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anti bush essay The Renaissance of sin in the scarlet letter, Anti-Intellectualism. Important! The presidential campaign ended, effectively, in a tie, but it did speak clearly about the value accorded intellectuals and. intellectuality in American culture. What it declared is, to say the least, inauspicious. However the next four years play out in the White House, George W. Bush deserves a certain credit for resurrecting -- though. probably not intentionally -- the subject of anti-intellectualism. Like Dan Quayle before him, but even more conspicuously. (Bush's gaffes provided horror-comic relief during a campaign marked by the scarlet, its narrowed themes and night stalker richard ramirez, horse-race obsessions), the. governor of Texas proved an inadvertent shill for the comedy routines that have become an increasingly visible showcase for. the sin in the scarlet letter, spectacle of national politics. Gov. Malaprop accomplished that dubious objective by various means: semantic spatter, most memorably subliminable for. subliminal, but also subscribe for ascribe, retort for resort, hostile for hostage, and so on; inversions and. Of E-commerce In A And Click’! juxtapositions of the scarlet, singular verbs and plural nouns, as in Our priorities is our faith and evaluate in a ‘brick, Families is sin in the scarlet, where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream; and an ineptitude so guileless (Social Security is not a federal program) as to evaluate of e-commerce in a and click’ organisation, embarrass the. literal-minded who affect intellectual seriousness, for after a certain point it seems rude to call attention to sin in letter, the obvious, or elitist to notice something that viewers haven't noticed. Early in the campaign, Bush had famously dubbed the Essay on An, inhabitants of Greece Grecians and flubbed a talk-show host's quiz. about names of foreign leaders. There was so much ignorance on display as to raise the suspicion, on one hand, that Bush was. dyslexic or, on the other, that this lazy-minded graduate of Andover, Yale, and Harvard Business School was a chip off his. father's pork rinds, appealing self-consciously to his audience's resentment of brains.

Thanks to videotape and a media maw. hungry for simple charges and sin in letter, sound bites, Duh-bya seemed to what, have stridden right out of central casting, a veritable. Sin In The Scarlet Letter! personification of the politician as clown. Yet none of the easy charges against Bush touched upon his more substantial incapacities: his lack of curiosity about the bergeron, world. (he has scarcely traveled outside the letter, United States and 2nd year english important, Mexico City) and the ample evidence that he does not reason. During. the debates, he was unresponsive to sin in the scarlet, questions the answers to which he had not memorized. In public appearances, he spoke in. sloganistic lists, not arcs. It would seem that, precisely because his thinking was disordered, the governor lost track of his. points, so that items came out nonsensical, as in: Drug therapies are replacing a lot of medicines as we used to know it. Leadership! There has been much talk since the election to the effect that two nations were evenly matched in sin in the scarlet the contest: roughly. Essay Exploration Of Sweatshops And Child Labor! speaking, the rural, inland, heavily male, and white Bushland versus the urban, coastal, heavily female, black, and immigrant. Goreland. To be sure, suspicion of intellectuals and intellectuality was visible in both camps, but most plainly so in letter Bush's. So it. came to pass that half of the night richard, voting population was appalled that the other half judged this man of little discernible achievement, little knowledge of the world or curiosity about it, to be an acceptable president of the United States.

His defenders were in the. The Scarlet Letter! position of claiming that it didn't matter whether the governor was smart or not, he could hire a smart staff, thereby certifying. that intelligence was something for underlings. In the minds of many of Bush's supporters, the absence of thoughtfulness, the narrowness of scope, the presence of diminished. capacity were all reduced to a question of management style. Gore, meanwhile, suffered bad reviews for his dismissive and. overbearing style of 2nd year english, intellectual combat. The Scarlet Letter! In the eyes of half the night stalker ramirez, population, the vice president fell prey to sin in the scarlet, a suspicion that he was. not only night stalker ramirez, preachy but also a sharpie.

In the media's campaign story line, the standard charge against Gore, shared by the Bush. campaign and the comedians, was that, like the traditional confidence man, Gore -- too smart for his own good -- lied, while. Bush was the amiable common man. Thirty-seven years have passed since the appearance of the last substantial book to take seriously, in the words of its title, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life. Richard Hofstadter's tour de force, appearing in 1963, is actually a product of the. 1950's. Like many intellectuals, Hofstadter was disturbed by the general disdain for eggheads, haunted by Joseph McCarthy's. thuggish assault on Dean Acheson and his Anglophilic ways, and dismayed by Eisenhower's taste for sin in the scarlet letter Western novels and Annotated on Effective, his. tangled syntax (which was not yet understood to be, at least sometimes, not simply incompetent but deliberately evasive). Had. not Eisenhower himself in sin in letter 1954 (no doubt in Essay of Sweatshops Labor words written for him by another hand) cited a definition of an intellectual as a. man who takes more words than are necessary to tell more than he knows? (How much more congenial was Stevenson, who. once cracked: Eggheads of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your yolks!) Probing for historical roots of a mood that was sweeping (if somewhat exaggerated by intellectuals), Hofstadter found that our. anti-intellectualism is, in fact, older than our national identity.

He cited, among others, the Puritan John Cotton, who wrote in. Letter! 1642, The more learned and witty you bee, the more fit to act for Satan will you bee; and Baynard R. Hall, who wrote in. 1843 of frontier Indiana: We always preferred an ignorant bad man to a talented one, and hence attempts were usually made. to evaluate the use of e-commerce and click’, ruin the moral character of a smart candidate; since unhappily smartness and wickedness were supposed to be generally. coupled, and incompetence and goodness. Yet, according to the historian Lawrence W. Sin In The Scarlet Letter! Levine, the illiterate Rocky Mountain scout Jim Bridger could recite long passages. from Shakespeare, which he learned by hiring someone to read the plays to him.

There is hardly a pioneer's hut that does not. contain a few odd volumes of Shakespeare, Alexis de Tocqueville found on his trip through America in 1831-32. Here lay a. Bibliography Essay! supremely American paradox: The same Americans who valued the literacy of commoners were suspicious of experts and. In his unsurpassed survey, Hofstadter described three pillars of sin in the scarlet, anti-intellectualism -- evangelical religion, practical-minded. business, and the populist political style. Religion was suspicious of modern relativism, business of regulatory expertise, populism of stalker, claims that specialized knowledge had its privileges. Those pillars stand.

But, as Hofstadter recognized, something. was changing in American life, and that was the uneasy apotheosis of technical intellect. The rise of big science during World War II, and its normalization during the cold war, along with the Sputnik panic of 1957, made brains more reputable among respectable citizens who had their own ideas about the force of common sense but had to. acknowledge that expertise delivered material goods. Then as now, the brains that became admirable were brains kept in. their place. To the extent that brains were admirable, it was because they were instrumental -- they prevented polio, invented. computers, launched satellites. By the 1990's, the geek was an acceptable good guy, the nerd an entrepreneurial hero. The Scarlet! That sense of the supreme position of. useful intellect is preserved in the current phrase, It's not rocket science -- implying that real rocket science is the Essay on An Labor, grandest. The Scarlet! field of Bibliography on Effective, intellectual dreams.

Hofstadter did most of his research before Kennedy came to the White House, and he understood that Kennedy's brief. ascendancy did not change the fundamentals. Kennedy was not especially serious about the life of the mind, but he was elegant, witty, and, by sin in, all accounts, enjoyed the occasional presence of intellectuals. John Kenneth Galbraith and what hypothesis?, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. were adornments. Never mind that Kennedy's reading tilted heavily toward Ian Fleming, who in the James Bond books. supplied the president with a man of action's idea of the debonair, the sort of sin in the scarlet letter, fellow whose European accent can be mistaken. for mental accomplishment.

Even into the Johnson administration, the White House ceremonially invited intellectuals and high artists to visit, culminating in. the public-relations disaster of a White House festival of the arts, in 1965, that was boycotted by some writers and artists while. others circulated an antiwar petition at the event. The force of Hofstadter's insight into what hypothesis?, persistent anti-intellectualism despite the rising legitimacy of technical experts would be. clear five years after he published his book. George Wallace ran well in several Democratic Party primaries, and eventually, too, as a third-party candidate, while campaigning against sin in the scarlet, pointy-headed bureaucrats -- precisely the classic identification of. intellect with arbitrary power that Hofstadter had identified as the populist hallmark. There was a left-wing version of what is the hypothesis?, this presupposition, too. A populist strain in the 60's student movement, identifying with the. oppressed sharecroppers of the the scarlet letter, Mississippi Delta and the dispossessed miners of richard, Appalachia, bent the sin in the scarlet letter, principle Let the. people decide into a suspicion of all those who were ostensibly knowledgeable. Under pressure of the Vietnam War, the. steel-rimmed technocrat Robert S. McNamara came to personify the steel-trap mind untethered by insight, and countercultural. currents came to disdain reason as a mask for imperial arrogance. Is The! In his first gubernatorial campaign in 1966, Ronald Reagan deployed a classic anti-intellectual theme -- portraying students as. riotous decadents. Real education was essentially a matter of training, and breaches of discipline resulted in nihilism and softness. on communism. The Nixon-Agnew team proceeded to mobilize resentment against nattering na-bobs of negativism, successfully mobilizing a silent majority against a verbose minority.

That was to flower into a major neoconservative theme. As candidate and president, the smooth-spoken if intellectually challenged Reagan succeeded in availing himself of an indulgent. press and an adoring constituency that, at the least, did not mind his incapacity. He did not suffer from his evident contempt for. professorial types, his half-educated ignorance of history and reliance on crackpot sources, his embrace of the sin in letter, notion that trees. cause pollution. That he was opposed by was harrison bergeron written, sophisticated types only inflated his aura. By the 1990's, elitism had become an all-purpose epithet, used by neoconservatives against the new class (consisting of the scarlet, all. political intellectuals with the exception of themselves), but also by hard multiculturalists against evaluate the use of e-commerce in a ‘brick organisation, the neo-Enlightenment project, by relativists in sin in the scarlet general against stalker richard, objectivists in general.

Populist resentment flourished even as (and, perhaps in part, because) populist egalitarianism of an economic stripe was dwindling. The counterculture had introduced suspicion of professionalized rationality -- swelling the reputation of alternative medicine. and elevating herbs and homeo-pathic, chiropractic, and sin in, osteopathic treatments to alternatives to plodding old Western. therapies. Hofstadter had made much of the distinction between critical intellectuals (suspected, sometimes justifiably, of being. ideologues) and expert intellectuals (on tap, not on top, in the terms of the early atomic scientists), but thanks to the. postmodern mood of the intervening decades, many experts had come to be tarred with the same brush as ideologues. College. students were heard to complain that certain professors were excessive in their vocabularies. Even in the classroom, boring became an epithet of choice. English Essays! A central force boosting anti-intellectualism since Hofstadter published his book has been the bulking up of popular culture and, in particular, the rise of a new form of faux cerebration: punditry. Everyday life, supersaturated with images and jingles, makes. intellectual life look hopelessly sluggish, burdensome, difficult.

In a video-game world, the play of intellect -- the search for. validity, the sin in, willingness to english, entertain many hypotheses, the respect for difficulty, the resistance to hasty conclusions -- has the. look of retardation. Again, there is sin in the scarlet letter, a continuity to the earlier nation. English Important Essays! Long before Hollywood or MTV, Tocqueville observed that Americans were. drawn to novelty, turnover, and sensation. How much more so in sin in letter a world of cascading, all-pervasive images, where two-thirds. of children grow up with 24/7 access to television in their bedrooms, where video and computer games flourish, where mobile. phones guarantee access when and where one chooses, where the right to be instantly entertained and of Sweatshops and Child Labor, in-touch seems to. preoccupy more of the citizenry than the right to vote and to have their votes properly counted. There is a seeming paradox that Hofstadter did not anticipate, but would have appreciated. Letter! In the torrent of night stalker richard ramirez, popular culture, there emerges more talk about public affairs than ever before -- virtually nonstop talk about political concerns, debate on. burning questions available at all hours of the sin in letter, day and night. But the talk that fills the channels amounts mainly to signals, gestures, and stances -- not reasoning. Television reporting and punditry are the tributes that entertainment pays to the democratic ideal of english important, discourse.

The political talk. does not, in the main, evaluate or research: It covers. When CNN's Washington bureau chief can say casually, The Texas. governor hammered home some of his major themes, including Social Security, this is letter, shorthand, but not only shorthand -- it is. a surrogate for reasoning. Positions are signaled -- candidates position themselves -- rather than defended; no defending is. demanded of them. A topic is a theme is a position is an issue is news. All the more so does punditry diffuse a debased version of intellectual life, cornering intellect in 2nd year english important the name of chat, operating by a. Sin In Letter! sort of Gresham's law of discourse. Punditry is concerned with reviewing performances, rating presidentiality, itemizing. The Use In A ‘brick And Click’! themes, relaying and interpreting spin, not thoughtfully assessing politicians' claims, evaluating their evidence, judging their.

reasoning. To assess the quality of what politicians say would require intellectual work for which the pundits do not demonstrate. Sin In The Scarlet Letter! competency. Pundits are hired, rather, for the facility and pungency of on An Exploration of Sweatshops Labor, their presentations and the ferocity and acceptability of. The most bookish of sin in the scarlet, pundits, George Will, was hired for the Anglophilic elegance of his sneers, not for logical mastery or. historical depth. The punditocracy, as Eric Alterman calls it, does not assess either reason or reasons. Its job is simply to. 2nd Year English Important Essays! declare which issues are discussable, which positions presentable. Sin In! It makes up for night stalker richard ramirez its intellectual deficits by supplying. precooked opinion. The point is not to sin in letter, clarify: It is never to be at a loss for words.

Surely the English infusion into American. journalism -- the premium on Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay, corrosive wit, the fusion of intellectual name-dropping with tabloid meanness -- belongs to this. The Scarlet! trend: the show of intellect without the demanding work. When Hofstadter wrote, the dominant intellectuals were either experts or ideologues. The most influential pundit was Walter. Lippmann. But the crucial public development since Hofstadter's time is the rise of the pseudo-intellectual, thanks to the. premium on smirking and glibness, which, in much of the popular mind, passes for intellect. The pundit is a smart person in both.

senses -- intelligent and a smarty-pants -- and his knowingness about how the game is played is a substitute for knowledge. about what would improve society. Punditry is to evaluate of e-commerce and click’, intellectual life as fast food is to fine cuisine. After Gore, self-cast as wonk-expert and therefore prey to precisely the anti-intellectualism that Hofstadter identified, challenged Bush to state his position on the Dingell-Norwood patients-rights' bill during the third debate, and Bush avoided the. Sin In The Scarlet! question, the pseudo-brains of ABC's This Week, Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson, made much mirth by mocking the. names. They did not think it their obligation to clarify what Gore was talking about. Deadly, that would have been.

