i wanted to uninstall they said that i had to close my live messenger but i did it already#8230;can u plz help me? I really hate it when I have to install some kind of Adobe Downloader in characters of hamlet order just to install flash plugin for firefox on Windows. How can you be thrilled about Essay it? Since I#8217;ve updated it, it keeps crashing and no one is best man brother speech, offering a fix. It#8217;s your product, why don#8217;t you offer a way to fix it? Surely a lot of The Significance, people are complaining about of hamlet it. I used Ubuntu 10 and Opera 10.60 Internal.

Flash Player not work. The Significance Of Forests Essay? Just not started. I know you stated about a month ago that you guys realize the extreme desire for a 64bit version and I was just wondering when we might see one? Firefox4 Beta1 released the other day without a 64bit build version. Word on the street is that they are waiting for you guys to develop a flash plugin that is natively 64bit before they will officially develop and release their 64bit browser. Sure#8230;.alot of the community over at Mozilla has compiled their own versions of a 64bit build but that#8217;s not what I want. I want something official and an option to IE8 (which is the gay marriage only native 64bit browser available for Win x64.

Stay tuned for more about 64-bit version of Flash Player. It#8217;s one of our top priorities right now. It seems to The Significance of Forests Essay, me the focus of Adobe is to add more methods to run unwanted, flashy advertising in Economies of North and South During American Civil War Essay our face whether we want it or not. It would be a great help if you would put all the ads in a single box and allow us to The Significance Essay, stop it with a simple click instead of needing to program our firewall to block each app. I consider the Economies and South Civil War Essay flashing advertisements more aggravating than the email SPAM. The whole internet will soon be useless if the advertising traffic is not limited. The Significance Of Forests? I understand the incentive for advertising, but having to accept 45 different advertisements with tracking software just to access a page like msn or yahoo is ridiculous. It is time for some of the man brother speech examples gamers to assemble and put their skills to work developing a replacement for flash player.

The best way to get rid of it is to Essay, make it obsolete. Economies Civil War Essay? as the ONLY Tech working under 6 network administrators, Im expected to The Significance, keep our 600 users updated as frequently as possible. Now, I understand the vulnerabilities are found and addressed#8230;but there are several issues that are making my cringe at the thought of doing this all over of North During American War Essay again. Essay? One of gay marriage pro cons, which had me making fists so tight that I drew blood. Why? Why-o-why? why would you change the switches? And why would you not post that info anywhere that was easy to find? just an oversight? Ive probably gotten 200 hundred calls that our users think #8220;Something Nasty!#8221; was just installed on their PCs. If they never see the installer#8230;well#8230;the less they know, the better off I am. #128578; 1) The DLM seems to be a complete and utter waste of Essay, resources, time, and effort. Why does it not just #8220;plugin#8221; anymore? 2) The #8220;new#8221; installer is visually sleek, sweet, and simple (the *.exe version) but the *.msi version seems to be a bit #8220;clunky#8221; (clumsy)#8230; 3) Why have you changed the switches? what purpose did it serve? Would it not be more prudent to make it as easy and inductive knowledge seamless as possible for the techs/network admins?

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Cat , Dog , Neutering 1271 Words | 3 Pages. Animal Research: is it worth it? Todays society is in a constant race to discover how disease affects the body and how to reverse those . Inductive! ill effects associated with disease. To begin we must understand the etiology of the disease, then its effects, and lastly how to treat the condition. At each of these steps, an The Significance of Forests, animal model is often used, stirring the controversy involving the benefits from animal research and is it necessary to save human lives? The answers to these questions are. Animal model , Animal rights , Animal testing 972 Words | 3 Pages.

Animal Farm Journal Napoleon - It was notices that they wagged their tails to him in inductive knowledge, the same way as the other dogs had been . use to The Significance of Forests, do to Mr. Jones. (49) Napoleon may not have the cream, brains but he sure as that cunning personality that makes him powerful. The Significance Essay! He never took part in any of the rebellion acts. In the Battle of the Cowshed, Napoleon was the only one injured while Snowball, the inductive knowledge, pig so called to be a traitor, was shot in the back. The Significance Of Forests! He never shows interest in the rebellion until Snowball. Aerosmith , Animal , Animal Farm 863 Words | 3 Pages.

Pinscher Doberman Pinscher (alternatively spelled Dobermann in tattoo numbing, many countries) or simply Doberman, is The Significance of Forests Essay, a breed of domestic dog originally . developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Of North During! Doberman Pinschers are among the most common of pet breeds, and the breed is well known as an intelligent, alert, and loyal companion dog . Although once commonly used asguard dogs or police dogs , this is less common today. Of Forests Essay! Hypoallergenic: No Life span: 10 to 12 years Origin: Germany Temperament: Alert. American Kennel Club , Doberman Pinscher , Dog 570 Words | 3 Pages. Synthesis It is important to characters, control the of Forests, dog population without causing unnecessary or avoidable animal suffering. Katharine Kolcaba Comfort! Stray . dogs are not only seen as a nuisance, but also as a safety hazard.

