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SparkNotes: The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue: Introduction

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The general prologue canterbury tales

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SparkNotes: The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue: Introduction

Nov 12, 2017 The general prologue canterbury tales, buy essay papers here -

Chaucer: The General Prologue - An Interlinear Translation

Our writers are graduated students from the tales best Universities of the self exile world. Stalins Russia Source Coursework Essay, Research Paper. Depth Study B: Russia 1905 #150; 1941. Assignment B: Objective 3. Stalin: Man or Monster? 1) Study Sources A, B and C. Do these sources give similar or different impressions of Stalin? Explain your answer. The General Tales? (6) These sources give different impressions of Stalin, however there are some similarities. Source A is a cartoon published in Paris in the 1930´s. It shows Stalin and the results of his policies according to the artist. The cartoon features Stalin showing three pyramids of Use of Essay skulls as if he was a tour guide.

The caption under reads, #147;Visitez L´URSS ses pyramides!#148; This translates to, #147;Visit the pyramids of the USSR!#148; This source is very famous and was drawn by an exiled Russian, therefore the artist could be bitter and the general canterbury tales, biased against Stalin and self exile, his policies. Source B is an official Soviet painting of Stalin with workers at a hydroelectric power station in the 1930´s. It is trying to show the results of industrialization. It shows Stalin talking to the workers, they seem very proud to be meeting Stalin. Because it is an official Soviet painting it is very likely to the general tales be biased and self exile, a source of propaganda as it would be Stalin or the government who commissioned it. Source C is a photograph of Stalin congratulating wives of army officers. The women are reaching for Stalin in a fanatical manner; they seem desperate to touch him. The source is a photograph, which gives the impression that it is a reliable source. However this isn´t true, Stalin could have had the photograph doctored or had people pose and claimed it was showing something it wasn´t. The sources give very different impressions of prologue canterbury tales Stalin.

Source A shows Stalin to be a monster responsible for the death of millions of people. Stalin´s policies were responsible for the death of millions of people. Collectivization caused the death of thousands of Kulaks and left many homeless and starving. One million people were executed during the purges, two million people died in camps, one million people died in prison and eight million people died as a result of the work ethic Stalin began. Source B shows Stalin to be a great man who made Russian industry prosper. Stalin´s industrialization did make Russia a very successful industrial country. By the late 1930´s many Soviet workers had improved their conditions by gaining well-paid skilled jobs and earning bonuses for meeting targets. There was an Use of the Toulmin almost non-existent unemployment rate. Stalin also encouraged woman to work by setting up childcare services; four out of five new workers recruited between 1932 and 1937 were women. Stalin also made education compulsory and free for all.

However the source does not show the negative side of Stalin´s industrialization. Life was very hard, factory conditions were very dangerous. Any kind of discipline problems such as lateness or absence would be punished with sacking, which could also mean the loss of the general canterbury homes. Source C shows Stalin to be a caring man who was congratulating the wives of his army officers. It shows him to be admired, even idolized by his people and put in a hero like position. This is a good representation of some Russian people´s view of Stalin.

Many people saw him as the hero of Russia and a very great man. However many opposed Stalin and his policies, but in voicing their view they could be punished with death. Stalin had one million people executed during the purges. Many of the people executed had opposed Stalin but were accused of crimes such as spying and plotting to murder. America Essay Examples? Many others were sent to prologue tales labour camps. However, sources B and Vygotsky, C are similar in some ways. They both show Stalin to be a great man who cared about his people and was prepared to talk to them. They also show Stalin to be greatly admired by his people and thought of as the hero of Russia.

In conclusion, the sources are very different in the impression they give of Stalin. However both source B and source C share some similarities. The General? Although the literary technique list sources seem very different they show how people saw Stalin. Some people idolized him, while others thought he was fiend like dictator. 2) Study Source D.

Does this source provide any useful evidence about Stalin? Explain your answer. (7) Source D was written by Stalin in 1945. This means the source will give good representation of how Stalin portrayed himself within the the general tales U.S.S.R at this time. It will also be biased, as Stalin would be trying to improve his public image after the measures he had taken during his reign. The evidence suggests that Stalin wasn´t at all how he portrays himself in the source.

In the source Stalin is describing a time he spent in Siberia in exile. He is using the example to try make him look good and the old leaders look like tyrants. The source is Against America examples, describing an event that took place in Siberia during the prologue tales spring floods, the self exile river had swollen and the general canterbury, some of the men had gone the pull out timber that had been washed away by the river. When they returned one of the men was missing. Stalin describes the man as #147;Comrade#148; which is a communist word for brother showing that he thought of this man as equal, an of joinville attempt at showing he was a true communist not a dictator.

Stalin showed concern for the man asking where he was, the simply replied that he #147;remained at the river#148;. The General Canterbury Tales? Stalin, again trying to improve his public image goes on to say that the men didn´t have any interest in the man saying he asked them what they meant by that. They replied by literary technique list saying, #147;He drowned of course#148;. Canterbury? The men hurried off saying they had to water the mare. He goes on, #147;When I told them off for having more concern for animals than men.#148; He is trying to justify his actions by showing that in this case he had a very good reason for taking action against treaty of joinville the men. The men then go on to say #147;why should we be concerned about the general prologue men?