Chock full of. attitude, deploying the cheap gags and knowingness that mark them as qualified for their jobs, those maestros of the Beltway. paraded their superiority to knowledge while (as Michael Kinsley pointed out) refraining from showing that they knew more. than the public. Surely television is a boon to anti-intellectualism, with its encouragement of emotional chords and comfort, but the degradations. of public life that afflict us are not primarily visual achievements. It is language and sound, most of all, that warp the public. discourse. That is true not only in the presentation of politics but of science, education, and many another subject.

The. sound-bite discourse cultivated by television pumps up the imperative Cut to the chase, reinforcing the fetish of the bottom. It is not that the Bibliography, sound-bite culture was imposed upon what was previously unrelievedly brilliant politics. From Tippecanoe and. Tyler too to I like Ike, American history is soaked in sin in the scarlet sound-bite prefigurations. Warren G. Harding may not have been much. better than George W. Bush. But the more striking transformation in American commentary takes us in 50 years from Walter. Lippmann, a man of tremendous historical and was harrison bergeron written, philosophical sophistication, to Tim Russert, an intelligent man who specializes in. Gotcha! questions and gives Rush Limbaugh respectful interviews, defending that choice on the ground that, after all, Limbaugh speaks to 20-million people.

Thus does knowingness make its peace with populism. In the Bushes, pËre et fils, we see another turn in the history of the American aversion to intellect. The Scarlet Letter! Hofstadter rightly noted the. 19th-century aristocratic disdain for practical intellectuals, the evaluate of e-commerce ‘brick and click’ organisation, business types and experts whose rising power displaced their. own. The Roosevelt cousins, different in many respects, both honored the life of the the scarlet, mind: Theodore as writer, Franklin as a. collector of when bergeron, advisers. Old money respected brains. But the Bushes are men of sin in, social credentials who went to the right schools and passed through them without any detectable. mark.

They represent aristocracy with a populist gloss, borrowing what they can from the evangelical revival, siding with. business and what is the hypothesis?, its distaste for time-wasting mind work, holding intellectual talent in contempt from both above and below. Pleasant enough for sin in letter the pundits, they have been able to count on a surplus of populist ressentiment. That Bush fils, country-club. Republican, could gain stature (and keep a straight face) in his presidential campaign for proposing an education presidency and denouncing an Annotated on Effective Leadership Essay, education recession tells us something about the closing of the American mind that Allan Bloom did not. Todd Gitlin is a professor of culture, journalism, and sociology at New York University, and letter, the author of important essays, The Sixties. and The Twilight of Common Dreams.

He is completing his next book, Infinite Glimmer: On a World Saturated With Images. Section: The Chronicle Review. Copyright 2000 by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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obama short speech That is the true genius of America, a faith in the simple dreams of its people, the insistence on small miracles. That we can say what we think, write what we think, without hearing a sudden knock on the door. That we can have an sin in idea and start our own business without paying a bribe or hiring somebody's son. That we can participate in the political process without fear of retribution, and that our votes will be counted -- or at least, most of the time. BARACK OBAMA, speech at 2004 Democratic Convention. If we think that we can secure our country by just talking tough without acting tough and smart, then we will misunderstand this moment and miss its opportunities. If we think that we can use the same partisan playbook where we just challenge our opponent's patriotism to win an when was harrison written election, then the American people will lose. The times are too serious for this kind of politics. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Aug.

19, 2008. Change doesn't come from Washington. Change comes to Washington. BARACK OBAMA, DNC speech, Aug. 28, 2008. Those of us who have the privilege to serve this country have an obligation to do our job as best we can. We come from different parties, but we are Americans first.

And that's why disagreement cannot mean dysfunction. It can't degenerate into the scarlet hatred. The American people's hopes and dreams are what matters, not ours. Our obligations are to them. Our regard for them compels us all, Democrats and Republicans, to cooperate, and compromise, and important act in the best interests of our nation #150;- one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. BARACK OBAMA, remarks on sin in the scarlet the reopening of the when was harrison bergeron written, government, Oct. Letter? 17, 2013.

Do something, Congress. Essay Exploration Of Sweatshops? Do anything. BARACK OBAMA, weekly address, Jul. 12, 2014. Our predecessors understood that government could not, and should not, solve every problem. They understood that there are instances when the gains in security from government action are not worth the added constraints on our freedom. But they also understood that the sin in letter, danger of too much government is night stalker richard ramirez matched by the perils of too little; that without the leavening hand of wise policy, markets can crash, monopolies can stifle competition, the vulnerable can be exploited. And they knew that when any government measure, no matter how carefully crafted or beneficial, is subject to scorn; when any efforts to letter, help people in 2nd year english essays need are attacked as un-American; when facts and reason are thrown overboard and only timidity passes for wisdom, and sin in the scarlet we can no longer even engage in a civil conversation with each other over the things that truly matter -- that at that point we don't merely lose our capacity to solve big challenges. We lose something essential about ourselves.

BARACK OBAMA, speech to joint session of Congress, sep. 9, 2009. We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it's easy, but when it is hard. BARACK OBAMA, Nobel Lecture, Dec. 10, 2009. Torture is how you create enemies, not how you defeat them. BARACK OBAMA, press release, Torture and Secrecy Betray Core American Values, 2007. What the Annotated on Effective Leadership Essay, American people hope -#150; what they deserve -#150; is for all of us, Democrats and sin in the scarlet Republicans, to evaluate the use of e-commerce in a, work through our differences; to overcome the numbing weight of our politics.

For while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the letter, same. The aspirations they hold are shared: a job that pays the bills; a chance to get ahead; most of all, the ability to give their children a better life. BARACK OBAMA, State of the Union Address, Jan. 27, 2010. We can’t expect to solve our problems if all we do is tear each other down. You can disagree with a certain policy without demonizing the person who espouses it. You can question somebody’s views and their judgment without questioning their motives or their patriotism. Throwing around phrases like “socialists” and “Soviet-style takeover” and “fascist” and “right-wing nut” -- that may grab headlines, but it also has the effect of comparing our government, our political opponents, to authoritarian, even murderous regimes. Now, we’ve seen this kind of politics in the past. It’s been practiced by both fringes of the ideological spectrum, by the left and ramirez the right, since our nation’s birth. The Scarlet Letter? But it’s starting to creep into the center of night richard ramirez, our discourse.

And the sin in the scarlet, problem with it is evaluate organisation not the hurt feelings or the bruised egos of the public officials who are criticized. Remember, they signed up for it. Michelle always reminds me of that. The problem is that this kind of vilification and over-the-top rhetoric closes the letter, door to the possibility of compromise. When Was Harrison Bergeron Written? It undermines democratic deliberation. It prevents learning #150;- since, after all, why should we listen to sin in the scarlet, a “fascist,” or a “socialist,” or a “right-wing nut,” or a left-wing nut”? It makes it nearly impossible for Leadership Essay, people who have legitimate but bridgeable differences to sit down at sin in, the same table and hash things out. Evaluate The Use Organisation? It robs us of a rational and serious debate, the sin in the scarlet letter, one we need to have about the very real and very big challenges facing this nation. It coarsens our culture, and at its worst, it can send signals to the most extreme elements of our society that perhaps violence is a justifiable response. BARACK OBAMA, remarks at on Effective Leadership Essay, University of Michigan, May 1, 2010.

In reaffirming the greatness of our nation we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less. Sin In Letter? It has not been the path for the faint-hearted, for those that prefer leisure over work, or seek only the stalker, pleasures of riches and fame. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the sin in the scarlet, makers of things -- some celebrated, but more often men and women obscure in their labor -- who have carried us up the long rugged path towards prosperity and night stalker richard ramirez freedom. BARACK OBAMA, Inaugural Address, Jan.

20. 2009. I have seen, the desperation and disorder of the powerless: how it twists the sin in, lives of 2nd year, children on the streets of Jakarta or Nairobi in much the same way as it does the the scarlet letter, lives of children on Chicago’s South Side, how narrow the path is for when was harrison bergeron, them between humiliation and untrammeled fury, how easily they slip into violence and despair. I know that the sin in the scarlet, response of the of Sweatshops Labor, powerful to this disorder -- alternating as it does between a dull complacency and, when the sin in letter, disorder spills out of its proscribed confines, a steady, unthinking application of force, of longer prison sentences and more sophisticated military hardware -- is inadequate to the task. I know that the hardening of lines, the embrace of fundamentalism and tribe, dooms us all. BARACK OBAMA, preface to 2004 Edition, Dreams of My Father. [The] issues are never simple. One thing I’m proud of is english important that very rarely will you hear me simplify the issues. BARACK OBAMA, MSNBC interview, Sep 25, 2006.

The true test of the American ideal is whether we’re able to recognize our failings and then rise together to meet the challenges of our time. Sin In The Scarlet? Whether we allow ourselves to be shaped by events and ramirez history, or whether we act to shape them. Whether chance of birth or circumstance decides life’s big winners and losers, or whether we build a community where, at the very least, everyone has a chance to work hard, get ahead, and reach their dreams. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jun. The Scarlet Letter? 4, 2005. Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Feb. 5, 2008. I think that there's always been a spectrum of opinion about how unfettered the free market is.

And along that spectrum, I think there have been some who believe in very fierce regulation and sapir-whorf hypothesis? are very suspicious of the scarlet letter, globalization, and there are others who think that it's always -- that the market is always king. And I think what we've learned here, but if anybody had been studying history they would have understood earlier, is that the market is the most effective mechanism for creating wealth and distributing resources to produce goods and services that history has ever known, but that it goes off the rail sometimes; that if it's completely unregulated, that if there are no thoughtful frameworks to channel the the use of e-commerce in a ‘brick and click’, creative energy of the sin in letter, market, that it can end up in a very bad place. BARACK OBAMA, press conference, Apr. 2, 2009. I don't want to stalker ramirez, pit Red America against Blue America. I want to be President of the the scarlet, United States of America. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Nov. 10, 2007. Hope is what led a band of colonists to rise up against an empire; what led the greatest of generations to night stalker ramirez, free a continent and heal a nation; what led young women and young men to sit at lunch counters and brave fire hoses and march through Selma and Montgomery for freedom's cause. Hope is sin in the scarlet letter what led me here today--with a father from Kenya, a mother from Kansas; and a story that could only happen in 2nd year the United States of sin in the scarlet, America.

Hope is the bedrock of this nation; the belief that our destiny will not be written for us, but by us; by all those men and women who are not content to settle for the world as it is; who have courage to remake the world as it should be. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jan. 3, 2008. I was drawn to 2nd year english essays, the power of the African American religious tradition to spur social change. Out of necessity, the black church had to sin in the scarlet, minister to written, the whole person. Out of necessity, the black church rarely had the luxury of separating individual salvation from collective salvation. It had to serve as the center of the community's political, economic, and social as well as spiritual life; it understood in an intimate way the letter, biblical call to english important essays, feed the hungry and clothe the naked and challenge powers and principalities. In the history of these struggles, I was able to see faith as more than just a comfort to the weary or a hedge against death; rather, it was an active, palpable agent in the world. BARACK OBAMA, Audacity of Hope. This notion that's peddled by the religious right - that they are oppressed is not true.

Sometimes it's a cynical ploy to move their agenda ahead. The classic example being that somehow secularists are trying to eliminate Christmas, which strikes me as some kind of manufactured controversy. BARACK OBAMA, Street Prophets interview, Jul. 11, 2006. What Washington needs is adult supervision. BARACK OBAMA, fundraising letter, Oct. 2006. In an interconnected world, the defeat of sin in the scarlet, international terrorism #150; and most importantly, the prevention of these terrorist organizations from obtaining weapons of mass destruction -- will require the cooperation of many nations. We must always reserve the right to strike unilaterally at terrorists wherever they may exist. Stalker Richard Ramirez? But we should know that our success in doing so is enhanced by engaging our allies so that we receive the crucial diplomatic, military, intelligence, and financial support that can lighten our load and add legitimacy to our actions. This means talking to our friends and, at times, even our enemies.

BARACK OBAMA, speech, Nov. Sin In The Scarlet Letter? 20, 2006. The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate, but they endure when people of every background and belief find a way to set aside smaller differences in service of was harrison bergeron, a greater purpose. BARACK OBAMA, press conference, Feb. 9, 2009. All across the world, in every kind of letter, environment and night region known to man, increasingly dangerous weather patterns and devastating storms are abruptly putting an end to the long-running debate over sin in letter, whether or not climate change is real. Richard Ramirez? Not only is it real, it's here, and its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Apr. 3, 2006.

There are a whole lot of religious people in America, including the majority of the scarlet letter, Democrats. Essay Exploration Of Sweatshops? When we abandon the field of letter, religious discourse#151;when we ignore the night ramirez, debate about what it means to be a good Christian or Muslim or Jew; when we discuss religion only in the negative sense of where or how it should not be practiced, rather than in the positive sense of what it tells us about our obligations toward one another; when we shy away from religious venues and religious broadcasts because we assume that we will be unwelcome#151;others will fill the vacuum. And those who do are likely to sin in, be those with the in a ‘brick and click’, most insular views of faith, or who cynically use religion to sin in, justify partisan ends. BARACK OBAMA, Audacity of Hope. If the written, people cannot trust their government to letter, do the job for which it exists - to Annotated Bibliography on Effective, protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Aug. 28, 2006. Americans . still believe in an America where anything's possible -- they just don't think their leaders do. BARACK OBAMA, fundraising letter, Sep.

1, 2006. I think that one of the things that we all agree to is that the touchstone for economic policy is, does it allow the average American to find good employment and the scarlet letter see their incomes rise; that we can’t just look at 2nd year important essays, things in sin in the scarlet the aggregate, we do want to important, grow the pie, but we want to make sure that prosperity is spread across the spectrum of regions and occupations and genders and races; and that economic policy should focus on the scarlet growing the pie, but it also has to make sure that everybody has got opportunity in that system. BARACK OBAMA, New York Times , Apr. 28, 2009. America is a land of big dreamers and big hopes.

It is this hope that has sustained us through revolution and essays civil war, depression and world war, a struggle for sin in the scarlet, civil and social rights and the brink of nuclear crisis. And it is because our dreamers dreamed that we have emerged from each challenge more united, more prosperous, and is the more admired than before. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jun. 4, 2005. BARACK OBAMA, campaign slogan, 2008. The success of our economy has always depended not just on the scarlet letter the size of our gross domestic product, but on english important the reach of the scarlet letter, our prosperity, on the ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart -- not out of charity, but because it is the surest route to our common good. BARACK OBAMA, Inaugural Address, Jan. What Is The? 20. 2009. We should be more modest in our belief that we can impose democracy on a country through military force.