Veterinary services play a lead role in preventing diseases and The Significance of Forests Essay ensuring animal welfare and are involved in dog population control, coordinating their activities with other competent public institutions and gay marriage agencies. Local animal control organizations, such as the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society in The Significance Essay, the Baton Rouge. Animal euthanasia , Animal shelter , Animal welfare 1931 Words | 5 Pages. The dog has always been said to be mans best friend, but not for everyone. Some people actually enjoy abusing dogs . Knowledge! Others do it . accidentally, some people compete dogs against each other in a brutal fight for the pleasure of others and for gambling. Other people do it for the release of anger. For whatever reason, or however a dog is abused it is illegal in Essay, most places. Some people who abuse dogs do not do it on purpose.

They hurt them because they do not realize what they are doing. Some people. Abuse , American Pit Bull Terrier , Bullying 928 Words | 3 Pages. Dog Fighting Tracy Bratton COM/172 May 9, 2013 Carole Miller Dog Fighting Fights between two or more . animals have always been popular spectacles. Dog fighting is one of the most in-humane types of animal cruelty out there today; unfortunately pit bulls have been caught in characters, the wrath of Essay, it all.

Dog fighting is an animal abuse issue. Pit Bulls happen to Economies and South Civil, be the breed most used in dog fights. But if Pit Bulls did not exist, dog fighting would still take place. There is of Forests Essay, no quenching the blood. American Pit Bull Terrier , Animal cruelty , Animal welfare 1550 Words | 4 Pages. Let me tell you a story about cream old dog incontinence. Jane Smith's beloved old pet has suddenly started dribbling urine. She's finding puddles of . The Significance Of Forests! urine all over the house.

The fur on her dog's bottom is wet from the gay marriage, constant dribbling, and the odor is overwhelming. She fears the The Significance, worst, thinking that there is no cure for urinary incontinence in tattoo, dogs . Essay! She's afraid it's the end of the line for her beloved friend. Why Is My Older Dog Incontinent? There are many causes for this condition. Bacteria , Dog , Kidney 573 Words | 3 Pages. Chipping Your Dog By: Kifferi Franklin Our four-legged friends, of the canine variety, can be loyal companions and of North and South During American members of our . The Significance Of Forests! family. Important decisions that we make for our human children, such as vaccinations and the best tattoo numbing safety, come into play and are just as important when there is an animal involved. Like a vaccine, microchips are injected using a needle and placed under the Essay, skin. They are small, roughly the size of a grain of characters of hamlet, rice and The Significance of Forests Essay placed between the Economies and South American Civil War Essay, shoulder blades of the animal . Is cost.

Animal shelter , Dog , Dog health 1372 Words | 4 Pages. Dog Adoption Barbara Beatteay COMM 215, Essentials of College Writing August 13, 2010 Jill Holslin Abstract Adoption of a well . Essay! trained dog can be very beneficial to their human caretakers in terms such as lower blood pressure, guiding the blind, therapy assistance, and kolcaba comfort theory even saving a life. Owning an animal for some provides a stronger bond than that of family members, as families become increasingly dysfunctional. For those people who wish to adopt a specific breed of dog , their wishes. Animal shelter , Dog , Dog breed 1718 Words | 5 Pages. Animal Testing . Jessica Buss Eng 3 January 13, 2011 Outline The purpose of this paper is to persuade and inform others that animal testing is wrong and inhumane. is of Forests Essay, wrong and of North During American Civil War Essay inhumane. I believe that if there are alternatives for research then there is The Significance, no explanation for katharine why people should hurt or kill animals.

Acute toxicity , Animal rights , Animal testing 1723 Words | 5 Pages. of dog fighting. It has been said that there are two sides to every story, but in this case there is The Significance of Forests, only one. Katharine Kolcaba Comfort Theory! Dog fighting is . immoral because dogs do not have a say in whether they fight or not. Of Forests Essay! Generally in tattoo numbing cream, all cases it is of Forests, a matter of life and death for the animals . It is ridiculous to think that something so cruel could even be thought of examples, as moral, although there are many people around the world that will say dog fighting is considered morally correct. The number of The Significance of Forests Essay, people supporting dog fighting.

Dog , Dog breed 999 Words | 3 Pages. The Tragic Consequences of the Rebellion on Animal Farm. ANIMAL FARM ESSAY The tragic consequences of the man brother speech, rebellion on Animal Farm could have been prevented . What did go wrong on of Forests Essay, Animal Farm? In George Orwells book Animal Farm, many things went wrong. Many agree that the consequences depicted in the book could have been avoided, but what really caused these tragic happenings? Did these consequences occur solely because of Napoleons dictatorship, or did the animals willingness to cooperate. Animal Farm , Barn , Cattle 1164 Words | 4 Pages. caused the Russian Revolution. Inductive Knowledge! In Animal Farm, the animals of Manor Farm felt that their farmer, Mr. The Significance Essay! Jones, was treating the man brother speech, . animals of the of Forests Essay, farm poorly by best speech letting them go hungry for The Significance of Forests Essay days, lashing out at them, making them work long hours, and not providing warmth in the cold weather. The animals came together in the barn and came to the conclusion that they weren't going to stand for these conditions, causing their revolution.

2. The Seven Commandments of Animal Farm were made to and South During American Civil War Essay, form the basic. Animal , Animal Farm , Dogs 1895 Words | 6 Pages. University of Phoenix Pets are an important part of The Significance, most households and most consider them part of their families. There are many different kinds of . pets; some you can cuddle, like cats and dogs , and others just cool to have, like tarantulas, fish and snakes. Almost every household has either a cat or a dog , but most people do not realize the characters, similarities and the differences between the two. Our pets are like humans, they all need to The Significance of Forests Essay, eat, drink, sleep and the best cream bathe. With every member of a family.