We can always make another man.#148; Stalin uses this story to say that the lack of concern these men had was like that of the literary technique leaders, #147;It seems to me that the the general prologue canterbury tales lack of concern our leaders show towards the people is the same attitude I met in far-off Siberia.#148; The manner in which the Stalin tells the Terrorism Against America Essay examples story is similar to a parable, the story has a moral meaning behind it. The source shows some interesting things about Stalin, it shows that Stalin had the means to broadcast these kinds of prologue canterbury tales stories about treaty of joinville his past. It also shows that he had the power to make people believe these things. 3) Study Sources E and the general prologue, F. Which of these two sources is the more reliable? Explain your answer. (8) Source E is from of joinville, a speech by prologue canterbury tales a writer to the Congress of treaty of joinville Soviets in 1935 and was published in Pravda, the paper of the Communist Party. From this we know that the the general prologue canterbury tales source is going to be very censored as everything that was published in Pravda was heavily censored, it is also written by a Communist for a Communist paper so it will be nothing but positive things about the Use of party. Source F is a speech made by Bukharin in Paris in 1936.

Bukharin was a supporter of Stalin against Trotsky. This was because Trotsky wanted world wide Communism whereas Stalin and the general prologue, Bukharin wanted one country Communism. Self Exile? He fell into disgrace in 1929 and prologue canterbury, was executed in the Purges in 1938. This information shows that the source will be biased as Bukharin disliked everything about Stalin and would be trying to show everyone how evil he was. Source E is a speech that is extremely complimentary of Stalin.

It is of photosynthesis and cellular, thanking Stalin for everything, claiming him to be the the general tales greatest man that ever lived. The source contains many repetitions, which is an effective way of putting across a point. It contains many praising words about Stalin and statements which are monomaniacal and a very exaggerated way to describe anyone. #147;Generations to come will regard us as the happiest of people because we lived in the same century as Stalin,#148; The source is a good example of literary technique how some people idolized Stalin and his persona became, in some cases, an the general prologue canterbury example of the Cult of the Individual. #147;And when the woman I love presents me with a child the first word it shall utter will be: Stalin.#148; This is a very fanatical statement, as most people would want their child´s first word to be #147;Mummy#148; or #147;daddy#148;, this shows that the Model Essay man has totally disregarded himself for Stalin. Every word in this source is exaggerated. However source F has a contrasting view of Stalin. The source is a speech made by Bukharin in 1936. Bukharin disliked Stalin because he had used him to become the leader then turned on him when he´d got rid of him.

He started off by opposing Stalin then after Stalin had turned against Kamenev and prologue tales, Zinoviev Stalin allied himself with Bukharin. They were united in the idea of Socialism in One Country, whereas Trotsky wanted worldwide communism to treaty ensure the security of The USSR. Once Stalin had got rid of prologue tales Trotsky, Stalin turned on Bukharin using the same arguments Trotsky had used before. Bukharin was expelled from the Communist Party in 1929, leaving him bitter because of how he´d been used. Treaty? Bukharin was executed during the Purges in 1938. Tales? He was accused of of photosynthesis and cellular respiration spying for the general prologue Japan and treaty, Germany and also plotting with Trotsky. He was killed along with other Bolsheviks, Kamenev and Zinoviev who #147;confessed#148; to being traitors of the state. Bukharin was friends with Lenin and was responsible for the NEP, he knew what Lenin really thought f Stalin which scared Stalin. He tried very hard to ensure nobody knew how Lenin thought of him. The source suggests that Bukharin knew Stalin would eventually have him killed somehow. The comments made in the source are derogatory towards Stalin.

The source is an attempt at unmasking Stalin´s true evilness. It is revealing Stalin´s insecurity about his ability as leader. #147;Stalin is unhappy at not being able to convince everyone, himself included, that he is greater than everyone else.#148; This suggests that Stalin was incredibly insecure about anyone being better than he is. This is canterbury, proven in his actions during the Purges. Here he got rid of anyone who was a threat. The source is almost a prophecy of his own fate. #147;If someone speaks better than he does, that man is for it! Stalin will not let him live,#148; Bukharin knew that he was a good politician and was an opponent for self exile Stalin.

Bukharin speaks openly against the general prologue tales Stalin knowing this could be dangerous, #147;He is self exile, a narrow-minded, malicious man #150; no not a man, but a devil.#148; In conclusion both the sources are unreliable because they are both very opinionated. However source F is the general prologue tales, slightly more reliable because it wasn´t published under the influence of the government. 4) Study Sources I and J. How far do these sources agree about self exile Stalin´s show trials? Explain your answer. (7) Source I is an prologue American cartoon about Stalin´s show trials. Americans generally oppose Communism. Source J is also a cartoon but was published in France in treaty the late 1930´s. The purges began in 1934 when the leader of the Leningrad, Kirov, was murdered. Stalin used the murder as a reason to #147;purge#148; the opponents in the party. Prologue Tales? It is believed that Stalin had arranged Kirov´s murder to use it as an excuse.

Many leading figures were purged by confessing to being traitors and Socio-cultural Essay, were executed. The purges were aimed at Party members to begin with, 500,000 were arrested and executed or sent to labour camps. After the prologue canterbury trails the purges were extended. By 1937 estimations show that 18 million people from all backgrounds, had been sent to labour camps. Source I shows the and His Socio-cultural Essay courtroom at Stalin´s show trails. It shows Stalin as the judge and tales, the defendant´s appear to be Yagoda, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Bukharin. Self Exile? These people were all executed during the purges of the 1930´s. Yagoda was in the NKVD and was accused of spying for Japan and canterbury, Germany and plotting to murder Lenin.

Zinoviev and comparison of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, Kamenev helped with Stalin´s rise to power but also were used by Stalin to do this. Zinoviev was accused of plotting with Trotsky against Stalin and the general prologue, Kamenev was accused of the murder of Use of Model Essay Kirov and plotting to murder Stalin. Bukharin was responsible, along with Lenin for the NEP and also allied with Stalin over One Country Communism during his leadership campaign when Trotsky wanted Worldwide Communism. Stalin then turned on Bukharin and expelled him from the Communist party. In the background of the source there is gallows already prepared which shows the trial was pointless as the outcome had already been decided. The accused are all confessing very openly and in a sarcastic manner.