In the past, it has been movements for freedom from sin in within tyrannical regimes that have led to bergeron written, flourishing democracies; movements that continue today. This doesn’t mean abandoning our values and ideals; wherever we can, it’s in sin in the scarlet letter our interest to help foster democracy through the was harrison bergeron written, diplomatic and the scarlet letter economic resources at Annotated Bibliography Leadership, our disposal. But even as we provide such help, we should be clear that the institutions of democracy #150; free markets, a free press, a strong civil society #150; cannot be built overnight, and they cannot be built at the end of a barrel of the scarlet letter, a gun. And so we must realize that the freedoms FDR once spoke of #150; especially freedom from want and freedom from Annotated Bibliography Essay fear #150; do not just come from deposing a tyrant and handing out sin in the scarlet ballots; they are only realized once the personal and night richard material security of a people is ensured as well. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Nov. 20, 2006.

In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity #150; it is a pre-requisite. BARACK OBAMA, Address to Joint Session of Congress, Feb. 24, 2009. We live in a culture that discourages empathy. A culture that too often tells us our principle goal in life is to be rich, thin, young, famous, safe, and entertained. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jul. 12, 2006. Secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering into the public square.

Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Williams Jennings Bryant, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King - indeed, the majority of great reformers in American history - were not only motivated by faith, but repeatedly used religious language to argue for their cause. So to say that men and women should not inject their personal morality into public policy debates is a practical absurdity. Sin In Letter? Our law is by definition a codification of Essay on An Exploration of Sweatshops, morality, much of it grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition. BARACK OBAMA, Jun. 28, 2006. Let's remember that our leadership is defined not just by our defense against threats, but by sin in the scarlet, the enormous opportunities to do good and promote understanding around the globe #150; to Annotated Bibliography on Effective, forge greater cooperation, to the scarlet, expand new markets, to free people from fear and want. And no one is better positioned to take advantage of those opportunities than America. BARACK OBAMA, State of the Union Address, Jan. 28, 2014.

From the Annotated Bibliography Leadership Essay, day I took office, I've been told that addressing our larger challenges is letter too ambitious; such an important effort would be too contentious. I've been told that our political system is too gridlocked, and that we should just put things on hold for a while. Sin In? For those who make these claims, I have one simple question: How long should we wait? How long should America put its future on when was harrison bergeron written hold? BARACK OBAMA, State of the Union Address, Jan. 27, 2010. I have studied the Constitution as a student; I have taught it as a teacher; I have been bound by it as a lawyer and legislator. The Scarlet? I took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution as Commander-in-Chief, and as a citizen, I know that we must never #150; ever #150; turn our back on its enduring principles for expedience sake. I make this claim not simply as a matter of idealism.

We uphold our most cherished values not only because doing so is was harrison bergeron right, but because it strengthens our country and keeps us safe. Time and again, our values have been our best national security asset #150; in the scarlet war and peace; in evaluate the use of e-commerce in a ‘brick and click’ times of ease and in eras of letter, upheaval. Fidelity to our values is the reason why the when bergeron, United States of America grew from letter a small string of the use in a, colonies under the writ of an empire to the strongest nation in letter the world. Night Ramirez? It is the reason why enemy soldiers have surrendered to us in battle, knowing they’d receive better treatment from America’s armed forces than from their own government. The Scarlet? It is the reason why America has benefited from strong alliances that amplified our power, and drawn a sharp and moral contrast with our adversaries. It is the reason why we’ve been able to overpower the iron fist of fascism, outlast the iron curtain of communism, and enlist free nations and of e-commerce in a and click’ organisation free people everywhere in the scarlet common cause and what is the hypothesis? common effort. Sin In Letter? From Europe to the Pacific, we have been a nation that has shut down torture chambers and replaced tyranny with the rule of law. That is 2nd year essays who we are. And where terrorists offer only the injustice of disorder and destruction, America must demonstrate that our values and institutions are more resilient than a hateful ideology. BARACK OBAMA, speech, May 21, 2009.

I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics. BARACK OBAMA, MSNBC interview, Sep. 25, 2006. When special interests put their thumb on the scale, and distort the free market, the people who compete by the rules come in last. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Aug. 2, 2008. I'm happy to get good ideas from sin in across the political spectrum, from Democrats and Republicans.

What I won't do is return to the failed theories of the last eight years that got us into written this fix in the first place, because those theories have been tested, and they have failed. And that's what part of the election in sin in the scarlet letter November was all about. BARACK OBAMA, press conference, Feb. On An Of Sweatshops And Child Labor? 9, 2009. Today’s 24/7 echo-chamber amplifies the most inflammatory soundbites louder and faster than ever before. And it’s also, however, given us unprecedented choice.

Whereas most Americans used to the scarlet, get their news from the same three networks over dinner, or a few influential papers on Sunday morning, we now have the option to get our information from any number of blogs or websites or cable news shows. And this can have both a good and bad development for democracy. For if we choose only to expose ourselves to opinions and viewpoints that are in line with our own, studies suggest that we become more polarized, more set in our ways. That will only evaluate the use in a and click’ reinforce and even deepen the political divides in this country. But if we choose to sin in the scarlet, actively seek out information that challenges our assumptions and when was harrison bergeron our beliefs, perhaps we can begin to understand where the people who disagree with us are coming from. The practice of listening to opposing views is essential for effective citizenship. Sin In The Scarlet? It is essential for evaluate the use in a ‘brick and click’ organisation, our democracy. BARACK OBAMA, remarks at University of sin in the scarlet letter, Michigan, May 1, 2010. I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a US occupation of Annotated Bibliography on Effective Leadership, undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East, and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the sin in the scarlet, Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of al-Qaeda.

BARACK OBAMA, speech, Oct. 2, 2002. The best judge of whether or not a country is going to 2nd year important, develop is how it treats its women. If it's educating its girls, if women have equal rights, that country is going to move forward. But if women are oppressed and sin in the scarlet abused and illiterate, then they're going to fall behind. BARACK OBAMA, Ladies' Home Journal , Sep.

2008. For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and night stalker ramirez segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the sin in the scarlet, old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in 2nd year english ushering in a new era of peace. BARACK OBAMA, Inaugural Address, Jan. 20. 2009. We do not have to think that human nature is perfect for us to still believe that the human condition can be perfected.

We do not have to the scarlet, live in an idealized world to still reach for what is the, those ideals that will make it a better place. The non-violence practiced by men like Gandhi and King may not have been practical or possible in every circumstance, but the love that they preached -- their fundamental faith in human progress -- that must always be the sin in letter, North Star that guides us on our journey. For if we lose that faith -- if we dismiss it as silly or naïve; if we divorce it from the decisions that we make on issues of war and peace -- then we lose what's best about humanity. We lose our sense of possibility. We lose our moral compass. BARACK OBAMA, Nobel Lecture, Dec. 10, 2009. When people suggest that, What a waste of money to make federal buildings more energy-efficient. Why would that be a waste of Annotated, money?

We're creating jobs immediately by retrofitting these buildings or weatherizing 2 million Americans' homes, as was called for in the package, so that right there creates economic stimulus. And we are saving taxpayers when it comes to federal buildings potentially $2 billion. Letter? In the case of homeowners, they will see more money in their pockets. And we're reducing our dependence on foreign oil in Exploration the Middle East. Why wouldn't we want to make that kind of letter, investment?

BARACK OBAMA, press conference, Feb. 9, 2009. To overcome extremism, we must also be vigilant in upholding the values our troops defend #150; because there is no force in stalker ramirez the world more powerful than the example of America. Letter? That is why I have ordered the closing of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, and will seek swift and certain justice for captured terrorists #150; because living our values doesn’t make us weaker, it makes us safer and it makes us stronger. BARACK OBAMA, Address to Joint Session of Congress, Feb. 24, 2009. I will never forget that the only reason I'm standing here today is because somebody, somewhere stood up for me when it was risky. Stood up when it was hard. Stood up when it wasn't popular. And because that somebody stood up, a few more stood up. And then a few thousand stood up.

And then a few million stood up. And standing up, with courage and clear purpose, they somehow managed to change the world. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jan. 8, 2008. With the is the hypothesis?, magnitude of the challenges we face right now, what we need in Washington are not more political tactics -- we need more good ideas. We don't need more point-scoring -- we need more problem-solving. BARACK OBAMA, press conference, Mar. 17, 2009.

The war does not end when you come home. It lives on letter in memories of your fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who gave their lives. It endures in the wound that is slow to heal, the disability that isn’t going away, the dream that wakes you at night, or the stiffening in Essay on An of Sweatshops and Child Labor your spine when a car backfires down the street. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Feb. 27, 2009. All of us have a responsibility to work for the day when the mothers of Israelis and Palestinians can see their children grow up without fear, when the holy land of the sin in the scarlet letter, three great faiths is the place of peace that God intended it to be, when Jerusalem is a secure and lasting home for Jews and Christians and Muslims and a place for all of the children of Abraham to mingle peacefully together as in the story of the use in a and click’ organisation, Isra, when Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed #151; peace be upon them #151; joined in prayer. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jun. 4, 2009. One of the most durable and destructive legacies of discrimination is the way we've internalized a sense of limitation; how so many in the scarlet letter our community have come to expect so little from the world and from themselves.

BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jul. Annotated Bibliography On Effective Essay? 17, 2009. For all the cruelty and sin in letter hardship of our world, we are not mere prisoners of fate. Our actions matter, and can bend history in the direction of justice. BARACK OBAMA, Nobel Lecture, Dec. 10, 2009. No system of english essays, government can or should be imposed by one nation by any other. That does not lessen my commitment, however, to governments that reflect the will of the people. Each nation gives life to this principle in its own way, grounded in the traditions of its own people. America does not presume to know what is sin in best for everyone, just as we would not presume to pick the outcome of Annotated Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay, a peaceful election. Sin In The Scarlet? But I do have an Bibliography on Effective Essay unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things: the ability to speak your mind and have a say in letter how you are governed, confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice, government that is transparent and doesn't steal from the people, the freedom to live as you choose.

These are not just American ideas. Essay And Child? They are human rights. And that is why we will support them everywhere. BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jun. 4, 2009. That is why we fight -- in hopes of a day when we no longer need to. BARACK OBAMA, speech at Arlington National Cemetery, Nov. 11, 2009. The fact is, we are closer to achieving (health care) reform than we've ever been.

We have the American Nurses Association, we have the American Medical Association on board, because America's doctors and nurses know how badly we need reform. But look, because we're getting close, the fight is getting fierce. Sin In The Scarlet Letter? And the history is clear: Every time we're in sight of reform, the special interests start fighting back with everything they've got. Evaluate The Use And Click’ Organisation? They use their influence. The Scarlet Letter? They run their ads. And let's face it, they get people scared.

And understandably -- I understand why people are nervous. 2nd Year English Essays? Health care is a big deal. In fact, whenever America has set about solving our toughest problems, there have always been those who've sought to sin in, preserve the status quo by scaring the American people. That's what happened when FDR tried to pass Social Security -- they said that was socialist. They did -- verbatim. That's what they said. They said that everybody was going to have to wear dog tags and that this was a plot for the government to keep track of everybody. When JFK and then Lyndon Johnson tried to evaluate of e-commerce organisation, pass Medicare, they said this was a government takeover of health care; they were going to sin in the scarlet letter, get between you and of e-commerce in a and click’ your doctor -- the same argument that's being made today. BARACK OBAMA, town hall meeting, Aug.

15, 2009. You can't let your failures define you -- you have to let your failures teach you. Letter? You have to let them show you what to do differently the next time. BARACK OBAMA, National Address to America's Schoolchildren, Sep. 8, 2009. We've got some enormous challenges out there.

And I am confident that the American people and America’s political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. We always have. Evaluate Of E-commerce In A And Click’? But we’re not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. We’re not going to be able to sin in letter, do it if we spend time vilifying each other. Sapir-whorf Hypothesis?? We’re not going to the scarlet letter, be able to do it if we just make stuff up and hypothesis? pretend that facts are not facts. We’re not going to sin in the scarlet, be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. BARACK OBAMA, remarks in press briefing room, Apr. Exploration Of Sweatshops And Child? 27, 2011. All of us share this world for the scarlet, but a brief moment in time. The question is whether we spend that time focused on what pushes us apart or whether we commit ourselves to an effort, a sustained effort to find common ground, to focus on the future we seek for our children and to respect the what is the hypothesis?, dignity of all human beings.

BARACK OBAMA, speech, Jun. 4, 2009. America can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history, whether it’s the pursuit of the scarlet, prosperity for was harrison bergeron, our people, or the struggle for equality for all our citizens; our commitment to stand up for our values abroad, and our sacrifices to make the world a safer place. Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. BARACK OBAMA, remarks on the death of Osama Bin Laden, May 1, 2011. There’s something about the American spirit -#150; inherent in the American spirit -- we don’t hang on to the past.

We always move forward. We are going to leave something better for our children #150;- not just here in the United States, but all around the sin in letter, world. BARACK OBAMA, speech at DNC fundraising reception, Oct. 15, 2009.

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Medicine and Nursing Dissertation Topics. A dissertation or a thesis is a well-documented discourse on letter, specific research topics produced as the written form of an individuals research, and is especially a part of higher academic qualifications. The essential feature of a dissertation is its precision and focus and the subject matter is detailed, highlighting specific objectives and aims of research. Choosing an bergeron, appropriate dissertation topic is a very important aspect of research and the first step towards a relevant, detailed and original study. Unlike a book, which is rather broad in its scope, a dissertation is rather narrow as it is about specialised knowledge in a particular area of study. To help prepare your medicine and nursing dissertation topics this article suggests topics for you to base your research on, in the areas of healthcare, clinical management, public health, midwifery, health organisations, environmental health, occupational health and the scarlet, safety and mental health. Clinical management Dissertation Topics. Clinical management involves not just application of the night ramirez nursing interventions but managing all aspects of nursing and healthcare within the clinical setting. Some topics for your nursing dissertation could include: Issues and risks in the clinical management of patients with prostate cancer. New directions in management of patients in sin in the scarlet letter, the adult intensive care units.

Perceived management issues in the care of elderly patients. Optimal management strategy for patient with post-traumatic stress disorder. Essay Exploration Of Sweatshops. Management and treatment outcomes of acute ischemic stroke. Clinical management and psychosocial treatment of drug dependence in prison settings. Sin In The Scarlet. Patients self-assessments and decision making: Management approaches in surgical cases. Strategies in management and care of patients with chronic and acute pain. Possible interventions in the clinical management and control of infectious diseases. Clinical management of 2nd year important essays, inpatients with cardiovascular disease and sin in the scarlet, high blood pressure. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99.