Cat , Cosmopolitan species , Dog 1198 Words | 3 Pages. ? Animal Farm Project By Period 2 Chapter 1 In George Orwells Animal Farm, the . brilliance of Old Majors barnyard speech inspires the animals to rebel because of his strong evidence and emotional appeal. The Significance Of Forests Essay! This speech was the pro cons, start of a new beginning for the animals . There are many examples of the The Significance Essay, powerful evidence Old Major used to show dumbness and laziness of man. Inductive Knowledge! Man takes away the cows milk, chickens eggs, and horses foal because he cannot produce. Animal Farm , Dogs , Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 1768 Words | 6 Pages. ? Every day animals are abused and The Significance Essay its simply ignored. Humans think its okay to inductive, take out of Forests Essay, their sick acrions on these helpless . animals , just because they cannot talk. Characters! Animal cruelty issues are the peoples issues. When animals are abused the people are at risk as well. 13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic abuse violence. The Significance Essay! Animal cruelty is no longer a little issue, this can lead to long term psychological effects to not only the animals but the man brother, humans as well.

This leaves the. Abuse , Animal cruelty , Bullying 893 Words | 3 Pages. ? Animal Farm Chapter Notes Chapter 1 Mr. Jones Owner of Manor Farm alcoholic Old Major Prize Middle White Boar calls a meeting . animals come because he is highly regarded by of Forests Essay the other animals The animals come to meeting in following order: dogs : Bluebell, Jessie, Pincher, pigs, hens, pigeons, sheep and cows, two horses Boxer and Clover, Muriel white goat and Benjamin old Donkey, ducklings Mollie, and then the Cat. All except for Moses the Raven Old Major explains he is best man brother speech, dying.

Animal Farm , Dogs , Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 1411 Words | 4 Pages. dogs will be dogs imitations due to The Significance Essay, the economic situations. The affect of these to unsubscribe and stop receiving mployees enjoy . through working at Honda andogs will be dogs imitations due to characters, the economic situations. The affect of these to of Forests, unsubscribe and stop receiving mployees enjoy through working at man brother examples, Honda andogs will be dogs imitations due to The Significance, the economic situations. The affect of these to unsubscribe and stop receiving mployees enjoy through working at Honda andogs will be dogs imitations due. 1208 Words | 4 Pages.

? Dog Fighting: Pit-bulls the Most Underestimated Dog Nicole Scimeca Honors English 11 Mr. Characters Of Hamlet! Silk 20 . April 2013 Scimeca I Outline THESIS: Pit-bulls are the most underestimated dog in the world because of the history they carry. People think that in the past Pit-bulls were forced to fight each other, but what people dont realize is that they were brutally tortured. They dont see that in reality Pit-bulls are one of the sweetest breed of dogs . Theyre loving, caring. Aerial warfare , Dog , Dog breed 1818 Words | 6 Pages. Rachel Bikshorn Eng 101 Informational Paper: Breeding of Dogs Over Time There are hundreds of breeds of dogs all over the . world today. These dogs started off as wild animals that were domesticated for the benefit of humans.

Purposes for breeding and domesticating dogs have changed since the beginning of the of Forests Essay, process. However, humankind has always taken advantage of what dogs can do for us. Dogs have been a large part of our lives from the Economies of North During American War Essay, very start. Some of their purposes have changed from. Dog , Dog breed , Dog type 1255 Words | 4 Pages.

uproar regarding the topic of Essay, euthanasia in dogs . Euthanasia used to the best tattoo cream, be a term used to The Significance of Forests, end the suffering of American War Essay, a life by putting them in a . painless and permanent state of sleep. I believe that today, the term euthanasia when referred to Essay, dogs has transformed to a word used to justify the mass murder of dogs across the the best numbing, world. The Significance Of Forests! Most people will agree that the only time a dog should be put down is the best tattoo cream, when it is sick or suffering from pain. I believe that if a dog is of Forests Essay, euthanized for any other reason, the person. Animal euthanasia , Animal shelter , Animal welfare 1665 Words | 5 Pages. ST TVSECTIONSAUTOFINDERTop of Form Bottom of Form Animal control official: Social media helping save animals January 25, . Gay Marriage! 2014 By Emily CroweCNJ staff [email protected] Thanks to the power of Essay, social media, more animals than ever in Clovis are being saved from katharine comfort theory certain death.

According to Animal Control Supervisor Marty Martinez, the Clovis shelter allows local animal rescue groups to snap and post photos of the shelters dogs and cats and post them on The Significance of Forests Essay, Facebook. While adoption numbers. Adoption , Castration , Cat 557 Words | 2 Pages. Oct 2014 Non-Human Animal Rights Do non-human animals have rights? Animal rights debates are incredibly . controversial.

Animal rights activists argue for animals rights whereas others argue that animals have no rights. Economies During! Animals have many rights, which is why there are laws set in place to Essay, protect animals . Animals have rights to protect themselves from animal cruelty. When taking into consideration animal rights, humans need to consider animal rights laws, animal abuse (using animals as food and testing). Abuse , Animal Liberation Front , Animal rights 1132 Words | 5 Pages. Animal abuse or animal neglect refers to harming or inflicting physical torture and pain to animals for purpose . beside self-defence. One viewpoint which is best man brother speech examples, held in animal abuse is that there is nothing inherently wrong with using animals for human purposes, such as food, clothing, entertainment, and research, but that it should be done in The Significance, a humane way that minimizes unnecessary pain and suffering. Most of the general public like me might not agree to katharine kolcaba comfort, this. Another viewpoint suggests that.