#147;Sure, I tried to betray my country!#148; #147;There´s no doubt about tales my guilt!#148; These statements are that of the accused in the source, they are almost joking about Against America Essay examples their guilt. This is used to show the absurdity of the confessions; even if the men were guilty they wouldn´t confess so openly or would at least try to defend themselves. The source is prologue tales, trying to show that the Terrorism America Essay men were some how forced into confessing. Source J is a cartoon published in France in the general prologue tales the late 1930´s. It show´s the Socio-cultural Theory Essay courtroom at a show trial. In the the general prologue courtroom Stalin is everyone, the Vygotsky Essay judge, the barrister, the court clerk and the whole jury is Stalin.

The source is the general prologue canterbury tales, trying to show that the show trials were a farce, Stalin had total control over what was going to happen. There was no point in a trial they were going to be executed no matter what the court may say. The two sources are similar in Terrorism Against America Essay many ways, they both agree the show trails were a sham, they were completely controlled by the general prologue tales Stalin and Use of Model Essay, the outcome was predetermined, source I shows this with the gallows in the background and source J shows this with everyone in the general canterbury tales he courtroom being Stalin. They both mock the show trails. 5) Study Sources L and M. Compare what these sources say about Stalin. Terrorism Against America Examples? (6) Source L is from a biography of prologue Stalin published in 1983 in Britain. Source M is from comparison of photosynthesis respiration, a biography of Stalin published in canterbury tales 1974 in Theory Essay Britain. This means the sources are unlikely to be a product of propaganda but still may be biased as a sources reliability depends on the person who wrote it. Source L is basically saying that Stalin was a very good politician but had an evil side to his nature. #147;It is my belief that Stalin was a very skilled, indeed gifted politician,#148; The source is contradictory to the beliefs of many other historians who have the belief that Stalin was not a good politician and only ruled the USSR through terror and intimidation.

Being able to control people doesn´t necessarily make him a good politician. The source does point out Stalin´s dark side.#147;He had a dark and evil side to his nature.#148; Source M describes how Stalin was effected by the general canterbury power and he wouldn´t have been how he was if it wasn´t for power. #147;Absolute power turned a ruthless politician into a monstrous tyrant.#148; The source attempts to justify Stalin´s actions by self exile saying that the use of terror was necessary. #147;The terror was necessary, not only to keep men obedient, but even more to make them believe in him.#148; The source appears to be defending Stalin but it goes on to say that Stalin shouldn´t have been in the general prologue canterbury tales power, if he hadn´t used terror everyone would have seen how bad Stalin was at treaty of joinville, leading. #147;Without terror, who would have failed to notice the clear absurdity of Stalin´s rule?#148; The sources differ in the opinions of Stalin, source L shows Stalin to be a good politician despite his evil side, whereas source M shows Stalin to prologue canterbury tales be a bad politician who only kept power due to his use of terror. However they do both agree that Stalin had a dark side and did evil things during his reign. 6) Using the sources in this paper and your knowledge of Stalin explain whether or not you think Stalin was a monster. Treaty? (10) Stalin was born in Georgia in 1879 his given name was Josef Djugashvili, he changed it to Stalin which means man of steel. His father was an alcoholic shoemaker who abandoned his family when he was young.

He made his name in the general canterbury violent bank raids to raise party funds and was exiled to Siberia twice by comparison of photosynthesis respiration the Tsarist secret police, escaping each time. Stalin became a leading Communist figure after playing an important role in the defending of he Bolshevik city of Tsaritsyn during the civil war. Stalin was known to hold grudges and make his enemies suffer. Stalin was ruthless in his political career; he stopped at the general, nothing to Socio-cultural get where he was. During his political battle with Trotsky he used every available tactic to win. He lied to Trotsky about the date of prologue canterbury Lenin´s funeral, this made Trotsky look bad and improve his own image. This move was necessary as the comparison of photosynthesis public and the members of the Communist Party idolized Lenin and Lenin disliked Stalin. #147;Comrade Stalin, having become Secretary General, has unlimited authority in canterbury tales his hands and I am not sure whether he will always be capable of using that authority with sufficient caution.#148; Lenin´s Testament. Stalin changed his polices to coincide with those of the people he was using to gain popularity at Use of the Toulmin Model Essay, the time. He used Kamenev and Zinoviev to cut off Bukharin and Trotsky as they collectively held the important posts in the Party. He then turned against tales them and allied with Bukharin.

Then eventually turned against him, once he was the self exile leader. Stalin then set about the general canterbury modernising the the Toulmin USSR, setting out the Five-Year Plans. Although these did aim to improve the way the USSR ran and improve living conditions Stalin would also gain from the USSR being strong. Enforced collectivisation did what it set out to do but also caused a bitter dispute between the Kulaks and the government. By 1934 there were no Kulaks left and there was a famine from 1932-1933. Stalin´s industrialisation did gain more for the public. Unemployment became almost nonexistent, many people had well paid skilled jobs and got bonuses for prologue tales meeting targets, health care was readily available and education was free and compulsory for everyone. However life at this time was very harsh, any mistake in of joinville the factory was severely punished. Stalin ruled the USSR through fear and the general prologue canterbury, propaganda, in 1934 he began what became known as the purges.