Public health Dissertation Topics. Public health highlights all those issues that affect the health of the people and focus more on large scale health problems rather than individual concerns. Some of these that you could base your nursing dissertation hereby follow: Evaluating the impact of health promoting interventions on Labor, public health in the UK. Contamination of drinking water in developing nations and its effects on public health. Evaluating health consequences of the public affected by natural disasters. AIDS and its social impact: A study in public health. Exercise habits and its relation with the epidemiological patterns of cardiovascular risks. The importance of a public health policy for controlling obesity in children. Poverty and its role in childhood diseases a public health issue.

Public health responses and approaches for the prevention of cancer. The Scarlet Letter. Diabetes as a public health problem and associated lifestyle interventions. The growing problem of alcoholism and binge drinking among teenagers as an issue in public health. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99.

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics. Community nursing shows the importance of social interventions in healthcare, especially for the elderly or disabled, and is a generic term for school and health or district nursing. If you are looking to base your nursing dissertation in this area, the following topic suggestions may help you. The care of the Essay on An of Sweatshops Labor elderly outpatients and community nursing services. Assessment of nutritional status of children as an essential part of community nursing. The Scarlet. The provisions for integrated community nursing services and its impact on individual health costs. Health promotion through community nursing practice. The collaborative roles of GPs, nurses, social workers and policy makers in a community nursing centre. The use of community nursing services by patients following surgical procedures. When. The role of community nursing in improving quality of life of the elderly. Community nursing for the care of elderly suffering from chronic illnesses.

A comparative study of community nursing and health care needs in different cities. An evaluation of community nursing services available for pregnant women and neonates. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for sin in letter, only ?39.99. The nursing practice related to midwifery deal with not just problems of pregnant women but also nursing and Essay Exploration, clinical interventions in pregnancy and the health issues involved. Sin In The Scarlet. There are several topics within this area that you could explore for your nursing dissertation. The role of the midwife in richard ramirez, high-risk pregnancies.

Supportive nurse-midwife intervention team in managing caesarean sections. Model of care followed in standard midwifery practice within UK. Improving pregnancy outcomes and care with the sin in help of midwives. Do the midwives influence decision-making and facilitate informed choices among pregnant women? Factors affecting the competence of midwives in a clinical setting. Midwives descriptions and perceptions of pregnant women with problems of substance abuse. Health risks of women due to postpartum depression and the role of the midwife. The long-term effects of social support and midwifery support during pregnancy. The attitudes towards confidentiality of english important, patient information among midwives in letter, the UK.

Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Health Organisations Dissertation Topics. Some of the major health agendas are supported and on Effective, drafted by leading international health organisations and sin in the scarlet letter, the possible research topics would highlight the RD approaches of such organisations. Essay On An Exploration Of Sweatshops And Child. Some possible research topics for your nursing dissertation include. Trend in research funding by the National Institutes of Health. The focus on public health policies in the UK as delineated by the Department of Health. The policies and approaches of the World Health Organisation in understanding child development. Effectiveness and efficiency of the National Health Service in providing services to the elderly.

Research, development and strategic policies towards healthcare as followed by the NHS. New organisational directions in healthcare, policies and services. The extent of sin in the scarlet letter, WHO focus on Essay on An and Child Labor, healthcare needs of developing nations. The Scarlet. Organisational dynamics, culture and power within the National Health Service. Strategic management perspectives of international health organisations. Costs and when bergeron, healthcare plans of countries around the world: A report. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Evidence-based practice Dissertation Topics. Evidence-based practice is the most widely accepted form of practice in nursing and the scarlet, places importance on evidence in nursing interventions.

If evidence-based practices intrigue you, perhaps you could look to the following topics for further reading for your nursing dissertation. Implementation of evidence based practice as models for change. Leadership and ethics in night richard, evidence based nursing practice. Evidence-based guidelines in promoting quality healthcare. Evidence-based practice as a theoretical and practical approach to. nursing interventions The use of sin in the scarlet, evidence and implementation of evidence-based practice.

The role and importance of reflection in evidence-based practice. A study on the efficacy of Exploration and Child, evidence-based practice in healthcare. Disease management with the use of evidence-based medicine. Starting evidence-based nursing program for health care needs of elderly cancer patients. Knowledge management in clinical practice and use of evidence. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Environmental Health Dissertation Topics. The environmental health issues relate to letter environmental health risks for the population and issues such as awareness of environmental problems, disposal of toxic wastes and hygiene, food consumption, pollution and diseases caused by environmental hazards. When Was Harrison Bergeron Written. An important topic for many people, meaning that a Nursing Dissertation on sin in, Environmental health would make for a well read and useful piece of work.

Air pollution and lung diseases among urban population in larger cities Environmental chemicals and adverse effects on reproductive health of humans Assessment of environmental health hazards caused by nuclear wastes Sanitary hygiene in developing nations and consequences in environmental health Environmental health perspectives on disposal of toxic wastes Prevention of arsenic and lead poisoning: A study in environmental health Heart rate changes due to exposure to passive smoking an issue in environmental health Food poisoning and when bergeron written, food related illnesses in different cities environmental health perspectives Benefits of knowledge of major environmental health risks. Community participation and citizens role in developing awareness on issues in environmental health. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Occupational health and safety Dissertation Topics. The extent to which organisations are willing to attend to matters of occupational health shows the sin in attitudes of companies towards factors such as occupational stress and work related illnesses and of e-commerce, injuries. An important issue within a society where legal claims for injuries is sin in the scarlet letter, becoming more prominent makes this an ideal subject area for your nursing dissertation. More specific topics are suggested below. Methods for preventing work-related injuries and illnesses.

The relations between occupational safety, stress and health of workers. Was Harrison. Using effective health interventions to empower workforce. Managing occupational health and safety needs of workers in sin in, the pharmaceutical industry. Occupational health concerns in a global economy and Essay on An Exploration and Child Labor, increased work pressure. Occupational health and safety aspects among workers in the factories. The growing need to letter realize occupational health and evaluate the use of e-commerce in a organisation, safety issues in industrialised societies. The Scarlet. Occupational health psychology and on Effective Leadership Essay, interventions in sin in, stress management. The organisational initiative taken by sapir-whorf, a global company (Glaxo) to ensure occupational health and safety at the workplace: A case study. Sin In Letter. Long-term consequences of occupational stress among the police force. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99.

Mental Health Dissertation Topics. The mental health needs of the night population may vary and from women to the youth, mental illness could be prevented by maintaining appropriate mental health interventions. The topics below could be discussed further in your nursing dissertation on mental health. The efficacy of psychiatric treatment and medicine for schizophrenic patients. Attending to mental health needs of older adults suffering from depression and loneliness. Youth and sin in the scarlet, adolescent problem of drinking and drugs and its relation with mental health. Understanding the mental health needs of women subjected to sexual and physical abuse. A comparative study of mental health issues in urban and rural societies. Stress and mental illness among gays, lesbians and bisexuals, due to social pressures. Unemployment as a factor in aggravating mental health problems.

Socioeconomic backgrounds of Essay and Child Labor, individuals and evidence of mental illness. The link between mental illnesses and suicides in the urban youth population. Understanding the legal aspects of mental health research. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99. Models and Theories in Nursing Dissertation Topics. The application of nursing theories and sin in letter, models aids in clinical decision-making and english, provides the theoretical basis for the scarlet letter, changing healthcare perspectives in nursing. For further suggestions on topics for your nursing dissertation, please see below.

The perspectives from nursing theories as used in nursing practice and interventions. Application of nursing theories in clinical decision-making. The Roper Logan Tierney model and its application in nursing practice, considering a case study of an emergency patient. Understanding holistic nursing practice with the McGill Model of Nursing Studying the role and importance of nursing models and theories in clinical interventions, and the efficacy of conceptual models in nursing practice. A comparative study of Neumans systems model, Roper Logan Tierney model, and McGill model of nursing. Roles of nurses and nursing models considering changing health care and nursing needs.

The importance of reflection in Essay on An of Sweatshops, nursing theory and practice. Public health nursing interventions using the Neuman systems model. Operationalisation of the Roper Logan Tierney model in nursing practice for treatment and care of psychiatric patients. Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressive. Nursing Dissertation Topics for only ?39.99.

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You will receive 5 different well-researched dissertation topics on the same or different areas of study. Annotated Bibliography On Effective. Just tell us your requirements and we will get it done for you. Copyright Insta Research Ltd. All rights reserved. All forms of copying, distribution or reproduction are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the Full Extent of Law.

One Canada Square. Our services are to be used for sin in, research and 2nd year essays, reference purposes only.

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A Car Salesman Job Description to Sell Cars. Lots of people that never sold car before ask me about the scarlet a car salesman job description to get an idea of sapir-whorf hypothesis? what the duties are of a sales person and what is sin in the scarlet, expected of them should pursue the job and eventually a career. Therefore you auto sales veterans can skip this page because I am sure you know all too well what your job entails. This role identification of car salesmen is what is the sapir-whorf, mainly for the person that is considering a career in car sales or the Green Pea that just started selling cars for a living. I will try to cover the main points, but you should know that all dealerships work a little differently than the next. Responsibilities of the Car Salesman Job Description. The car salesman responsibilities consist of sin in the scarlet letter first and Essay on An of Sweatshops Labor, most importantly to sell cars by completing the car sales steps used by the dealership.

They will greet customers in the scarlet a prompt and professional business like manner wherever they encounter customers. This may be in the showroom, outside on richard the lot or in the service or parts departments. All customers regardless of their reason for being at the dealership will be greeted and directed to the proper dealership department or staff member in the scarlet a prompt and bergeron written, professional manner. Customers and the Car Salesperson. All potential customers will be tended to by any of the car salesmen or car sales women by helping them select vehicles, test drive cars and preform a walk-around to demonstrate the features and benefits of the vehicles. They will answers the questions of the customers and sin in letter, assist them in every aspect of buying an when automobile. The car salesman job description states that you will negotiate price, overcome objections, discuss terms and sin in the scarlet, conditions and follow the direction of the sales manager on duty. All sales people will escort their customers throughout the when bergeron car sales process according to automobile sales system that is in place at the dealership. Car Salesman Duties and sin in, Environment.

The car salesperson will be expected to was harrison, spend time on the lot greeting customers and demonstrating vehicles along with moving vehicles when necessary and at any time of the the scarlet year or in any season. They will arrange test drives for Essay Exploration and Child, customers and ride along in order to demonstrate the features and options of the car. They will be required to the scarlet letter, complete paperwork that the dealership uses and to help car buyers complete finance applications and any paperwork that may be required to sell a car, along with following up and ensuring favorable customer satisfaction through the dealership CRM. The auto salesman or woman will be assigned a desk where they will work with customers for the purpose of negotiating, closing sales, overcoming car sales objections and Exploration and Child Labor, performing other car salesman duties. These duties may include, but are not limited to; checking in sin in letter new cars, stocking in cars, fueling cars, driving to stalker richard ramirez, other dealers for dealer trades, helping to rearrange the lot, moving cars in and out of the showroom, scheduling deliveries and or repairs, prospecting for customers, scheduling after sales installations and any other related tasks that determined by the sales manager. The car sales person will be assigned a schedule by the scarlet, a sales manager and sapir-whorf hypothesis?, expected to adhere to that schedule as long as they are employed at the weekly sales meetings are held every Saturday one half hour before opening and all sales people should be in sin in the scarlet attendance and prompt without question.

The car salesman job description states that the salesperson is when was harrison, expected to dress in a neat and business-like manor and letter, be organized. They must have legible hand writing skills and Annotated on Effective Leadership, good communication skills. Sin In The Scarlet Letter! Prior auto sales experience is not required, but may be a plus. Being bilingual is not a car salesman requirement, but can be very helpful. All sales people must complete the Essay Exploration of Sweatshops and Child dealership sales training program successfully before they work with customers. Car Salesman Job Description Requirements. There are no formal education requirements to become a car salesman other than satisfactorily completing a car salesman-training program that is provided by the car dealership. All sales people will hold a valid drivers license. Sin In The Scarlet! After the Essay and Child initial car sales training they will be guided and assisted by senior sales people and sales managers with car sales tips and advice. Once or twice a year the sin in salesperson may be required to attend a manufacturer and and/or dealership sponsored training events. Including meetings to introduce new makes and models or to provide them with new car sales techniques and additional training.

Note some dealerships may have a formal education requirement which you will only know by reading their car sales job description for night stalker ramirez, salesman. Sin In The Scarlet! Job Description Car Salesman Commission, Compensation and Salary. Car salespersons will be compensated on a commission basis. Their car salesman commission will be calculated by using the current car salesman salary pay plan. (See: Car Salesman Commission or car salesman compensation) All sales people are eligible for bonuses and spiffs. Some dealerships make have a pay plan that is per car, per week or per hour. All pay plans are different. On An Of Sweatshops And Child! Every dealership has a slightly different method for paying their sales staff. The car salesman job description can be changed or modified at any time by management without notice. Wow, that sounds like a lot of stuff. If you read over the details it sounds like much more than it really is, the car salesman job description is designed to give the role identification of a car salesmen an overview of all the possible tasks and duties that the car salesman may perform if they have a career in car sales. The Scarlet! It really isnt much when you think about the potential you have to earn a six-figure income selling cars.

Good luck Newbies and Green Peas. Night Richard! Just remember that you may need a license to the scarlet, sell cars which should be listed on 2nd year essays your car salesman resume whether you do or not, you can find out which states require one visiting car salesman license page. A car sales resume/job description should be prepared with a general overview to cover any lose ends. You can find an auto sales resume sample here. You could use this car salesman job description for resume preparation, but don#8217;t make it too wordy or specific. Sin In The Scarlet! When you have a good idea of what the automobile sales person does every day the rest should be easy. Later, Fresh Up on the Lot. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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Duties, Responsibilities and Authority of the the scarlet letter NCO. For more information on richard ramirez Duties, Responsibilities and Authority of the NCO see AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, DA PAM 600-25, US Army NCO Professional Development Guide and FM 6-22 (22-100), Army Leadership. For more information on inspections see FM 22-5, Drill and Ceremonies. and AR 1-201, Army Inspection Policy. Need essay sample on Duties, Responsibilities and Authority of the NCO ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. ASSUMING A LEADERSHIP POSITION. 2-1. Assuming a leadership position is one of the most important leadership situations youll face as an NCO. Everything discussed in FM 6-22 (22-100) about what you must BE, KNOW and DO is relevant to your success of assuming a leadership position.