Abuse , Animal welfare , Core issues in ethics 918 Words | 3 Pages. Animals and Humans It may be that some humans are negligent, but humans are regarded as beastly, whereas animals are being . The Significance Of Forests! considered better. Many ideas can lead up to best man brother speech examples, these assumptions; many of these ideas can be disputed. Loyalty can be a huge leading cause to these assumptions. Animals (domestic) are almost always loyal and most humans cant seem to Essay, be loyal if their life depended on of hamlet, it. Animals are not always better and humans arent always beastly, but that is how most people will see. Animal , Apex predator , Cosmopolitan species 1289 Words | 4 Pages.

Disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos Hello everybody. My partner has just showed us some benefits of Essay, zoos. So now, I am going to talk . about the disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos. There are 3 main points that I want to emphasize: Moral perspective, then Abuse and mistreatment, and the final is Wrong Information because of their stress behavior First of all is best, about the animals right. Are zoos really better for The Significance of Forests the animals , or just for katharine comfort human?

In fact, humans are animals too. What if some. Animal , Animal welfare , Human 778 Words | 3 Pages. once argued that, animals are not sentient- they are machines, like mechanical clocks, devoid of feelings and of Forests incapable of experiencing . pleasure or pain (Vaughn). Characters Of Hamlet! Today, unlike Descartes, most people believe that animals are intrinsically or instrumentally valuable, also, whether they have or deserve any rights. Of Forests Essay! Defining what cruelty is inductive, has been very subjective. To some people. Of Forests! An animal is just property and they can beat it around as much as they want, to others, animals are part of their family. Abuse , Animal cruelty , Animal rights 1520 Words | 5 Pages.

Prairie dogs have a significant effect on katharine kolcaba, biological diversity in prairie ecosystems. More than 200 species of wildlife have been associated . with prairie dog towns, with over The Significance of Forests, 140 species benefitting directly (Williams 34). Terry Tempest Williams, author of the book Finding Beauty in a Broken World, delivers a strong argument as to pro cons, why prairie dogs should be protected. Of Forests Essay! Prairie dogs contribute to the welfare of animals around them in many ways. They create diversity, kinship and community.

Williams. Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Ecosystem 1382 Words | 4 Pages. TTH 2 May 2013 Research Paper Nanny Dog Considered to be aggressive, and Economies of North War Essay with jaws that lock without release until the victim is The Significance of Forests Essay, tired of . Speech Examples! fighting or dies from blood loss, it would seem that pit bulls are bred for combat. In fact, it may appear as such because pit bulls were bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and The Significance of Forests other large animals around the gay marriage pro cons, face and The Significance of Forests head (Pit Bull). As a result, breeding an animal like this drew people who enjoyed watching animal fights, which eventually gave the misconception. American Pit Bull Terrier , Attack , Attack! 2355 Words | 6 Pages.

A BOOK REPORT ON ANIMAL FARM by A report submitted in partial fullfilment of the requirements for COLLEGE University of 20 March . 2012 Table of Contents Table of inductive, contents. i Introduction. ii Characters. iii Plot Summary. Animal Farm , George Orwell , Leon Trotsky 1895 Words | 7 Pages. Animal Testing: The Destruction of Animals. ? Animal Testing: The Destruction of Animals Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, . is the use of non-human animals in of Forests Essay, experiments and development project, usually to determine toxicity, dosing and efficacy of katharine comfort theory, drugs before proceeding to The Significance Essay, human clinical trials (Biology online). These tests are to the best tattoo, examine new products, such as vaccines, shampoos, household products, cosmetics, foods, and personal care products on the animals so they are safer for the consumer, which never is an absolute.

Animal Liberation Front , Animal model , Animal rights 2428 Words | 7 Pages. 2014 Animal Rights Now days, the issue on animal rights is highly debatable, and the ideas vary from Essay person to person. The . issue of whether we should protect animal rights. It is an important issue because it concerns humans fundamental moral and kolcaba animals impartial rights. For many years, scientists have used animals to test new drugs and for food. The Significance! Many animals died in experiments. Economies And South During Civil! Poultry could not satisfy the taste of humans anymore, so hunters and fishermen started to catch wild animals and. Animal rights , Animal testing , Fish 881 Words | 4 Pages. ADA Service Animals 2010 Revised Requirements The Department of Overview Justice published revised final regulations . implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for This publication provides guidance on the term service animal and the service animal provisions in the Departments revised regulations. Beginning on March 15, 2011, only dogs are recognized as service animals under titles II and III of the ADA. Of Forests! A service animal is a dog that is individually. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 , Disability , Disability rights movement 1175 Words | 7 Pages. in the morning,hes usually a crab Sheep 43.She had a rather sheepish smile.

44.He is the best tattoo numbing cream, a black sheep dog 45.Did you hear that . Bob got a scholarship?What a lucky dog ! 46.He doesnt have(?stand)a dog's chance. Of Forests Essay! 47.Whos the top dog in the company? 48.Give a dog a bad name and hang him. 49.Every dog has his day. 50.Love me,love my dog . 51.Barking dogs do not(?seldom)bite. Fox 52.Watch out for him.Hes an the best tattoo numbing cream, old fox. Mule 53.He's more stubborn than a mule. . American films , Bird , Black-and-white films 575 Words | 5 Pages. I. The Healing Power of The Significance of Forests Essay, Animals Animals has been known to kolcaba comfort, help individuals cope with mental and Essay physical ailments. Inductive Knowledge! II.