He had any opponent of him killed or sent to labour camps. Literary Technique? He had 1 million people executed, 2 million people died in camps, 1 million died in prison and 8 million people died as a result of the canterbury work ethic. The evidence shows that Stalin was a very paranoid man who was aware that his position as leader could be threatened at any time. #147;Stalin was a very distrustful man, very suspicious.#148; Source H. Stalin believed that using terror was the only way of keeping power. He claimed he was defending Communism. #147;Stalin was convinced that the use of terror and executions was necessary for the defence of Socialism and Communism.#148; Source G a speech by Khrushchev in 1956. Stalin became admired by the public in many cases he was admired to the point that it developed into the Cult of the Individual.

Most of the people thought that Stalin did no wrong. #147;The men of all ages will call thy name, which is literary technique, strong, beautiful, wise and marvelous.#148; Source E. The use of censoring and propaganda may however cover up any negative things about Stalin. #147;Stalin is the brilliant leader and prologue canterbury, teacher of the Party,#148; Source K from a biography of Stalin published in Russia in 1947. In conclusion, the technique list evidence suggests that Stalin was a monster. He had millions of people killed and was responsible for the deaths of the general many more.

He killed them simply to literary technique keep his power and rule by terror. However Stalin did improve the living conditions of many people in the USSR which could suggest he wasn´t a total monster. 7) Use the sources and your knowledge of Stalin and Soviet history to explain why there has been a disagreement about Stalin. (8) Stalin is a figure in history that creates conflicting opinions. Some historians think he was a very bad politician whereas some think he was a superb politician. Some think he was a monster while some think he wasn´t.

The sources are good examples of the general prologue canterbury tales this. Some describe Stalin as the of photosynthesis greatest man that ever lived and some describe him as a tyrant. Soviet history shows that Stalin´s polices changed the USSR beyond all recognition, this was a positive thing as before Stalin came to power the USSR was very backward. However Stalin is believed, by some to be a very poor politician who used terror and fear to cover up his lack of ability. #147;Stalin is unhappy at not being able to convince everyone, himself included, that he is greater than everyone else. The General Canterbury Tales? If someone speaks better than he does, that man if for it!#148; Source F. #147;Everywhere he saw #147;enemies#148; #147;double dealers#148; and spies.#148; Source H a speech by literary Khrushchev.

Stalin was very paranoid about the general prologue canterbury tales his ability as leader, he got rid of comparison any opposition during the #147;purges#148; where he carried out executions of his opponents. Stalin was very popular at the time, although he now appears like a monster the Soviet public thought very highly of him. #147;Everybody is familiar with the clarity of mind, his iron will, his devotion to the party, his ardent faith in the people and prologue, love for the people.#148; Source K. The disagreement about treaty Stalin is whether or not he was a good politician and whether he was a monster. It is prologue canterbury tales, difficult to know the self exile whole truth about Stalin, the use of the general canterbury censoring and propaganda in the USSR at the time he was in power means the reliability of the sources that came out of the USSR at the time is questionable. Self Exile? Sources that came out of places such as France are also questionable as they are generally written by canterbury exiled Russians who will be bitter and produce biased accounts.

In conclusion the comparison of photosynthesis and cellular respiration sources suggest that the disagreement about Stalin is because of the differing accounts of Stalin´s time in power, some portray him as a monster where some show him as the hero of the USSR. The General Canterbury Tales? Stalin was a very complex character. Of Photosynthesis And Cellular? He did many evil things but also did many very good things for the USSR. He was a good politician and the general canterbury, changed the USSR, but was also very paranoid and felt the need to kill anyone who posed a threat to him.

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SparkNotes: The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue: Introduction

An analysis of the canterbury tales, major motion picture, Rudy using Values. Please log in to add your comment. Transcript of An analysis of the major motion picture, Rudy using Values. Of Joinville? Analysis of the major motion picture, Rudy through Values-Based Leadership and Authentic Leadership. The Notre Dame Football team. Came from a small family-focused town. His family members work at the local steel mill and going to colleague was not even a thought. Played football in high school and dreamt of playing football at Notre Dame, which today would be equivalent to the NFL.

Left everything behind to pursue his dreams; took extra courses at a nearby colleage with the hopes of transferring and prologue tales, worked as a janitor in the Notre Dame stadium. Rudy applied 3 times and on his fourth try he was accepted into Notre Dame. He persevered and made the practice squad as a #39;walk on#39;. Lead by self exile, example- even though he was most likely not going to the general prologue canterbury tales make the team he went to every game and practice giving his best efforts. Vygotsky And His Theory? Head custodian- agreed to take Rudy on even though there were no jobs. Quiet leader- watched as Rudys passion continued to show and was inspired by Rudys passion.

Rudy had nowhere to live so Fortune left him a key but pretended he knew nothing about it. Does not accept Rudys notions of failure, tries to have him look at the positives. Hey kid, you ever dress, Ill be there When Rudy quits he tells Fortune he doesnt see the the general prologue canterbury, point, he wants to prove to everyone. Fortune cuts him off and tells him he shouldnt have to prove anything to anyone but himself and if he hasnt done that by now he aint gonna never do it. Comparison? Again he makes him see the big picture and the positives when Rudy was only looking at the negatives. He watched the game that Rudy played in and quietly cheered him on in the side lines. Daniel Rudy Ruettiger is from a big family from a small town. He has difficultly academically, but has big dreams about the general prologue canterbury tales, playing football at the University of Terrorism examples Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is one of the the general, best college football teams in the country and treaty, it is an canterbury tales, exceptionally good school academically. Rudy moves close to Notre Dame and treaty, gets into the local community college, Holy Cross, in prologue canterbury tales, the hopes of achieving grades good enough to transfer to Notre Dame. He gets a job working with the Terrorism Against America examples, Notre Dame grounds crew. His boss, Fortune, takes him on reluctantly, but ultimately takes on a protective role, even leaving him a key to the grounds crew facility room to sleep. Rudy walks on to the football team and makes it onto the practice squad when the the general tales, coaches notice his heart and passion to play hard on Use of the Toulmin every single play. Rudy is an interesting case study in that it encompasses various leaders throughout the film. The film shows the dynamic nature of leadership theory and the complexity of human relationships as characters play different roles in the general prologue tales, different contexts. Although Rudy takes on the role of self exile leader and follower at different points throughout the film, he stays true to himself by the general prologue tales, being both authentic and following values-based leadership theory as his character grows. Fortune is a unique character as his leadership style is subtle but also effective and powerful, as his authenticity brings weight to Terrorism examples his opinions. Rudy is based on a true story.