2-2. When assuming a leadership position, there are some things to sin in the scarlet letter think about and on An and Child Labor, learn as you establish your goals in the organization. Sin In. Figure 2-1 will assist you in achieving your goals. Determine what your organization expects of you. Determine who your immediate leader is and what they expect of you.

Determine the english important essays level of competence and the strengths and weaknesses of your soldiers. Identify the sin in letter key people outside of your organization whose willing support you need to accomplish the 2nd year important essays mission. Figure 2-1. Tasks to Assume a Leadership Position. 2-3.

You should also talk to your leaders, peers and key people such as the chaplain and the sergeant major. Seek clear answers to the questions in Figure 2-2. What is the organizations mission? How does this mission fit in sin in with the mission of the next higher organization? What are the standards the organization must meet? What resources are available to help the organization accomplish the mission? What is the current state of morale?

Who reports directly to you? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your key subordinates and the unit? Who are the key people outside the organization who support mission accomplishment? (What are their strengths and weaknesses?) When and what do you talk to your soldiers about? Figure 2-2. Questions When Assuming a Leadership Position. 2-4. Be sure to ask these questions at the right time, of the right person and in the best way. The answers to these questions and others you may have will help you to correctly assess the situation and select the right leadership style.

DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITY. 2-5. As a noncommissioned officer, you have duties, responsibilities and authority. Do you know the meaning of duties, responsibilities and authority? 2-6. A duty is something you must do by virtue of your position and is a legal or moral obligation. For example, it is the supply sergeants duty to issue equipment and keep records of the stalker richard units supplies. It is the first sergeants duty to sin in the scarlet letter hold formations, instruct platoon sergeants and assist the commander in supervising unit operations. It is the in a and click’ organisation duty of the squad/section/team leader to account for his soldiers and ensure that they receive necessary instructions and are properly trained to perform their jobs.

2-7. Letter. A noncommissioned officers duties are numerous and must be taken seriously. An NCOs duty includes taking care of soldiers, which is Annotated Essay, your priority. Corporals and sergeants do this by developing a genuine concern for their soldiers well-being. Leaders must know and understand their soldiers well enough to train them as individuals and sin in the scarlet letter, teams to operate proficiently. This will give them confidence in their ability to when was harrison written perform well under the difficult and demanding conditions of battle. Individual training is the principle duty and responsibility of sin in NCOs.

No one in the Army has more to do with training soldiers than NCOs. Well trained soldiers will likely succeed and survive on the use in a organisation the battlefield. Well trained soldiers properly do the tasks their NCOs give them. A good leader executes the bosss decisions with energy and enthusiasm; looking at their leader, soldiers will believe the leader thinks its absolutely the best possible solution. We dont need leaders who stay warm on cold days while their men freeze on the grenade ranges. If they get cold, the leader ought to get just as cold. And when he marches back to the barracks with them after that kind of day, they know he is one of them. Drill Sergeant Karl Baccene. 2-8. There may be situations you must think carefully about what youre told to do.

For example, duty requires that you refuse to obey illegal orders. This is not a privilege you can claim, but a duty you must perform. You have no choice but to do whats ethically and legally correct. Making the right choice and acting on it when faced with an ethical question can be difficult. Sometimes, it means standing your ground and telling your supervisor you think their wrong. Sin In The Scarlet. If you think an order is illegal, first be sure that you understand both the details of the sapir-whorf order and its original intent. Seek clarification from the person who gave the order. This takes moral courage, but the question will be straightforward: Did you really mean for me to steal the part submit a false report shoot the prisoners? Moral courage, to me, is much more demanding than physical courage. SMA Leon L. Van Autreve.

2-9. If the question is complex and time permits, seek advice from legal assistance. However, if you must decide immediately, as in the heat of combat, make the best judgment possible based on letter the Army values and attributes, your experience and your previous study and reflection. You take a risk when you disobey what you perceive to be an illegal order. Talk to your superiors, particularly those who have done what you aspire to do or what you think youll be called on to do; providing counsel of this sort is an important part of leadership. Obviously, you need to in a make time to do this before youre faced with a tough call. This could possibly be the most difficult decision youll ever make, but thats what leaders do.

2-10. Noncommissioned officers have three types of duties: specified duties, directed duties and implied duties. 2-11. Specified duties are those related to sin in jobs and positions. Directives such as Army regulations, Department of the Army (DA) general orders, the 2nd year important Uniform Code of the scarlet letter Military Justice (UCMJ), soldiers manuals, Army Training and Evaluation Program (ARTEP) publications and MOS job descriptions specify the what is the sapir-whorf duties. For example, AR 600-20 says that NCOs must ensure that their soldiers get proper individual training and maintain personal appearance and cleanliness. 2-12. Directed duties are not specified as part of a job position or MOS or other directive. Sin In. A superior gives them orally or in writing. Directed duties include being in charge of quarters (CQ) or serving as sergeant of the guard, staff duty officer, company training NCO and NBC NCO, where these duties are not found in the units organization charts.

2-13. Implied duties often support specified duties, but in some cases they may not be related to the MOS job position. These duties may not be written but implied in the instructions. Theyre duties that improve the quality of the job and help keep the unit functioning at an optimum level. What. In most cases, these duties depend on individual initiative. They improve the work environment and sin in, motivate soldiers to perform because they want to, not because they have to. For example, while not specifically directed to do so, you hold in-ranks inspections daily to ensure your soldiers appearance and equipment are up to standards. 2-14. Responsibility is being accountable for what you do or fail to do. NCOs are responsible to fulfill not only their individual duties, but also to ensure their teams and Essay Exploration, units are successful.

Any duty, because of the position you hold in the unit, includes a responsibility to execute that duty. As an the scarlet letter, NCO, you are accountable for richard ramirez your personal conduct and that of your soldiers. Also, each soldier is individually responsible for his own personal conduct and that responsibility cannot be delegated. A soldier is accountable for his actions to fellow soldiers, leaders, unit and the US Army. 2-15. Letter. As a leader you must ensure that your soldiers clearly understand their responsibilities as members of the team and on Effective Leadership Essay, as representative of the sin in Army. Commanders set overall policies and standards, but all leaders must provide the guidance, resources, assistance and supervision necessary for soldiers to perform their duties. Mission accomplishment demands that officers and is the sapir-whorf hypothesis?, NCOs work together to the scarlet letter advise, assist and learn from each other.

Responsibilities fall into two categories: command and individual. 2-16. Command responsibility refers to collective or organizational accountability and when bergeron written, includes how well the unit performs their missions. For example, a company commander is responsible for all the tasks and missions assigned to the company; his superiors hold him accountable for completing them. Commanders give military leaders the responsibility for what their sections, units, or organizations do or fail to do. NCOs are therefore responsible to sin in letter fulfill not only their individual duties, but also to ensure that their team and unit are successful. The amount of responsibility delegated to you depends on your mission, the position you hold and your own willingness to accept responsibility. 2-17.

One point you need to stalker richard ramirez get straight is that although a list of duties can be drawn up describing what is expected of you, it will not tell you how to letter do your job. For example, one of an when bergeron written, NCOs duties is to enforce standards of military appearance. This means you are responsible for correcting soldiers who wear the uniform improperly and for teaching them the correct standards of sin in the scarlet letter appearance. It also means that you should inspect for proper and serviceability, clothing and equipment of your soldiers. Remember that you must set the example first and your soldiers will follow in your footsteps. Rank is a badge of responsibility DA Pam 360-1 (1957)

2-18. Individual responsibility as a noncommissioned officer means you are accountable for evaluate the use of e-commerce organisation your personal conduct. Soldiers in sin in the scarlet letter the Army have their own responsibilities. For example, if you write a check at the commissary, it is your responsibility to have sufficient funds in the bank account to cover the check. Individual responsibility cannot be delegated; it belongs to the soldier that wrote the check.

Soldiers are accountable for their actions, to was harrison bergeron written their fellow soldiers, to their leaders, to their unit and to the United States Army. As a leader you must ensure that your soldiers understand clearly their responsibilities as members of the team and as representatives of the Army. A leader does not choose the best or most opportune time in which to lead. A good leader takes the sin in challenge whenever and wherever it presents itself and does the best he or she can. SMA Richard A. Kidd. 2-19. As a noncommissioned officer, you must know what authority you have and where it comes from. You are also expected to use good judgment when exercising your authority. 2-20.

Authority is what, defined as the right to direct soldiers to do certain things. Authority is the legitimate power of sin in the scarlet leaders to direct soldiers or to take action within the scope of their position. Military authority begins with the Constitution, which divides it between Congress and was harrison written, the President. The President, as commander in chief, commands the armed forces, including the Army. The authority from the Commander-in-Chief extends through the chain of command, with the assistance of the NCO support channel, to the squad, section or team leader who then directs and letter, supervises the actions of individual soldiers. When you say, PFC Lee, you and english, PFC Johnson start filling sandbags; SPC Garcia and SPC Smith will provide security from that hill, you are turning into action the orders of the entire chain of command. 2-21. In the Army there are two basic types of authority: command authority and general military authority. 2-22. Letter. Command authority is the authority leaders have over soldiers by virtue of of Sweatshops rank or assignment.

Command authority originates with the President and may be supplemented by law or regulation. Even though it is called command authority, it is not limited to officers you have command authority inherent in your leadership position as a tank commander or team leader, for example. Noncommissioned officers command authority is inherent with the job by virtue of position to direct or control soldiers. It takes guts for an NCO to use inherent authority and responsibility in training, maintaining, leading, and caring for soldiers. SMA Glen E. Morrell. 2-23.

Leading soldiers includes the authority to organize, direct and control your assigned soldiers so that they accomplish assigned missions. The Scarlet. It also includes authority to use assigned equipment and resources to evaluate of e-commerce ‘brick organisation accomplish your missions. The Scarlet. Remember that this only applies to soldiers and facilities in your unit. For example, if the on Effective Essay platoon sergeant of first platoon goes on leave and a squad leader is put in charge, that squad leader has command authority over sin in only first platoon, until he is essays, relieved from the responsibility. Letter. The soldiers in first platoon will obey the squad leaders orders due to his position. However, the squad leader does not have command authority over another platoon. As a leader you are not given authority, status and position as a personal reward to enjoy in comfort. You are given them so that you may be of greater service to on An of Sweatshops Labor your subordinates, your unit and your country.

FM 22-100, Army Leadership (1983) 2-24. General military authority is letter, authority extended to all soldiers to take action and act in the absence of a unit leader or other designated authority. It originates in oaths of office, law, rank structure, traditions and regulations. This broad-based authority also allows leaders to take appropriate corrective actions whenever a member of any armed service, anywhere, commits an act involving a breach of good order or discipline. For example, if you see soldiers in a brawl, you have the general military authority (and the obligation) to stop the fight. This authority applies even if none of the soldiers are in your unit. 2-25.

General military authority exists whether you are on duty or not, in uniform or in night richard ramirez civilian attire and regardless of location. For example, you are off duty, in civilian clothes and in the PX and you see a soldier in uniform with his headgear raised up and trousers unbloused. You stop the soldier immediately, identify yourself and ensure the the scarlet letter soldier understands and makes the necessary corrections. English Important Essays. If he refuses, saying you dont have the authority to letter tell him what to evaluate the use of e-commerce in a and click’ do because hes not in your NCO support channel, the soldier is wrong.. 2-26. You as an NCO have both general military authority and the duty to enforce standards as outlined in sin in AR 670-1. Essay On An Exploration. Your authority to enforce those regulations is specified in AR 600-20 and if you neglect your duty, you can be held accountable. If the soldier refuses to obey you, what can you do? For starters, you can explain that you have authority regardless of your location, your unit, or whether you are in uniform or civilian attire. You may decide to settle for the soldiers name and unit. If so, a phone call to his first sergeant should be more than enough to ensure that such an incident does not recur.

Speak with your own voice. CSM Clifford R. West. 2-27. Delegation of authority. Sin In The Scarlet. Just as Congress and the President cannot participate in every aspect of the armed forces operations, most leaders cannot handle every action directly. To meet the organizations goals, officers delegate authority to NCOs in the NCO Support Channel who, in turn, may further delegate that authority. Unless restricted by 2nd year law, regulation, or a superior, leaders may delegate any or all of their authority to their subordinate leaders. However, such delegation must fall within the sin in the scarlet leaders scope of authority. Leaders cannot delegate authority they do not have and subordinate leaders may not assume authority that superiors do not have, cannot delegate, or have retained. The task or duty to be performed limits the authority of the evaluate of e-commerce ‘brick organisation leader to sin in letter whom it is assigned.

2-28. Both command and general military authority originate in what is the the Constitution and Congress has further defined them in law. More explicit sources are Army Regulations, the Manual for Courts Martial (MCM) and the scarlet letter, the chain of evaluate the use of e-commerce command/NCO support channel. 2-29. You dont need to read or remember all Army Regulations (ARs) but study those that pertain to your job. If necessary, ask other NCOs to help you find out what regulations pertain to you, where they can be found and how to interpret them. Sin In Letter. Start with AR 600-20. When Written. It covers enlisted soldiers and noncommissioned officers authority and responsibilities. 2-30. The Manual for Courts Martial (MCM, 2002) describes legal aspects of the authority of the letter noncommissioned officer.

It states in part that, All commissioned officers, warrant officers and when was harrison bergeron written, noncommissioned officers are authorized to stop quarrels, frays and disorders among persons subject to the code. Severe penalties are imposed for violations such as disrespect, insubordination, or assault. No one expects you to be an sin in, expert on Annotated on Effective Leadership military law, but as a noncommissioned officer you should know the sin in the scarlet letter definition of these words and be able to explain them to was harrison written your soldiers. Your legal clerk can be a good source of information. Authority of the the scarlet letter NCO is part of the equation in military discipline. 2-31. Your authority also stems from the combination of the chain of command and the NCO support channel.

Orders and policies that pass through the chain of Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay command or the NCO support channel automatically provide the the scarlet letter authority necessary to get the job done. With such broad authority given to all commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers, the responsibility to was harrison use mature, sound judgment is critical. The chain of command backs up the NCO support channel by legally punishing those who challenge the NCOs authority. But it does so only if the noncommissioned officers actions and orders are sound, intelligent and based on proper authority. To be a good leader, you should learn what types of authority you have and where it comes from. Sin In Letter. Whenever in doubt, ask.

Once youre confident that you know the extent of your authority, use sound judgment in was harrison written applying it. Then you will be a leader respected by the scarlet both your soldiers and superiors. INSPECTIONS AND CORRECTIONS. 2-32. Why do we have inspections? From long experience, the Army has found that some soldiers, if allowed to, will become careless and lax in the performance of minor barrack duties in their unit.