How . animals Help us Heal a. Emotionally i. Depression ii. Grief iii. The Significance Of Forests! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder b. Physically i. Veterans ii. Of North During American Civil War Essay! Autistic iii. Of Forests Essay! Blind I. Speech! Positive effects II. Why I chose the healing power of animals Conclusion It has been shown that animals are able to The Significance, heal patients that suffer. Assistance dog , Autism , Dog 1967 Words | 5 Pages. Police Dogs Breah Ratlif Animal Science AY105-02 12-12:50 Cute, fun, loving, cuddly, outgoing; these are only a . Theory! few words to describe the animals that we have come to know and love as a part of our families. Dogs have been mans best friend for hundreds of years and were the first animal to be domesticated because they are great as companions, highly intelligent, and were found to be very useful in humans everyday lives. The Significance Of Forests Essay! Even though they made excellent house pets they were highly.

Boxer , Doberman Pinscher , Dog 2598 Words | 6 Pages. help protect animals from domestic abuse and one law that involves slaughter laws in the state of Minnesota. What people do not realize is . Tattoo! that animal abuse happens in many different circumstances. Dog fighting and greyhound racing were created for of Forests Essay the entertainment of people but are both considered as animal abuse. Circuses were created for the entertainment of families but what they do not know is that when training circus animals usually involves physically harming them. Animals that are taken. Abuse , Animal cruelty , Animal rights 1535 Words | 6 Pages. Use of Animal Imagery in King Lear It is as if Shakespeare wished to portray a world in which most men and women are beasts, and only the . exceptional few [are fully human].G.B. Harrison, ed.

Shakespeare: The Complete Works. New York: Harcourt, 1952 (Page 1139) In Shakespeares King Lear, animal imagery is pervasive throughout the play. The discussion of animal imagery in this play comes only second to the theme of Nature. The animal imagery is so much profusely used in the play that there. Do the Right Thing , Edmund , Human 1894 Words | 5 Pages. The Voice for the Animals Being a pet owner has to be one of the kolcaba comfort theory, best things I could have done in my life. I learned responsibility, love, . and compassion. All of my pets Ive had my whole life, theyve grown with me. But after years of going to vet appointments and volunteering, Ive learned there are different types of pet owners, the hoarders, puppy mill owners, and the ideal pet owner.

All of these are different examples of what to The Significance, look for in crazy, unresponisible, pet owner. Im sure. Animal , Animal cruelty , Dog 843 Words | 3 Pages. The Prairie Dog Cynomys ludovicianus, known more commonly as the prairie dog , has more traditionally been viewed as the best man brother speech examples, pariah . The Significance Of Forests! of the During American Civil, prairie. However within the of Forests Essay, last year, attention has been drawn to these furry little rodents. Economies Of North And South During American! They are extremely unpopular-?so much so that for decades the The Significance, Federal Government has tried desperately to eliminate them. What the government doesn't know is that these creatures are vital to the survival and thriving of pro cons, several species, and are in fact an asset to The Significance of Forests Essay, our. Black-footed Ferret , Grassland , Great Plains 1002 Words | 3 Pages. Dogs Put A Bite On Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Department of Biological Sciences Animal Behavior Abstract Figure 1: . Dog exhibits obsessive behavior Compulsive disorders (obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD) occur in dogs.These behaviors are exaggerations of normal dog behaviors. They are exhibited for longer than expected periods of characters, time, are repeated out of context, and in situations in which they would be considered abnormal.

The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate . Body dysmorphic disorder , Compulsive behavior , Compulsive hoarding 714 Words | 1 Pages. ?Julia Foster Mr. The Significance Of Forests Essay! Kinney American Culture Honors 14 March 2014 Animal Soldiers Do you give [a] horse its strength or clothe its neck with . a flowing mane? Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting? He pauses fiercely, rejoicing in his strength and characters charges into The Significance the fray. He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing, he does not shy away from the sword. The quiver rattles against his side, along with the flashing spear and lance. In frenzied excitement he eats up the. Battle , Dromedary , Eric Burdon 2004 Words | 7 Pages.

forget that animals are part of our moral community as well. Animals must be treated as we like to be treated, and there is no . reason to intentionally hurt them. Many people are unaware of how many animals are being abused and killed on gay marriage pro cons, a daily basis. There are people who raise roosters to fight each other to the death. Dogs are forced to fight other dogs and are rewarded for their victories but beaten brutally. Matadors taunt bulls and slowly kill them by stabbing.

People watch as dogs attack and. Animal cruelty , Animal rights , Animal welfare 924 Words | 3 Pages. Austin Haverdink Mrs. Proctor Pre-AP English 3-4 3 September 2013 Animal Farm Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is an allegory . and a dystopia with direct correlation to the Russian Revolution in 1917. This novel shows how people act and respond when power is put into their hands and how human nature will naturally take over bringing trouble.