Since 1975 no other player has been carried off the field in the general prologue tales, Notre Dame history. Rudy was also a leader and an inspiration to his family; five of Rudys younger brothers went on to college and received degrees (Fried Wood, 1993). Evidence of Values-Based Leadership. (A) The Altercation at Practice Cool it Out There (Fairholm Fairholm, 2009) 1. The Leaders Role is Stakeholder Development (pp.87). 2. Values Leaders focus attention on the small cluster of comparison of photosynthesis and cellular respiration followers in the general prologue canterbury tales, their immediate team (pp.87). 3. Values leaders strive for and develop follower trust and commitment. 4. The leaders role is to create a vision (pp.88) 5. Leaders create a culture supportive of core values (pp.88). 6. Values-based leadership asks the leader to be a teacher (pp.89). 7. Literary Technique List? Values-Based Leadership Asks the Leader to be a Teacher (pp.89).

8. The values leader has the dual goal of producing high performance and self-led followers (pp.89-90) Rudy is committed to these values because it is the only way he is able to maintain his place on the team, and the only way he has been able to achieve his dreams. Rudys drive, perseverance, and love for the game inspires his teammates to work as hard as they can. Rudy does not back down to the players on the general canterbury his team despite his size which ultimately earns their respect and comparison and cellular, creates a culture of the general tales determination and hard work. 1. The Leaders Role is Stakeholder Development (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.87). 4. The leaders role is to create a vision (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.88): By being true to himself and Essay, not backing down, Rudy creates an environment where everyone is prologue canterbury tales, fully committed to Model their roles. Antonakis, John Day, David V. The General Canterbury Tales? (2011). Transformational and Charismatic Leadership. In The Nature of Leadership (pp.256-269).

California, USA: SAGE publications. 2. Values Leaders focus attention on and cellular respiration the small cluster of followers in their immediate team (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.87). Fortune generously leaves a key behind in the locker room so that Rudy has somewhere to stay. He listens to Rudy when he is being a dreamer, but always brings him back to prologue canterbury tales reality. Fortune points out Rudys actual achievements when Rudy fails to see them. For example, when Rudy quit because he wouldnt get to Vygotsky Theory dress, Fortune reminds him he got to play with the team for two years and will walk out of prologue tales there with a university degree. Fortune always wants Rudy to become self-sufficient and achieve his goals.

By not acknowledging when he gives Rudy the key, Fortune thereby communicates his expectation that Rudy will eventually find his own way. (B) Fortune takes Rudy under his wing. (Fried Woods, 1993) Avolio, B.J., Gardner, W. L. (2005). Authentic leadership development: Getting to the root of the positive forms of leadership. The Leadership Quarterly 16, 315338. Avolio Gardner (2005) believe that leaders come in all shapes and sizes, who have distinctive qualities that cannot be sufficiently described by lists of traits or characteristics (pp.9). . authentic leaders [are those] who bring people together around a shared mission and values and empower them to lead, in order to serve their customers while creating value for all their stakeholders (Avolio Gardner, pp.12). Authentic leadership is about finding your internal compass (True North) and then working to stay true to that guide in the face of challenges and seductions that cause so many leaders to go astray (Avolio Gardner, pp. 12). Authentic leadership is based on discovering your deepest values, motivations and core beliefs and then allowing these to direct your efforts (Avolio Gardner, pp.12).

Rudy is an Socio-cultural Theory, authentic leader as described in this article. He was shaped by a crucible in his life, the death of his best friend Peter. He also didnt want to settle in his small town and work in the Steele mill, like the rest of his family. The experience enabled him to realize that life was short and it was not about following the path already laid out for the general him but rather about following his internal compass, values and passion wherever that might take him. His leadership ultimately came from bringing the team around him together with the Use of the Toulmin Essay, shared vision and prologue tales, values of heart and passion over treaty of joinville, skill. He was the true embodiment of canterbury these values and he became a leader despite the obvious lack of power, intimidation and hierarchy - this was the ultimate show of how much authentic leadership is completely independent of ones place within an organizational structure.

Rudy As an Authentic Leader: 1. The Leaders Role is Stakeholder Development (Fairholm Fairholm, p.87). When the team stands up to their coach on behalf of Rudy they are pushing the coach to comparison and cellular recognize heart and drive as a core value that is to be rewarded. 5. Leaders create a culture supportive of core values (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.88). The General Prologue Canterbury Tales? This display is evidence of the impact Rudy has had on the team, where they all collectively support Rudys goal of dressing and playing in the final game. 7. The values leader has the Vygotsky, dual goal of producing high performance and self-led followers (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.89). Rudys impact has helped the team into winners with the ability to stand up for what they believe in. (C) The Players Want Rudy to Dress in their Place. What is canterbury, Leadership? What is Values-Based Leadership?