They become accustomed to conditions in their immediate surroundings and overlook minor deficiencies. On An Exploration Labor. Should a soldier fall below the Army standard of performance, you can be assured that someone will notice those deficiencies immediately. 2-33. Your superiors will order inspections to see that soldiers have all the equipment and clothing issued to them and that it is serviceable. Inspections serve this practical purpose; they are not harassment. You will probably agree that inspections often correct small problems before they become big problems. Sharp appearance, efficient performance and sin in the scarlet, excellent maintenance are important considerations that affect you directly. They are the earmarks of a good organization and one you should be a proud member of.

First line leaders should inspect their soldiers daily and should regularly check soldiers rooms in the barracks. First line leaders should also make arrangements with soldiers who live in quarters (on or off post) to ensure the soldier maintains a healthy and safe environment for himself and his family. TYPES OF INSPECTIONS. 2-34. There are two categories of inspections for determining the status of evaluate in a individual soldiers and their equipment: in-ranks and letter, in-quarters. Important Essays. An in-ranks inspection is of personnel and equipment in a unit formation.

The leader examines each soldier individually, noticing their general appearance and the condition of letter their clothing and equipment. When inspecting crew-served weapons and vehicles, the personnel are normally positioned to the rear of the formation with the night stalker richard ramirez operators standing by the scarlet letter their vehicle or weapon. Is The. Leaders may conduct an in-quarters (barracks) inspection to include personal appearance, individual weapons, field equipment, displays, maintenance and sanitary conditions. Organizations will have inspection programs that help determine the status and sin in, mission readiness of the important essays unit and its components. Sin In Letter. These include Command Inspections, Staff Inspections and when was harrison bergeron, Inspector General Inspections. The training, instruction, or correction given to a soldier to the scarlet letter correct deficiencies must be directly related to english important the deficiency. Orient the corrective action to improving the soldiers performance in their problem area. You may take corrective measures after normal duty hours. Such measures assume the nature of the training or instruction, not punishment. Corrective training should continue only until the training deficiency is overcome. All levels of command should take care to ensure that training and the scarlet, instruction are not used in an oppressive manner to evade the procedural safeguards in imposing nonjudical punishment.

Do not make notes in soldiers official records of deficiencies satisfactorily corrected by means of training and instruction. Figure 2-3. On-the-Spot Corrections Guidelines. 2-35. On-the-Spot Corrections.

One of the most effective administrative corrective measures is on-the-spot correction. Use this tool for making the quickest and Essay and Child Labor, often most effective corrections to deficiencies in training or standards. Generally there is one of two reasons a soldier requires an on-the-spot correction. Either the soldier you are correcting does not know what the standard is or does not care what the standard is. If the soldier was aware of the standard but chose not to sin in the scarlet letter adhere to it, this may indicate a larger problem that his chain of command should address. In such a situation you might follow up an on-the-spot correction with a call to the soldiers first sergeant. Essay Of Sweatshops And Child Labor. Figure 2-3 provides guidelines on making an on-the-spot correction. SGT Park and the On-the-Spot Correction. As SGT Park left the sin in Dining Facility after breakfast one morning, he stopped to buy a paper from a newspaper machine nearby.

Just as he let go of the machine door, letting it slam shut, a soldier (who was about 30 feet away) shouted, Hey! Hold it Open! When the soldier saw SGT Park had let it close he said, Thanks a lot, pal. SGT Park called the soldier over, identified himself and his unit and asked if the soldier knew the proper way to address an NCO. The soldier said he hadnt realized that SGT Park was an NCO and would have addressed him by what is the hypothesis? his rank if he had. The Scarlet. Then SGT Park asked him if he was aware that taking a newspaper without paying for it was theft. The soldier said that he didnt think it mattered since it was just a newspaper. SGT Park told him that it did matter, just as proper execution of seemingly small, unimportant tasks matters to the Army as a whole. The soldier, who was at parade rest and respectful throughout the when was harrison bergeron written conversation, nodded and said, Alright, sergeant. SGT Park ended the on-the-spot correction by asking the soldier to think about what integrity meant and whether a soldiers honesty is important to the Army.

2-36. Keeping a soldier on track is the key element in sin in solving performance problems. Motivated soldiers keep the Annotated Bibliography group functioning, training productive and ultimately, accomplish the training objectives and most importantly the mission. Letter. Some leaders believe that soldiers work as expected simply because that is their job. That may be true. But soldiers and leaders need a simple pat on back once in a while, for the use of e-commerce ‘brick a job well done. You need to sin in the scarlet praise your soldiers and richard, let them know that you care about the job they are doing and you are glad they are part of the sin in letter team. Soldiers not performing to standard need correction; use the on-the-spot correction tool. Even after making an on-the-spot correction additional training may be necessary.

Figure 2-4 shows the steps in when bergeron written making an on-the-spot correction. Correct the soldier. Attack the performance, never the person. Give one correction at a time. Do not dump. Dont keep bringing it up when the correction is over, it is sin in the scarlet letter, over. Figure 2-4. On-the-Spot Correction Steps. 2-37. The Use Of E-commerce ‘brick. More often than not, your soldiers do good things that deserve a pat on the back.

In the same way you do on-the-spot corrections (but obviously for different reasons), praise your soldiers good work by telling them the specific action or result observed, why it was good and letter, encourage the soldier to was harrison bergeron continue. Your soldiers know when theyve done well but your acknowledgment of their performance is a powerful motivator. Sin In. It reinforces standards, builds soldiers pride and lets them know you notice the stalker hard work they do. It is also another indicator that you care about them. Correct errors in the use of judgment and initiative in such a way as to encourage the letter individual.

FM 22-10, Leadership (1951) 2-38. On-the-Spot Inspections. Making an informal, unscheduled check of equipment, soldiers or quarters is called an on-the-spot inspection. Stopping to check the tag on a fire extinguisher as you walk through a maintenance bay is an example of an on-the-spot inspection.

Another example is checking the condition of the evaluate of e-commerce in a trash dumpster area in back of the the scarlet letter orderly room. Essay And Child Labor. For any inspection, the steps are the same. 2-39. PCC/PCI. Pre-combat checks (PCCs) / Pre-combat inspections (PCIs) and Pre-execution checks are key to ensuring leaders, trainers and soldiers are adequately prepared to execute operations and training to the scarlet letter Army standard. PCC/ PCIs are the bridge between pre-execution checks and execution of training. They are also detailed final checks that all units conduct before and during execution of training and combat operations. Conduct PCC/PCIs at the beginning of each event or exercise as part of troop leading procedures to is the hypothesis? check personnel, equipment, vehicles and mission knowledge. The chain of command is responsible for developing, validating and verifying all PCC/PCIs. Pre-execution checks ensure that all planning and prerequisite training (soldier, leader and collective) are complete prior to the execution of training. Sin In. They systematically prepare soldiers, trainers and resources to ensure training execution starts properly.

Pre-execution checks provide the attention to detail needed to use resources efficiently. 2-40. You are the key to 2nd year important essays inspections, checking soldier and unit readiness in personal hygiene and appearance, weapons, field equipment, displays and sanitary conditions. Inspections must be done regularly to help reinforce standards and instill discipline. Regular, impartial inspections of important areas develop confidence, teamwork and sin in letter, soldiers pride in themselves and their equipment. NONCOMMISSIONED, COMMISSIONED AND WARRANT OFFICER RELATIONSHIPS. 2-41.

An important part of your role as an important, NCO is how you relate to commissioned officers. To develop this working relationship, NCOs and officers must know the similarities of their respective duties and responsibilities. 2-42. Sin In The Scarlet. Commissioned officers hold a commission from the President of the United States, which authorizes them to is the sapir-whorf hypothesis? act as the Presidents representative in certain military matters. Laws, regulations, policies and customs limit the duties and responsibilities of commissioned officers, like NCOs and other government officials. As the Presidents representatives, commissioned officers carry out the orders of the Commander in Chief as they are handed down through the chain of sin in letter command. In carrying out orders, commissioned officers get considerable help, advice and assistance from NCOs. Both commissioned officers and NCOs share the same goal accomplish the units mission. Figure 2-5 lists general duties of on An Exploration and Child commissioned officers. The Commissioned Officer.

Commands, establishes policy, plans and programs the work of the Army. Concentrates on collective training, which will enable the unit to accomplish its mission. Is primarily involved with unit operations, training and sin in letter, related activities. Concentrates on unit effectiveness and unit readiness. Pays particular attention to the standards of performance, training and professional development of officers as well as NCOs. Creates conditions makes the time and on An Exploration of Sweatshops, other resources available so the NCO can do the Job. Supports the NCO. Figure 2-5. General Duties of Commissioned Officers. 2-43. The Scarlet Letter. Warrant officers are highly specialized, single-tracked specialty officers who receive their authority from the Secretary of the Army upon their initial appointment.

However, Title 10 USC authorizes the commissioning of Warrant Officers (WO1) upon promotion to Chief Warrant Officer (CW2). These commissioned warrant officers are direct representatives of the President of the Annotated Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay United States. They derive their authority from the the scarlet letter same source as commissioned officers but remain specialists, in contrast to commissioned officers who are generalists. 2nd Year English. Figure 2-6 lists general duties of warrant officers. The Warrant Officer. Provides quality advice, counsel and solutions to letter support the command. Executes policy and manages the Armys system. Commands special-purpose units and tasks-organized operational elements. Focuses on collective, leader and individual training.

Operates, maintains, administers and manages the was harrison bergeron Armys equipment, support activities and technical system. Concentrates on unit effectiveness and letter, readiness. Supports the NCO. Figure 2-6. General Duties of Warrant Officers. 2-44. Warrant officers can and do command detachments, units, activities and what is the sapir-whorf, vessels as well as lead, coach, train and counsel soldiers. As leaders and technical/tactical experts, warrant officers provide valuable skills, guidance and expertise to the scarlet commanders and night, organizations in their particular field. 2-45.

Warrant officers provide mentorship, leadership and sin in, training to NCOs to support technical, tactical and mission-related tasks. The Use In A ‘brick And Click’. The relationship between the warrant officer and NCO is sin in letter, similar to the commissioned officer. They rely on each other for on An help, advice and assistance to letter accomplish the Essay on An of Sweatshops and Child units mission. The Noncommissioned Officer. Conducts the daily business of the Army within established orders, directives and policies. Focuses on individual training, which develops the capability to accomplish the mission. Primarily involved with training and leading soldiers and teams. Ensures each subordinate team, NCO and sin in letter, soldier are prepared to function as a effective unit and each team member is well trained, highly motivated, ready and functioning.

Concentrates on on Effective Leadership Essay standards of performance, training and professional development of NCOs and enlisted soldiers. Follows orders of officers and NCOs in the support channel. Gets the job done. Figure 2-7. General Duties of Noncommissioned Officers. 2-46. Noncommissioned officers, the backbone of the Army, train, lead and sin in letter, take care of enlisted soldiers. They receive their authority from their oaths of office, law, rank structure, duty position, traditions and regulations. Important. This authority allows them to direct soldiers, take actions required to accomplish the mission and enforce good order and discipline. NCOs represent officer and sometimes DA civilian leaders.

They ensure their soldiers, along with their personal equipment, are prepared to function as an effective unit and letter, team members. Essay On An Of Sweatshops And Child Labor. While commissioned officers command, establish policy and manage resources, NCOs conduct the Armys daily business. Figure 2-7 lists general duties of NCOs. 2-47. Two noncommissioned officer positions require special mention: the platoon sergeant and the squad/section leader positions. The platoon sergeants position is unique because the platoon sergeant must be ready to assume the letter responsibilities of the platoon leader an officer. The platoon sergeant takes command in the platoon leaders absence. Therefore, the platoon sergeants tasks are essentially the same as those of the platoon leader. As acting platoon leader, the platoon sergeant assumes the same responsibilities as the commissioned officer.

The platoon leader and platoon sergeant must understand each other; the platoon sergeant must be able to move in and out of the officers area of responsibility to prepare to replace the platoon leader if necessary. In many cases, the platoon sergeant has much more experience than the 2nd year lieutenant does; one important task is to teach and sin in the scarlet letter, advise the lieutenant. Stalker Richard. The platoon needs both the officer and the sergeant and they must know each other without thinking. There is naturally some overlap of the scarlet letter duties and responsibilities between officers and NCOs. This is a necessary and desirable outcome of close cooperation and should be a source of important essays strength for a unit rather than the cause of friction. 2-48. The Scarlet. The second unique position is the Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay squad, section or team leader. Possibly the only NCO in the squad, section or team, he is the leader of his soldiers. This NCO is the the scarlet letter first link in when bergeron written both the the scarlet letter NCO support channel and chain of command.

They take their orders from both the platoon sergeant and platoon leader. This is another reason why the platoon sergeant and platoon leader must know what each other are doing. If they do not, they might give conflicting orders to hypothesis? the squad, section or team leaders. 2-49. Noncommissioned, commissioned and warrant officers depend on each other and work together to accomplish the sin in the scarlet mission of the on Effective unit. It is impossible for an officer to command an effective unit and accomplish the mission if the NCO doesnt ensure the soldiers know their jobs. Sin In The Scarlet Letter. Commissioned officers, warrant officers and NCOs must advise, assist and learn from each other. Although the night stalker richard officer is held accountable for all that the unit does or fails to do, only by working together with the NCO can he assure the job will get accomplished. THE NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER SUPPORT CHANNEL. 2-50.

The NCO support channel is subordinate to and supportive of the chain of command. The NCO support channel is not an independent channel. It is incumbent on the users of this channel to ensure that the chain of command is kept informed of actions implemented through the NCO support channel and to eliminate the possibility of the NCO support channel operating outside of command policy and directives. Problems should be brought to the attention of the chain of command and resolved through a coordinated effort. Since the NCO support channel should be operating in accordance with established command policy and directives, conflicts should be minimal and the scarlet letter, easily resolved.

2-51. Prior to 1977 the NCO support channel was regarded as informal. However, AR 600-20 formalized the the use in a organisation NCO support channel and expanded its functions in December 1976. The NCO support channel is now directive in nature within established policies and orders. The Scarlet. Because of this, commanders are seeing the senior NCO more actively participating in all unit activities and tasks. The NCO support channel (leadership chain) parallels and reinforces the chain of 2nd year command. NCO leaders work with and support the commissioned and warrant officers of their chain of command.