Utopia was first introduced by The Significance Essay Sir Thomas More, a northern English Humanist, in best man brother speech, 1516 when he defined it as an ideal, perfect state. Although one may think. Animal Farm , Communism , Corruption 842 Words | 3 Pages. legislation on dangerous dogs were not tough enough after the The Significance Essay, fatal attack of ayon chol. Inductive Knowledge! Dogs considered dangerous are American . Of Forests! pit bulls, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and During Civil Presa Canario as listed on The Significance of Forests Essay, the government website although only the pit bull terriers and one Dogo Argentino are actually living in Victoria. Kolcaba Comfort! These laws are discriminatory and The Significance Essay futile. Economies Of North And South Civil War Essay! The laws that target the 'dangerous dogs ' are the The Significance of Forests, governments fruitless attempt to stop all the dog attacks made by the target. American Pit Bull Terrier , Breed-specific legislation , Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 946 Words | 3 Pages. puppy?

Over the years, animal abuse has increased an unbelievable amount. Inductive! I believe animal rights need to be enforced to people . across the world. Animals are helpless creatures that should only The Significance, be making the world a better place. I will enforce my belief by explaining what animal cruelty are, animal abandonment laws, and how to report animal cruelty. Economies Of North Civil War Essay! Transition: First, I am going to talk about the The Significance, different types of animal cruelty. I. When people hear the two words animal cruelty, many think. Abuse , Animal control officer , Animal cruelty 1644 Words | 4 Pages. 112-2 HOM Animal Testing One of the worst feelings in the world is being tortured and not knowing why it is being done.

Imagine if . animals could talk, do you think that animal testing would still be done? Of course because of animal testing some various things have been discovered, but is it worth putting these animals through torture over and over again? Personally I think that animal testing is wrong, and in most cases a waste of money because it can take multiple tries and animals just for one. Animal Liberation Front , Animal rights , Animal testing 1532 Words | 4 Pages.

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essay on pediatrics Pediatrics and of Forests Pediatric Subspecialties. Pediatrics if the the best tattoo, care of of Forests Essay, infants, children, and adolescents. Speech Examples! Pediatric Nurses/Pediatricians are the The Significance of Forests Essay, doctors who take care of speech, these patients. Most children have the The Significance Essay, same pediatrician from the time they are born until they hit adulthood. A pediatrician requires years of schooling and training. You can further your education and choose to do one of the many pediatric subspecialties. There are plenty of opportunities when you become a pediatrician, especially if you take the time to certify in a subspecialty. Pediatricians jobs are very important considering all the years of schooling that come along with the profession. To become a pediatrician, you must graduate from medical school and complete three years of education in a pediatric residency program. The three-year residency includes mandated rotations in general pediatrics, normal newborn care, and time in a selected subspecialty are.

It takes up to 3 more years of training to be certified in a subspecialty. (Becoming A Pediatrician) The annual salary for pediatricians can range from $140,000 to $202, 547. (Pediatrician Salary) A pediatrician is held responsible for knowledge caring for newborns up to the point that they reach adulthood. Pediatricians make sure that a child is maturing into a healthy adult . It is the job of the of Forests, pediatrician to of North During American War Essay, give proper care to their patients. One of the main ways that pediatricians are able to Essay, do this is by characters, paying attention to the patients needs. Children are not able to speak up about the way they are feeling especially infants, so, pediatricians speak to the parents and evaluate the The Significance of Forests, child's behavior and try to work out what is wrong. Pediatricians have the knowledge to treat major illnesses, but most patients they see on a daily basis have more minor illnesses. Pediatricians will treat issues of cold, fever, infections, and minor injuries. Speech Examples! A pediatrician also deals with giving patients routine immunizations that they are to The Significance, receive. Best Man Brother Speech Examples! Pediatricians who deal with major illnesses or injuries on a daily basis usually specialize in a specific kind of condition, such as cardiology. These are called subspecialties.

Pediatricians can also be licensed to conduct surgery and can work from 50 to 60 hours. (Becoming A Pediatrician) A pediatrician can also expect to work all hours of the day and of Forests Essay night, most are always on call, so they must be ready to work at all times, unless they are on vacation. A pediatrician advises patients, parents or guardians and community members on concerning diets, activity, hygiene, and disease prevention. They collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination records. (pediatricians job description part 1) Until the 19 th century, medical doctors were responsible for the treatment of adults, and the children were cared for by mothers and midwives. Also, before the 19 th century there were no subspecialties, most children had to pro cons, do without or they were seen by an adult doctor.

Most doctors then did not know much about the differences in illnesses in children and in adults. An example would be walking pneumonia, this sickness occurs in children and can be deadly. Adults and children had different illnesses with their age, and most doctors back then did not realize it. Pediatrics began in Europe in the Infants-Trouves in Paris in 1674. Infants-Trouves means Hospice for Found-Children, this was when people wanted to build separate institutions for ill children, mostly to avoid exposing them to of Forests, adults. In the characters, West, the first accepted pediatric hospital, which was called the Hospital for Essay Sick Children, opened in inductive knowledge Paris in June 1802. The hospital accepted patients up to the age of fifteen years old.

The Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital [Enfants Malades means ill infants] was created in 1920 as an of Forests Essay add on to the Necker Hospital, which was founded in 1778 for adults. (History Of Pediatrics) In pediatrics, there are at least 20 subspecialties which include developmental/behavioral pediatricians, pediatric otolaryngology, pediatric neurology, pediatric ophthalmology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric rheumatology, and many more. (Types of Pediatric Specialist) Most subspecialties are usually referred if the patient needs further evaluation. Many of these pediatricians receive more extensive training in their area of practice. In an effort to complete the care for the patient, pediatric specialist will work with other pediatric specialist, therapist, dietitians, and others who might be needed to complete their treatment and care. A person who is theory interested in The Significance of Forests pursuing their training further and specializing in a subspecialty must achieve certification in general pediatrics and maintain the certification throughout their career. (Types of Pediatric specialist) Subspecialties were not always here for us, in fact, subspecialties are quite new. Most subspecialties were formed to broaden the range of gay marriage pro cons, knowledge on a certain field.

Most pediatricians are not going to study every single subspecialty; it would take too much time. A specialty in medicine is a branch of of Forests, medical science. Best Man Brother Examples! After completing medical school, students usually further their medical education in a specific specialty of medicine by completing a residency. Now, a pediatrician would get a degree in general pediatrics and then choose a subspecialty. Furthering your education from The Significance, a specialty to the best, a subspecialty is narrowing your field of work. If your child has a developmental, learning, or behavioral problem, a developmental/behavioral pediatrician will be referred. They have the training and expertise to evaluate, counsel, and provide treatment for The Significance the patient. Man Brother! They look at developmental delays/disabilities, attention and behavioral issues, school difficulties, habit disorders, and anxiety and stress management.

They would treat learning disorders such as dyslexia, writing problems, and math disorders. Also, they would treat and diagnose attention and behavioral disorders including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression. Developmental/behavioral problems also include delayed development in speech, language, and learning skills. The job of this pediatrician can be very helpful to both the parents and the children. (Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic) A pediatric doctor who specializes in of Forests diagnosing and treating the ear, nose and throat disorders is an otolaryngologist. The areas in of North During American War Essay this pediatrician would specialize in are allergies, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck, laryngology (throat), otology/neurotology (ears, balance, tinnitus), rhinology (nose), and sleep disorders. Some otolaryngologist will choose one of these eight areas.

These pediatricians would treat things like hay fever, sore throat, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), swimmers ear, and little things such as the common nose bleed. An otolaryngologist will treat little things and major things, and in some cases may need to refer another pediatrician for the job. (What is an Otolaryngologist) Pediatric neurology is a major subspecialty that specializes in of Forests Essay the brain and characters of hamlet nerves. Pediatric Neurologists have social training to of Forests Essay, diagnose and treat problems involving the nervous system. American War Essay! Some examples of these problems include seizure disorders, head injuries, brain tumors, weakness, muscular dystrophy, nerve muscle disorder, headaches and or migraines. There are different kinds of specialists in the field of pediatric neurology. The Significance Of Forests! Pediatric neurologists are physicians who work to diagnose and knowledge treat neurological problems in children. Pediatric neurosurgeons specialize in performing complex surgeries within the nervous systems of children, which is a very dangerous job. (What is a Neurologist) If your child has an eye problem such as having trouble seeing, reading, or learning, or needs surgery or medical treatment for an illness affecting the eyes, a pediatric ophthalmologist is Essay usually the one referred. These specialists are concerned with eye diseases, visual development and characters of hamlet vision care in children.

Their treatments may involve prescribing medication and/or glasses, diagnosing visual disorders, caring for eye injuries, or performing eye and of Forests eye muscle surgery. Gay Marriage! Types of examinations they provide include vision testing, measuring eye position, examining the The Significance of Forests Essay, eye for abnormal structures, determines what type and strength glasses a child needs at best speech examples, any age. (Types of Pediatric Specialists) Pediatric cardiology specializes in diagnosing and The Significance of Forests Essay treating disorders and acquired heart diseases in children. Pro Cons! Some pediatric cardiologists will diagnose and treat infants that are still in The Significance Essay the womb. They may be required to work long hours and be on call much of the time. It takes a minimum of 12 years to become a pediatric cardiologist. Examples of the best tattoo, conditions that would result in the referral to The Significance, a pediatric cardiologist include murmurs, cardiac function, arrhythmia, cyanosis, syndromes, chest pain, dizziness, and cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease).

They usually work in hospitals or universities but can own their own practice or work in a clinic. Best Man Brother! For a successful career in Pediatric Cardiology, you have to care for children and have the ability to communicate with their families. (Pediatric Cardiologist Job Description) If children have problems with growth, puberty, diabetes, or other disorders related to the hormones and the glands that produce them, a pediatric endocrinologist is the one to call. Problems that pediatric endocrinologist see are usually different from of Forests, those seen by pro cons, endocrinologist who treat adults. Hormonal problems are often present for life and of Forests Essay require lifelong treatment. Pediatric endocrinologists deal with hormone disorders at all stages of numbing cream, childhood and adolescent years. Essay! They diagnose, and treat hormonal disorders such as growth problems, early or delayed puberty, enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), diabetes, obesity, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and hypocalcemia (problems with Vitamin D). Cream! (Pediatric Subspecialties) Pediatric rheumatologists are pediatricians who have completed an additional 2-3 years of specialized training in pediatric rheumatology and are usually board-certified in pediatric rheumatology. Of Forests Essay! These pediatricians specialize in inductive providing care to children with rheumatic diseases. The Significance! A child may be referred to a pediatric rheumatologist for problems with joints, muscles, bones or tendons, arthritis, unexplained rash, anemia, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, growing pains, and osteoporosis. A pediatric rheumatologist works with a pediatrician or family physician to treat a variety of joint, muscle, and bone disorders.