Values Leadership: Leadership is the integration of group behavior and shared values through setting values and teaching them to followers through an articulated vision that leads to list excellent products and service, mutual growth, and enhanced self-determination (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.24). The General Prologue Canterbury? What is and His Socio-cultural, Authentic Leadership? Authentic leadership is about finding your internal compass (True North) and then working to stay true to that guide in the face of prologue tales challenges and seductions that cause so many leaders to go astray (Avolio Gardner, pp. 12). Self Exile? What is Leadership? What is Authentic Leadership? What is Values-Based Leadership? Leadership is the art of prologue canterbury tales influencing people to accomplish organizational goals (Fairholm Fairholm, pp.27). (Fried Woods, 1993. Retrieved from

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish was one of the top college football teams in America. To play on of joinville the team meant you were one of the best college football players in the country. We get to know a few of the prologue tales, team members throughout the film. The Captain, who takes notice of Rudy from the start and supports his values and defends his presence on the team. And His Theory Essay? The big lineman who battles with Rudy at the general prologue canterbury, practice and comes to and cellular respiration respect Rudy over the course of his two seasons, and finally, the tailback a talented player who lacks heart and dislikes Rudys way of practicing. Through these players eyes we see the different reactions Rudy creates amongst the the general tales, team with his style.

(Fried Woods, 1993) (Fried Woods, 1993. Retrieved from (Fried Woods, 1993. Retrieved from (Fried Woods, 1993. Retrieved from (Fried Woods, 1993) (Fried and Woods, 1993) This is the last scene in the movie, where Rudy#39;s dreams come true! (Fried Woods, 1993) An analysis of the major motion picture, Rudy using Values Based leadership and trait based theory.

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Freuds Psychoanalysis of the Film Psycho Alfred Hitchcock was one of the most outstanding filmmakers of the 20th century. He was born in 1899 in Leytonstone, East London. In 1920, Hitchcock obtained a full-time job designing film titles. While working, he endeavored to learn as much as he could about the film business. Within 3 years of starting his job at the studio, Hitchcock became an assistant director and, in 1925, a director. In a career spanning six decades, Hitchcock made 53 films, the best of which are at once suspenseful, exciting, disturbing, funny and romantic. We will write a custom essay sample. on Freuds Psychoanalysis of the the general prologue canterbury Film Psycho or any similar. topic specifically for you. The so-called master of suspense pioneered many of the techniques of the thriller genre, and and cellular remains highly influential to this day.

He was one of the first directors to portray psychological processes in prologue tales, film narrative. During much of self exile Hitchcocks career, Freuds ideas were dominant, and although Hitchcock was skeptical of tales psychoanalysis, Freudian concepts and motifs recur in many of his films. Hitchcocks films usually centre on either murder or espionage, with deception, mistaken identities, and chase sequences complicating and enlivening the plot. Three main themes predominate in Hitchcocks films. Self Exile? The most common is that of the innocent man who is mistakenly suspected or accused of a crime and who must then track down the real perpetrator in order to clear himself. The General Tales? Examples of films having this theme include The Lodger, Strangers on a Train, I Confess, To Catch a Thief, The Wrong Man, and Frenzy. The second theme is that of the guilty woman who enmeshes a male protagonist and ends up either destroying him or being saved by literary him; examples of this theme include Blackmail, Notorious, Rebecca, Vertigo, and Marnie. The third theme is that of the (frequently psychopathic) murderer whose identity is established during the working out of the plot; examples of canterbury tales this theme include Shadow of a Doubt, Rope, Rear Window, and Psycho. Hitchcocks films always have close relationship with Freuds psychoanalysis.

Through the devices of suspense and horror in his movies, he produced the perfect combination of film and psychology, which presents the audiences a vivid interpretation of Freuds psychoanalysis. Page 2 Freuds Psychoanalysis of the Film Psycho Essay. is the first great film director who explained Freuds psychoanalysis theories, such as dream analysis, psychological trauma, Libido, Oedipus complex in his movies. Self Exile? Therefore, to some extent, he promoted the widely spread of Freuds theories. Thus, people regard Hitchcock as the Freud in movie industry. Freuds work was very influential during the 20th century.

He became known as the founding father of psychoanalysis. Some of the important ideas that he introduced are the idea of human psyche being divided into 3 parts: the id, ego and superego, the canterbury tales Oedipus/Electra complex, stages in the development of a child etc. We will elaborate on Essay, these ideas once we start the detailed analysis of the tales movie Psycho. Since a movie is a product of the times when it was filmed, it naturally depicts the society of that time. Hitchcocks movies, in of joinville, particular, give us an insight into the abnormality that existed beneath the surface of the perfect American society. There was a sense of uniformity that pervaded American society during the 1950s. Conformity was common, as young and old alike followed group norms rather than striking out on their own. Though men and the general prologue canterbury women had been forced into new employment patterns during World War II, once the war was over, traditional roles were reaffirmed. Men were expected to be the breadwinners; women, even when they worked, assumed their proper place was at home. Women were expected to be perfect, in every way. Self Exile? They were expected to the general wear pearls and high heels and await the return of treaty their all-knowing husband.

Women were trained into this routine from an early age. Everyone wanted the perfect TV family. Television and the general canterbury tales other forms of technology became widespread through the Vygotsky Socio-cultural Theory Essay country. TV shows like Leave it to Beaver and The Honeymooners showed how it was to be a family in the 1950s. Prologue Canterbury Tales? The television gave much of the country something to Against America Essay do.

It changed the model of the home, living rooms now revolved around the television set. Domestic comedies stretched the prologue tales values and morals of the time period. Terrorism Against America Examples? What was portrayed on television became accepted as normal. The ideal family, the ideal schools and neighborhoods, the world, were all seen in a way which had only partial basis in reality. For this reason people have often also assumed that these fictional households ought to mirror not simply family life in general, but their own personal values regarding it. However, the society in America held millions of secrets. Canterbury? Outwardly, people appeared to hold higher values and morals than they practiced in technique, their family and private lives.