2-52. In units at the battalion level and higher, the NCO support channel is the communication and supervision that begins with the command sergeant major (CSM), extends through first sergeants and platoon sergeants and ends with section chiefs, squad leaders, or team leaders. Sin In The Scarlet Letter. In addition to passing information, this channel is used for executing the commanders orders and bergeron written, getting routine, but important, jobs done. Most often it is used to put into effect policies and procedures and to enforce standards of performance, training, appearance and conduct. 2-53. The connection between the chain of command and the NCO support channel is the senior NCO. Commanders issue orders through the chain of letter command, but senior NCOs must know and Annotated, understand the orders to issue effective implementing instructions through the NCO support channel. Although the first sergeant and the scarlet letter, command sergeants major are not part of the 2nd year english formal chain of command, leaders should consult them on individual soldier matters. 2-54.

Successful officers have a good leader and NCO relationship with their first sergeants and command sergeants major. This leaves the commander free to plan, make decisions and program future training and operations. The need for such a relationship applies to platoon leaders and platoon sergeants as well as to staff officers and NCOs. Senior NCOs have extensive experience in sin in successfully completing missions and dealing with enlisted soldier issues. Also, senior NCOs can monitor organizational activities at all levels, take corrective action to keep the organization within the boundaries of the commanders intent, or report situations that require the attention of the officer leadership. Regardless of where the information or task begins in the chain of command or in the NCO support channel keep the counterpart informed. A positive relationship between officers and NCOs creates conditions for success. 2-55. The NCO support channel assists the chain of command in accomplishing the following: Transmitting, instilling and is the hypothesis?, ensuring the efficacy of the professional Army ethic. Planning and conducting the day-to-day unit operations within prescribed policies and sin in letter, directives. Training enlisted soldiers in their MOS as well as in the basic skills and attributes of a soldier.

Supervising unit physical fitness training and ensuring that soldiers comply with the on An of Sweatshops and Child Labor weight and appearance standards in AR 600-9 and AR 670-1. Teaching soldiers the history of the sin in the scarlet Army, to evaluate in a organisation include military customs, courtesies and traditions. Caring for individual soldiers and sin in the scarlet, their families both on on An of Sweatshops and off duty. Teaching soldiers the mission of the unit and developing individual training programs to support the mission. Accounting for and maintaining individual arms and equipment of enlisted soldiers and unit equipment under their control. Administering and monitoring the sin in the scarlet letter NCO professional development program and other unit training programs. Achieving and maintaining Army Values. Advising the commander on rewards and important essays, punishment for enlisted soldiers. 2-56.

The NCO support channel and the chain of command must be reinforced by all to ensure effectiveness. It is the channel of communication and letter, supervision from the command sergeant major to 2nd year english the most junior enlisted soldier in the unit. Commanders may further specify responsibilities and authority of their NCOs to sin in the scarlet their staffs and subordinates. Your contribution to the NCO support channel ensures its overall success. the routine daily business of the Army is noncommissioned officer business, that is to say, execution of established policies and standards pertaining to the performance, training and conduct of enlisted personnel is the responsibility of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

The establishment of those policies and night richard, standards is the responsibility of the officer corps. CSM J. F. La Voie. SERGEANT MAJOR OF THE ARMY. 2-57. Established in 1966, the sin in letter Sergeant Major of the richard ramirez Army (SMA) is the senior enlisted position of the Army. The sergeant major in this position serves as the senior enlisted advisor and consultant to the Chief of Staff of the Army. The SMA provides information on problems affecting enlisted personnel and the scarlet, proposes solutions to these problems concerning standards, professional development, growth and advancement of richard NCOs, morale, training, pay, promotions and quality of life for soldiers and family members. 2-58.

Using command information channels, the SMA keeps soldiers current on important NCO issues and letter, through the public media informs the American people of the Army mission, soldiers accomplishments and future enlisted trends. The SMA directs NCO support channel activities through the major commands CSMs by using written and verbal communications. The SMA also presents the enlisted viewpoint to Congress, DA boards and is the, committees, meets with military and civilian organizations to discuss enlisted affairs, and sin in the scarlet letter, receives and represents Army enlisted personnel at appropriate ceremonies. COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR AND SERGEANT MAJOR. 2-59. The Command Sergeant Major is the senior NCO of the command at what is the battalion or higher levels. The CSM carries out policies and standards on performance, training, appearance and conduct of enlisted personnel.

The CSM gives advice and initiates recommendations to the commander and staff in matters pertaining to enlisted personnel. A unit, installation, or higher headquarters CSM directs the the scarlet activities of that NCO support channel. The support channel functions orally through the CSMs or first sergeants call and normally does not involve written instruction. The CSM administers the unit Noncommissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP), normally through written directives and the NCO support channel. As the was harrison bergeron senior NCO of the command, the sin in the scarlet CSM is the training professional within the unit, overseeing and driving the entire training program. Is The Sapir-whorf. The CSM assists the sin in the scarlet commander in determining leader tasks and training for NCOs.

2-60. The CSM and commander jointly coordinate and develop the units Mission Essential Task List (METL) and individual training tasks to create a team approach to battle-focused training. The CSM and NCO leaders then select the specific individual tasks, which support each collective task to be trained during this same period. CSMs use command information channels to inform, express concerns on what is the sapir-whorf enlisted issues and build esprit. They also represent the commander at military and civilian functions to maintain good community relations. 2-61. Sin In Letter. The Sergeant Major is often the key enlisted member of the staff elements at battalion and is the sapir-whorf, higher levels. The sergeant majors experience and the scarlet, ability are equal to that of the unit command sergeant major, but leadership influence is generally limited to night richard ramirez those directly under their charge.

The sergeant major is a subject matter expert in his technical field, primary advisor on policy development, analytical reviewer of sin in the scarlet regulatory guidance and often fulfills the duties of the command sergeant major in his absence. Sergeants major also serve in non-staff and leadership positions such as Special Forces Team Sergeant Major, instructor at the Sergeants Major Academy or as the State Senior Enlisted Advisor. Colors and Color Guards. Flags are almost as old as civilization itself. Imperial Egypt and the armies of Babylon and Assyria followed the colors of their kings. Ancient texts mention banners and english, standards. The flag that identified nations usually were based on the personal or family heraldry of the reigning monarch.

As autocracies faded or disappeared, dynastic colors were no longer suitable and national flags came into being. These national flags such as the Union Jack of Great Britain, the Tricolor of France and the Stars and Stripes are relatively new to history. When the struggle for independence united the colonies, there grew a desire for a single flag to represent the new Nation. The first flag borne by our Army representing the 13 colonies was the sin in letter grand union flag. It was raised over the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 2 January 1776. The Stars and Stripes as we now know it was born on 14 June 1777.

The flags carried by Color-bearing units are called the national and organizational colors. The Colors may be carried in Essay any formation in which two or more company honor guards or representative elements of a command participate. Sin In. The Command Sergeant Major is responsible for the safeguarding, care and display of the organizational color. He is also responsible for evaluate the use of e-commerce ‘brick and click’ organisation the selection, training and performance of the Color bearers and Color guards. The honorary position for the CSM is two steps to the rear and centered on sin in letter the Color guard.

Because of the importance and visibility of the task, it is an honor to be a member of the Color guard. The detail may consist of three to eight soldiers, usually NCOs. The senior (Color) sergeant carries the National Color and commands the Color guard unless a person is designated as the on An of Sweatshops Labor Color sergeant. The Color sergeant gives the necessary commands for the movements and for rendering honors. The most important aspect of the selection, training and performance of the Color guard is the training.

Training requires precision in drills, manual of arms, customs and courtesies and wear and appearance of uniforms and insignia. A well trained color guard at letter the front of units formation signifies a sense of 2nd year important teamwork, confidence, pride, alertness, attention to detail, esprit de corps and discipline. The Color Guard detail should perform its functions as much as possible in accordance with ARs 600-25, 670-1 and 840-10 and FM 22-5. FIRST SERGEANT AND MASTER SERGEANT. 2-62. The First Sergeant is the senior NCO in companies, batteries and troops. The Scarlet. The position of first sergeant is similar to that of the CSM in Essay Exploration importance, responsibility and prestige. As far back as the Revolutionary War period, first sergeants have enforced discipline, fostered loyalty and commitment in their soldiers, maintained duty rosters and made morning reports to their company commanders. Since todays first sergeants maintain daily contact with and the scarlet, are responsible for training and what is the sapir-whorf hypothesis?, ensuring the health and welfare of all of the units soldiers and sin in the scarlet, families, this position requires extraordinary leadership and Annotated on Effective Leadership, professional competence.

2-63. First sergeants hold formations, instruct platoon sergeants and the scarlet, assist the what is the commander in daily unit operations. Though first sergeants supervise routine administrative duties their principle duty is training soldiers. The CSM, first sergeant and other key NCOs, must understand the organizations collective mission essential tasks during METL-based training. Through NCO development programs, performance counseling and other guidance, first sergeants are the Armys most important mentors in developing subordinate NCOs. 2-64. The Master Sergeant serves as the principle NCO in staff elements at battalion or higher levels. Although not charged with the enormous leadership responsibilities of the first sergeant, the master sergeant dispatches leadership and executes other duties with the same professionalism as the sin in first sergeant. PLATOON SERGEANT AND SERGEANT FIRST CLASS.

2-65. While Platoon Sergeant is a duty position, not a rank, the platoon sergeant is the primary assistant and advisor to the platoon leader, with the responsibility of training and caring for soldiers. The platoon sergeant helps the commander to train the platoon leader and in that regard has an enormous effect on how that young officer perceives NCOs for the rest of his career. The platoon sergeant takes charge of the platoon in the absence of the platoon leader. As the lowest level senior NCO involved in when written the company METL, platoon sergeants teach collective and the scarlet letter, individual tasks to soldiers in their squads, crews or equivalent small units. 2-66. The Sergeant First Class (SFC), may serve in a position subordinate to the platoon sergeant or may serve as the NCO in charge (NCOIC) of the section with all the attendant responsibilities and duties of the platoon sergeant. A platoon sergeant or sergeant first class generally has extensive military experience and can make accurate decisions in is the sapir-whorf hypothesis? the best interest of the mission and the soldier. 2-67. Utilizing tough, realistic and letter, intellectually and physically challenging performance-oriented training to excite and motivate soldiers, the platoon sergeant ensures Army standards are met and maintained. Additionally, the platoon sergeant must conduct cross training to promote critical wartime skills within the unit, evaluate the effectiveness of the platoon and provide training feedback to the commander and first sergeant during After-Action Reviews (AAR) on all unit collective training.

SQUAD, SECTION AND TEAM LEADERS. 2-68. Staff Sergeants, Sergeants and Corporals are normally squad, section and team leaders and are a critical link in evaluate the use and click’ organisation the NCO channel. These NCOs live and work with their soldiers every day and are responsible for their health, welfare and safety. These squad, section and team leaders ensure that their soldiers meet standards in personal appearance and teach them to maintain and account for their individual and unit equipment and property.

The NCO enforces standards and develops and sin in the scarlet, trains soldiers daily in MOS skills and Essay on An of Sweatshops, unit missions. NCOs should make it a point to sin in letter drop by important the barracks on and off duty to visit soldiers and check on their welfare. SMA Jack L. Tilley. 2-69. The NCO teaches individual and collective training, develops unit cohesion, fosters the values of loyalty and commitment and builds spirit and confidence. The NCO evaluates performance oriented training and through coaching and counseling grooms young soldiers for future positions of increased responsibility. Squad, section and sin in letter, team leaders teach everything from the making of sound and bergeron, timely decisions to physical training to ethics and values. You, corporals and sergeants, are the basic trainer of todays soldiers. YOU ARE A NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER. 2-70. You as an NCO have a tough, demanding, but very rewarding job.

The soldiers you lead are the sin in the scarlet letter heart of the Army. You lead soldiers at the action level where the important day-to-day fundamental work of the Army is mission oriented. Because you live and work directly with and night stalker richard ramirez, among soldiers, you have the best opportunity to know them as they really are. You are the first to identify and teach soldiers how to best use their strengths and help them detect and the scarlet, overcome their shortcomings. You are in the best position to secure the trust and confidence of soldiers by leading by example. You have the advantage of a deeper understanding of soldier behavior because you were promoted directly from the ranks that you now lead and serve. Your soldiers will challenge you each and every day and you will be rewarded by the respect they hold for your ability as a leader.

You will be successful as they follow your leadership in the difficult business of getting ready to fight and win our Nations wars.

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Free Essays on Cartoon Characters. ? Cartoons and sin in the scarlet letter, Kids Behavioral Problems One of the problems we face today with kids, is their hyperactivity, swinging modes, early maturity, using bad language, being stubborn, aggressive and violent. According to lots of researches and from parental point of view it could be said that one of the. Cartoons : A double edged sword Ever since its invention, television has found its way into every childs bedroom. It is simple yet powerful and has become an essential part of every household, entertaining children of all ages with the Annotated Bibliography on Effective, various animated programs it offers.

However, the the scarlet, amount of 2nd year time. Introduction Definition of sin in letter cartoon by David Low is: A cartoon is a drawing, representational/symbolic, that makes a satirical, witty or humorous point, (Muliyadi: 2008). Lat has been known for his contribution to 2nd year english important essays, Malaysia's art scene and social. ?Effects of Cartoon on children behavior Name_________________________ 1. Please indicate your gender. Male Female 2. Please indicate your age. a) 18-24 b) 24-30 c) 30-36 d) 36-42 e) 42 and above 3. Please indicate your current martial status. a) Single b) Married C) Divorced d). Cartoons : Land of Imagination Just as Moses climbed Mount Sinai to receive the ten commands, the following are the ten laws that govern my most interesting place. 1. Any body suspended in space will remain in sin in, space until made aware of its situation. Was Harrison Written? 2. Any body in motion will tend to remain in motion. A cartoon is a form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art. While the specific definition has changed over time, modern usage refers to a typically non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing or painting intended for the scarlet letter satire, caricature, or humor, or to the artistic style of Essay on An of Sweatshops Labor such works. Sin In The Scarlet? An artist who creates.

includes nine films (e.g., Snow White, Beauty and the Beast) and over 25,000 marketable products. Gender role depictions of the prince and princess characters were examined with a focus on their behavioral characteristics and climactic outcomes in bergeron written, the films. The article I chose to do is about the Gender. Project CHARACTER PROJECT Collage Create a collage on a piece of poster board, that your character would say represents them. Use pictures from letter magazines, the Internet or drawings. Of E-commerce In A And Click’ Organisation? Wanted Poster Make a Wanted poster for sin in the scarlet one of the characters . Include the following: a drawing of the character ; a physical. Cartoon Shows: For Children or Not? Cartoons have always been a childs favorite pastime. English Important? Since the inception of the motion picture and the television, animated drawings have always been a vessel to present art and entertainment together. Sin In The Scarlet Letter? From Walt Disneys iconic Steamboat Willie to the intricately drawn anime unique to in a ‘brick and click’ organisation, Japan, these visuals. very Hanna-Barbara kind of quality.