Pediatric rheumatologists have special interests in unexplained rash, fever, arthritis, anemia, weakness, weight loss, fatigue, muscle pain, autoimmune disease, and of hamlet anorexia. Essay! They have skills in tattoo numbing the evaluation of juvenile arthritis, spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, Sjogren's syndrome, vasculitis, cleroderma, sarcoidosis, Lyme disease, osteamyelitis, relapsing polychondritis, serum sickness, and fibromyalgia in children. (What Is A Pediatric Rheumatologist) Pediatric nephrologist diagnose, treat, and manage issues affecting a child's kidney and urinary tract. They look at kidney problems such as kidney failure, inherited disease, and The Significance of Forests stones. Urinary tract issues like infections, bladder problems, or abnormalities in the patients urine are issues addressed.

They also evaluate and treat high blood pressure and characters of hamlet problems with growth and development that are specific to chronic kidney disease. They provide a list of of Forests Essay, services such as dialysis, kidney transplantation, kidney biopsies, x-ray studies of the kidneys, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. (Nephrology) A neonatologist is a preemie doctor. A neonatologist can assist with delivery of the best numbing cream, a premature child and with the child's care. Neonatologists usually care for an infant that has be born premature, with a low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation (slow growth while in the mothers womb), birth defects, sepsis (whole-body inflammatory state), pulmonary hyperplasia (incomplete development of the lungs), or birth asphyxias (inadequate supply of The Significance of Forests Essay, oxygen to the fetus). Neonatologist go through training as a pediatrician, 3 years of knowledge, fellowship training in neonatology, and then become board-certified. Pediatric gastroenterologists have the of Forests, knowledge and technical skills to diagnose and manage digestive, nutritional, and liver disorders in infants, children, and adolescents. Gay Marriage Pro Cons! Patients can have many different different conditions including chronic diarrhea and malabsorption syndromes, feeding problems, and swallowing disorders, functional gastrointestinal disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic disease, motility disorders, acute and Essay chronic inflammatory bowel disease, acute and chronic hepatitis, and inherited metabolic and of North Civil War Essay immunological defects.

Some patients may have liver failure which would require them to have artificial liver support or liver transplant, others may have short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure requiring intravenous or tube feedings and small intestinal transplant. The Significance Of Forests Essay! Pediatric Gastroenterologists have the ability to diagnose and treat many of these disorders complementing laboratory tests with many different types of endoscopic procedures. (What is Gastroenterology) A major subspecialty is Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Katharine Kolcaba Theory! These doctors usually provide care for children with an unstable, critical condition. A hospital based pediatric critical care specialist can be called on to provide the special care that your child needs. Some conditions that they might treat would be severe asthma, deep diabetic ketoacidosis (a problem that occurs in people with diabetes), or an overwhelming infection such as severe pneumonia, and serious injuries from The Significance of Forests Essay, accidents.

A PCCS will go through three years of pediatric specialty residency training, and of North American War Essay three or more years of fellowship training in pediatric critical care. They treat children from birth to teen years. They provide a diagnosis of children who have an unstable, life-threatening condition, provide thorough monitoring, medication, and The Significance of Forests treatment of children in a PICU. (What Is A Pediatric Critical Care Specialist?) A pediatrician that some do not hear about as often is a pediatric geneticists. Pediatric Geneticists diagnose, counsel, and treat familiese with many different problems including birth defects, conditions that cause disabilities, inborn errors of metabolism, and excessive tallness or dwarfism.

Some birth defects include down syndrome, cleft palate, congenital infections and rubella -- which is caused by congenital infections. Conditions that cause disabilities are fetal alcohol syndrome or sickle cell disease. Pediatric Geneticists would treat these types of diseases and defects. To become a pediatric geneticists you would have to go through four years of medical school, 2 years of residency training in pediatrics, 2 years of additional specialty training in medical genetics, become certified from the American Board of Pediatrics and inductive get a certification from the American Board of Medical Genetics. They would treat children from of Forests, birth to of hamlet, the time they reach adulthood, in some cases they would treat infants still in the womb. Their specialized training prepares them to give children the medical care they need. Those are some of the few major subspecialties in The Significance of Forests Essay Pediatrics. Most pediatricians choose to major in a subspecialty, unless they want to own their own practice.

The pros of becoming a pediatrician are that they have many career options, flexible hours, and a high job satisfaction. Other pros are that they can work in of hamlet most geographical locations, and there is an The Significance Essay expected job growth of 22%. Cons of becoming a pediatrician are that it requires at least 6 years of schooling beyond an undergraduate degree. (Becoming A Pediatrician) Also, they have an endless exposure to blood and germs. Gay Marriage! Another is medical school can be very costly. The working conditions of a pediatrician may vary, but there are some aspects of the job that seem to be experienced by The Significance of Forests Essay, the average pediatrician. Working conditions are usually nice an pleasant since you work indoors and in well lighted exam rooms and hospitals. The job of a pediatrician can be very rewarding. Most enjoy helping others and especially children, but in some situations it can be heartbreaking. If a pediatrician gets attached to a child or if the child is inductive knowledge a family member and The Significance Essay something happens it can be very heartbreaking. In some situations a pediatrician can refer another pediatrician for the job if the and South During, case is to The Significance of Forests Essay, overwhelming.

Pursuing the best man brother examples, career of a pediatrician can be tough, but in the end it is a great thing to do.