What was under this perfect image was a wasteland of cheap houses, bored men commuting to work, unhappy housewives, and greedy, demanding children. Society affects the psychology of an individual by setting number of rules, expectations and laws. From the point of view of psychologists, psychological illnesses stem from societys demand that some of our instincts be repressed. People are pressurized to keep the appearance of leading a life according to social norms and if they do something that is prologue tales not socially accepted, it must be hidden. From the Model Essay very beginning of the film Psycho, Hitchcock takes us behind closed doors and into the secret lives of his characters. The opening scene presents a survey of the city of Phoenix. As we scan the buildings, the camera focuses on one building and takes us closer until we enter through an opened window to the general prologue tales find the main female character Marion Crane and her lover Sam in a motel room. , from here on, the pattern of moving deeper than surface appearances to find aspects of life normally unseen continues. Self Exile? At first sight, Marion is a respectable young lady who works as a secretary in Phoenix. However, she has a secret love affair with Sam, a divorced man with severe financial difficulties. Marions love for Sam drives her to steal 40 000 dollars in order to help him.

Freud would explain this action as stemming from the id. Freud offered a structural model of the human psyche consisting of the general prologue canterbury 3 elements: id, ego and superego. Literary Technique? The id relies on the pleasure principle looking only for gratification and not looking at the consequences. The super ego aims for whats right and it runs on guilt. Both the canterbury tales id and superego conflict with each other to literary technique produce the ego, or the culture of the society. The ego is the meeting of the id with the superego; it represses the the general prologue tales inappropriate desires of the Use of the Toulmin id. The ego leads to the general prologue the development of Model Essay self. Hitchcock demonstrates the Id when Marion steals the $40000; she was looking only upon the gratification of the money.

In the opening scene, Marion Crane is the general canterbury tales half undressed in a motel room with Sam wearing a white bra because Hitchcock wanted to literary technique list show her as being angelic. After she has taken the money, the following scene with Marion undressed occurs when she is packing for her escape to California but now she is canterbury tales wearing a black bra because now she has done something wrong. Socio-cultural Theory? As she exits the town to escape judgment, her super-ego attempts to enforce conscious morality. She imagines conversations between those hurt by her crime: her boss, her sister, her boyfriend, and the man she stole the money from. She is still not dissuaded and continues. The split personality motif reaches the height of its foreshadowing power as Marion battles both sides of the general canterbury her conscience while driving towards the Bates Motel. Marion wrestles with the Use of the Toulmin Essay voices of those that her crime and disappearance has affected.

While driving, she imagines a conversation with Sam, a conversation of the general prologue tales her boss with her colleague, and Terrorism examples a conversation between her boss and his client from whom she has stolen the money. We hear their voices on the sound track as an interior monologue. This voices stand for the superego and canterbury tales we can see it in the next scene. For the first time Marion is acting in self exile, a neurotic way, now that she is under pressure because of the money she is stealing to finance her marriage with Sam. We see her nervous and the general canterbury tales uneasy face in treaty of joinville, a close-up. She obviously has come under stress, which is why she cannot control her thoughts and actions. The General Prologue Canterbury? Marion suffers from bad conscience, and her sense of guilt is intensified. The pounding music helps to sustain the list neurotic atmosphere of the sequence, when Marion continues driving. It is not a coincidence that its raining at this particular moment. The rain foreshadows that something bad is canterbury tales going to happen. She stops for the night at the isolated Bates Motel.

Its owner, Norman Bates, tells Marion he rarely has customers since the new highway bypassed the place. Against? He mentions he lives with his mother in the grim-looking house overlooking his motel and invites Marion to share supper with him. The General Tales? Bates lives under the monarchy of his dominant mother, which forms his weakness in personality. However, it seems that he loves his mother very much, which we can see from the way he talks about her to Marion. We can hear Norman saying that a boys best friend is his mother. His strong attachment to his mother, despite the way she treats him, is treaty obvious and thats why he cant picture being away from her which we can conclude from the further dialogue between Marion and Norman. At this point we can conclude, by the way Norman talks about his mother, that their relationship is prologue canterbury tales quite unusual. He was jealous of his mothers lover, since he felt that she neglected him because of her lover. This is best seen when he says that a son is a poor substitute for a lover.

Normans wish to substitute the role of his ms lover and his own father represents the Oedipus complex. The Oedipus complex is one of treaty Freuds basic theories of psychoanalysis. In psychoanalytic theory, the term Oedipus complex denotes the emotions and ideas that the mind keeps in the unconscious, via dynamic repression, that concentrates upon the general a childs desire to sexually possess the parent of the opposite sex. Sigmund Freud who coined the term Oedipus complex believed that the Oedipus complex is literary list a desire for the parent in both males and the general prologue females; during the early childhood, the boy desires the mother, and the girl desires the father, which is a universal phenomenon of human-beings. However, from the primitive society to modern civilization, incest is unaccepted and intolerable by the society.

Due to this, the desire becomes the illusion, which can only list, be deeply buried into ones unconsciousness. Prologue Canterbury? During ones whole life, the desire and America examples illusion is repressed. Freud thinks that this is the main psychological matter of childhood. All the complex psychological activities originated from it. To most people, the existence of this phenomenon is a shame of morality. Thus, people feel guilty about it. Through the analysis of Oedipus complex, people find that childrens sexual instinct and the general prologue its development plays an important role in Vygotsky Essay, ones psychological development of whole life.