That is to say they have very fluid lines and sin in letter, round objects, soft on Essay on An of Sweatshops and Child Labor the eyes and very colorful backdrops and characters . Sin In The Scarlet Letter? What I found effective in watching Persepolis is the fact that even though the Essay Exploration of Sweatshops and Child, style of the animation is very primitive almost the lines are a. familiar with the characters that have become an sin in the scarlet letter, important part of the growing up. Disney Enterprises, Incorporated is one of the largest entertainment giants in the world. On Effective Essay? Walter Elias Disney began his career as a cartoonist in 1928 when he created one of the most famous characters ever, Mickey Mouse. Symbolism for the scarlet letter the Caligraphers Tale. 100). What Sapir-whorf Hypothesis?? The documents symbolize the the scarlet letter, deameaning of evaluate the use in a ‘brick organisation a characters pride, because if the calligrapher has wrote it, then his name would be a bad one. Another symbol that could be discussed is the letter, character Amit himself. Amit symbolizes a character in a cartoon that always assumes that himself has the upper hand. providing voices for animated characters , such as those that might appear in an animated film, a TV commercial, or even a video game.

This industry is filled with many famous names, such as Mel Blanc, the original voice of Bugs Bunny, John DiMaggio, who plays the character Bender on Futurama and Jen Taylor. be the focus or theme of your project? Why? - For a theme, I would pick a topic that is very light hearted and fun. English? I would ask people about the cartoon shows that they liked the most when they were young, and see how each age groups answers differ. The Scarlet? I believe that by picking such a fun theme that people.

Negative Impact of Cartoons on Kids. Negative impact of cartoons on in a children By: Ritu Sharma MBA ( Senior Lecturer IMS Noida) ritusharma[email protected] +91-9953145211 Abstract Television seems to become a growing source of parental anxiety. Parents worry most. minute animated advertising films on sin in the scarlet a second hand motion camera. They also did a series of on Effective Leadership Essay cartoon sketches called Laugh O-Grams and seven-minute animated fairy tales. They called the fairytale Alice in Cartoon land. A young, New York film distributor cheated the sin in, two of them, so they headed for evaluate the use ‘brick and click’ organisation Los. violence in cartoons ? Growing up I enjoyed watching Wile E. Coyote have countless steel blocks dropped on his head or falling off cliff after cliff. Watching Jerry smash Toms head into sin in, a mailbox on Tom Jerry always brought me to laughter.

Until recently I was unaware of night ramirez how violent cartoons have become. no longer with us, his company still creates the magical and enchanting cartoons and movies the same way Disney himself would have made them. Disney is known for creating the infamous Disney World theme parks and animated cartoons that turned the sin in the scarlet, movie industry upside down. All together, the Walt Disney. Discursive Essay: The Dark Sides of Cartoons.

Writing I Discursive Essay The Dark Sides of Cartoons In the early 21st century children become more and more abused by cartoons . Even parents themselves encourage their offspring to on Effective, watch animated films. The Scarlet Letter? Commonly, we consider cartoons as sources of entertainment for our children. The editorial works of Ralph Steadman: An exploration using semantic theory. will initially explore Steadmans work, focusing on the use of caricature, distortion and exaggeration in his works to portray social and political characters in certain ways, to create desired effects. The second part of the Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay, essay, will explore semiotic theories, and sin in the scarlet letter, how these can be employed to when was harrison written, aid our. Family Guy. It was that I realized that, children are hooked on these cartoons that are showing and telling racist joke as well as sexist jokes. I sat down looking at the episodes with him. Sin In The Scarlet Letter? In the Family Guy some of the main characters are: Peter the dad, Lois the mom, Cleveland Brown, who is another.

Schwartz, A. J. Of E-commerce In A And Click’? (2008). Does cartoon violence beget aggressive behavior in real life? An opposing vew. Sin In? Springer Science+Business Media, 36, (101104). DOI 10.1007/s10643-008-0280-1 The article presents the perspective on the issue of the potential risk on cartoon violence to preschooler. The.

have colorful cartoons , loud sounds, and Annotated, jingles. Three of the popular techniques are cartoon characters , free offers, and role models. The Scarlet Letter? First, the most popular approach; cartoon characters in television advertising aimed at children. Night Stalker Ramirez? Advertisers not only use the well-known characters , such as Mickey. anime is simply Japanese animation or cartoons . Letter? This is a very broad label for the genre as it encompasses all kinds of 2nd year story lines and target different age groups. There are cartoons for the scarlet letter children, for the family, and also solely for adults because in Japan, cartoons are a gigantic and popular form of art. suck em! This song planted itself into the heads of millions when it was first heard in the movie South Park released in 1997. When Written? The singer was a character named Chef who had an unusually low voice with a certain sense of seduction flowing throughout his words. Chef became a mentor to sin in the scarlet, the children the. Effects of on Effective Leadership cartoon on children behaviour. ?Literature Review: Cartoon has taken a significant part in both children and parents life as both of them enjoys it.

With the cuteness, funny approach, adorable looks etc. of the cartoon characters are making themselves more close to the viewers both adult and children. Studies have shown infants aged. Prehistoric Humour - The Flintstones I. The Scarlet? Caricatures and cartoons Why do we laugh? Laughter is one of the things we just dont give ourselves an account to. It just happens, and in most of the cases it is out of our control. (see

We need certain. represents how dehumanized and helpless they are over powers they cant control. Must participate in a farm labor coalition. Cowardly Lion: perhaps the most significant character : represents William Jennings Bryan Wizard of Oz: a fake, a charlatanany President, likely McKinley. Emerald green is thus an what, illusion too like paper money. Incomplete Cartoon and Inffluence on Children. University 2009 Cartoons and sin in the scarlet letter, its influence on society Preface Who doesnt know cartoon . It is richard, with no doubt that everyone has known and at least watch cartoon once in their lifetime. As a child, every Sunday morning I wake up especially early to watch Sunday morning cartoons on the television. Delicious Decapitation Cartoons have been used to poke fun at sin in the scarlet letter, certain topics for generations. Cartoons are entertaining because they can play by any rules the artist wants. Features on characters can be extremely disproportional, have un-human strengths or weaknesses, and do not necessarily have.

Gary K. Wolf, wrote the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit in important essays, 1981. It was written a little over 30 years ago. This novel is about a world where cartoon characters and humans live together and directly interact with one another. Letter? In 1981, Walt Disney bought the when was harrison bergeron written, film rights to the novel. Two screenplay writers.

Influences of the scarlet Cartoons on Children. written by Alia Bibi Roshan Zehra (2012), Effects of Cartoons on childrens psychology and Essay on An Exploration of Sweatshops and Child Labor, behavioural patterns, said that with the limitlessness of media and extension of channels, it has become easier for children to watch their favourite cartoons on sin in the scarlet letter a single click and at the same time it has become. In 1974, there was one cartoon character crossed the border of Japan and entered the world with an image of cuteness, friendliness and peace. Hello Kitty, whose height was only about 5 apples, has occupied a special place in the childrens heart all over what is the hypothesis? the world. The Scarlet Letter? She sometimes carries out the special.

most visible practitioner, Disney possessed enormous cachet within the film industry and within American culture as a whole. Pg194: Disneys characters became an integral part of on An American popular culture: images of the scarlet letter Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, and evaluate the use of e-commerce in a and click’ organisation, the Three Little Pigs saturated the country in comic. ?Advantages of Cartoon Cartoon is type of media. Sin In The Scarlet Letter? We can found it in the books or animations. When Was Harrison? Now, cartoon is great medium for the intelligible of present. Although many parents are not support children to watch animation or read cartoon book but cartoon has many advantages than they think. In my opinion. stereotypes were established. Marlon Riggs skillfully used caricature to exaggerate African-Americans physical appearances in the cartoon like big lips, heads, fat and dark skin. Cartoon shows black people are delight for being slaves because they were singing and dancing. Black people acting that they are happy. You can never have too many friends, is what my childhood character , Hello Kitty, once said.

Hello Kitty, also pronounced as Harokiti in sin in, Japanese, is known as the white cat with a red bow and no mouth, but behind all of her worldwide recognition, there are a lot of things most people do not know about. better way to 2nd year important, study this gradual change in male and female representation then through animation. The reason I use animation is due to the fact that character design can rely greatly on stereotyping, often exaggeratingly, in order to get a clear message across to the audience quickly. So its only a matter. August 2013 Argument Do Cartoons Have a Negative Effect on Children? Parents should limit the amount and the content of cartoons their children watch. Cartoons have a lot of negative impact on children because kids are very influential in a young age, watching cartoons that have violent and ill. thriller movie, right? You may be amazed to hear that this describes the letter, standard Saturday morning cartoon . One of the most astonishing facts is of e-commerce in a, that the level of letter violence during Saturday morning cartoons is higher than the level of violence during prime time. There are 3 to when was harrison bergeron written, 5 violent acts per hour in.

Camparison of Elmer Fudd to Myself. on him. The Scarlet Letter? The Warner Brothers Looney Toon series has created many amazing cartoon characters . With great characters like Speedy Gonzales, Tasmanian Devil, and Foghorn Leghorn, someone like Elmer Fudd does not seem like a character that I would identify with at my age. However, Elmer Fudd and Annotated Bibliography on Effective Leadership, I are alike. 16, 2013 Member Submission Contents FAQ Letter Enter your email address: Search TOP VIDEOS | CLASS 1 TO 10 My Favourite Cartoon Character (Shinchan) Essay Class 7 Subscribe FREE Delivered by sin in the scarlet letter, FeedBurner Class 9 - 12, M BBS IIT w w w .topM Self Study Course. Racism which is still a large part of Exploration and Child Labor our society has always existed in sin in the scarlet letter, human history and will never end because of many factors such as movies, cartoons , advertisements, etc.. When we examine a person as a whole from the 2nd year english important, babyhood to the death ,we can see so many small pieces which refer to association. Anime versus Cartoons Bien Ely M. Alejandro Boy 1: Hey, what are you watching? Boy 2: Im watching some Anime. Boy 1: Anime?

Whats that? Boy 2: Uhmm Its Japanese animation. Boy 1: Oh! You mean Cartoons ? A conversation like this often occurs in conversations between teenagers. have chosen to describe has a proportional layout of the scarlet objects on the page. The ad is horizontally divided in half near the middle of the page. The character on the top portion is positioned vertically. On An Of Sweatshops Labor? There is an obvious message in this advertisement. When mucus moves into your chest and causes congestion. animation, which is letter, our normal cartoons and animated movies, and 2nd year english important, there is Anime, which are the Japanese cartoons they are not actually cartoons for even though they seem like it anime actually has more of a realistic feeling when comes to morals and life lessons. Also cartoons dont really affect you much. Learning History Through Popular Culture. productions serve educational purposes as well.

Some may feel that they are bias and provide students with a distorted view of history, however, movies and sin in, cartoons have the power to teach students in a way that teachers and parents cannot. They are indeed a valuable approach to learning history. They develop. entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons . As a film producer he received 22 Academy Awards from 59 nominations and has won more individual Oscars than anyone else. He was presented with two.

Language and Culture: the Undercover Blues. how can a man with a baby, single-handedly, get rid of two young men that happen to have a knife too? Its all just too unreal. Some movies like cartoons and super power movies are totally unreal. This movie is also unreal in its own way. I felt that the sapir-whorf, couple and the babys lives were way too perfect. As I child, I believed that cartoons were real. They were on the television and at that age I naturally believed everything on it had to be real. The Scarlet Letter? I never thought anything of it, I assumed it was common knowledge as a child that they were real. It wasnt until an incident that caused me slight embarrassment.

is still the problem of body image. A contribution to this reality is the over rated Barbie doll, cartoons , and the music video industry. Young girls are influenced by Barbie advertising and cartoons that show a family situation. Barbie sends out of e-commerce in a a negative image of an unreal and un-proportional. Effects of the scarlet letter cartoons on children INtroDucTioN:Cartoons have been a staple of Annotated Bibliography on Effective Leadership Essay childhood development since the the scarlet, early 20th century. Two thirds of infants and toddlers watch an average of two hours of television a day, according to english, a recent study. While watching cartoons , a child's brain processes graphic.

from aggressive cartoons the message that aggression works and wins (qtd. in NYU Child Study Centre). Sin In Letter? For example, some children always turn their toys into weapons; especially it mostly happens for boys. One of the reasons is bergeron, that they receive the message from cartoons . Sin In? Many cartoons tend to night, present. made by photographing a series of sin in letter drawings: an animated film or television show Based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary Who has never found a cartoon or animation film playing on the TV and just got stuck there, amused just like a little child?! Television is the use and click’, everywhere these days, not just in our. Cartoons are The Worlds Obsession The greatest thing that mankind has ever created are cartoons . Cartoons are non-realistic drawings used to bring satire or humor to sin in letter, whomever is evaluate the use in a organisation, watching it.

They have been around since the middle ages. There is the scarlet letter, no age limit to who can watch them. People of when written all ethnicities. dropped on his head? Can a cartoon piano really kill a human and not a human toon at that? I will show that this film was shaped on sin in the Auteurist, Psychological and Feminist approach in editing.

Imagine a world where animated cartoon characters actually exist with human characters . Imagine them as a minority. question gains priority: who may call themselves (or their creation) a superhero? The word super heroes is trademarked by DC comics and Marvel Characters , Inc simultaneously. [1] The joint trademark goes back to the 1960s. Joint trademarks are rare, especially between competitors. To understand how. portable tube radios. It was for the TR-6 that Sony first contracted Atchan, a cartoon character created by Fuyuhiko Okabe, to what sapir-whorf, become its advertising character . Sin In? Now known as Sony Boy, the character first appeared in a cartoon ad holding a TR-6 to his ear, but went on to represent the company in Annotated Bibliography Essay, ads for. ENGLISH FOR PROFESIONAL COMMUNICATION UDB 2332 Prepared by : This is questionnaire is to find out letter whether cartoons bring more advantages than disadvantages among children below 12. Night Richard? ALL INFORMATION GIVEN IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL YOUR COOPERATION IS MUCH APPRECIATED PERSONAL DATA Please. Compare and Contrast of the Variation of sin in Cartoon Styles. Compare and Contrast of the Variation of Cartoon Styles The art of cartoons began long before the start of modern civilization as we know it.

In fact, inspiration for todays classic cartoons may have been devised from the ancient pictographs of old. The Egyptians used art to recode their history.