In order for canterbury tales, the boy to resolve the Oedipus complex, he must repress these fantasies. The essence of self exile repression lies simply in the turning something away, and keeping it at a distance, from the conscious. If they remain hidden in the subconscious, they manifest themselves in the neuroses and psychoses of the individual. Oedipus complex occurs in the unresolved oedipal phase which comes after 3 crucial stages of the development of the general prologue canterbury a self. The first stage is a stage of self exile narcissism, self love or auto-eroticism. The second one is an attachment to loved objects and the third, surrender to the laws of necessity or reality. These stages constitute a process of maturing, or producing an ego, a self, and I. There is another stage, called the mirror stage, which is positioned between primary narcissism (love for self) and attachment to loved objects (love for others), that is between the first and second stage of development. Freud sees the child as existing in a stage of undifferentiation, experiencing self love, not distinguishing between self and other. This distinction appears when a libidinal drive (instinctual biological drive) is directed from self to an object external to it. Canterbury? What is formed in this shift is Against examples recognition of self as object, as if seen in a mirror, the mirror constituted by the looks of others.

This self is the ego, and becomes the prologue means of self-definition and identification. After dinner, Marion goes back to her room and steps into the tub to enjoy a cleansing shower. Of Photosynthesis And Cellular? Lets see that famous shower scene. The shower scene is for sure in Hitchcocks cinema the most famous one (not to the general say one of the most famous of the whole cinema). The fact that Hitchcock killed off the treaty main female character in the movie, after just half an hour was only one of his many unheard of elements. Even a flushing toilet considered a vulgar sight had never been seen in such a big movie.

What contributes to suspense while watching this scene is also the music. The person who watches the scene is affected by the general prologue tales the mood of the music feeling the tension, but also understands what is going to happen. The slashing of the knife and technique the screaming along with music are very impressive. Hitchcock used screeching violins, violas, and cellos to achieve the perfect soundtrack for the shower scene. In search for Marion, her sister and her fiancee end up in the Bates motel. The moment of revelation happens when Marions sister enters the house and goes to the basement. This is where she finds the corpse of Normans mother, and everything becomes clear when Norman enters the prologue canterbury tales room dressed in womans clothes. Normans mother is dead, and that he was the one who killed Marion.

When Norman killed them his personality was completely overtaken by Terrorism Essay his mother and he was no longer capable of being his individual self. When arrested, he is treated as a psychiatric case, and later on the general prologue canterbury tales, the psychiatrist explains Normans pathology in detail, introducing a villain/monster who isnt driven by the usual motives. The psychiatrist is there because Normans motives are so complex that they require a Freudian explanation. Viewers have empathized with Norman throughout the movie because he is presented as a nice, cute, lonely guy. So at the end, the respiration psychological explanation is necessary to show how someone not that different from the ordinary viewer could become such a twisted killer. It is Normans intense attachment to canterbury his mother that leads to his split and alternate personality. Two souls exist in his body, one is himself, another is his mother.

What is interesting is that his love to his mother makes him produce illusions. When mothers personality controls him, he feels that his mother loves him mutually, so the mother is self exile jealous about the young ladies her son is attracted to. Consequently, the mother wants to the general kill them. Thus, Bates becomes a serial killer of beautiful girls. The Oedipus complex transcends cultural and social boundaries, manifesting itself in the psyche and popular culture of society. The last shot of Psycho imposes Normans face with that of the Mother half who has now won the battle for control of his personality. Self Exile? In the final scene Norman, shares his thoughts with the the general prologue audience. Only his thoughts are those of his mother confirming the schizophrenic split personality disorder. Norman is an example of the extreme manifestation of the oedipal complex. Normans dysfunctional desire, a result of the family romance, creates a sentiment that he is the victim of a never completed oedipal trajectory.

Bates is entrapped by his suffocating past and is therefore taken over by Socio-cultural Essay his own vision of the mother. The two names of the main characters, Marion and the general prologue tales Norman, are almost anagrams of each other. This encourages the audience to Theory Essay see the characters as mirror images of each other, and how normality (Marion) has within it abnormality (Norman). We know that Marions id is shown when she decides to take the money; however, her superego takes over when she understands the consequences of her act and when she decides to go back and fix what she has done. This is the ego and superego coming together to deal with the impacts of reality. Another interesting aspect to the name Norman has been pointed out: he who is neither woman nor man. Norman has a sexually confused identity, and his name supports this fragmented state. The General Canterbury Tales? Others have suggested that three levels of the Psycho house correspond to treaty of joinville Superego (upstairs), Ego (main floor), and id (cellar). The setting is gothic: the house is gloomy, cluttered and infested with a secret personality.

Normans parlor is filled with stuffed birds, and Marions motel room is adorned with pictures of birds. Prologue Tales? While girls are associated with birds, Norman (who is Terrorism Against Essay also a woman in the general prologue, his mind) associates himself with birds as well. Norman truly holds a psychotic position-both aggressor and victim. The aggression is seen in his last name. Bates sounds like baits, and Marions last name of Crane situates her character as bird in a story where Normans hobby of taxidermy lends itself to the stuffing of Vygotsky Essay birds. Crane takes the bait and becomes victim. The city Marion starts from also symbolizes a bird. The Phoenix, in Egyptian mythology, is a bird which is consumed by its own flames, only to rise again from its own ashes.

The phoenix of Psycho is the mother -she arose from her death renewed in the general prologue canterbury tales, the form of Norman. Weve come to the end of our presentation. We talked about Hitchcocks work, we discussed Freuds theories through the movie, and and His explained the major symbols in the movie. If Psycho has taught us anything, its that we live in a world without reassurance. We cannot trust our own perception, whether were peeping at others or looking in the mirror. And if we look through the prologue killers eyes and recognize that he is not so different from and His us, what does that say about the general prologue tales, us?

Thank you for your attention, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.