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A Sweet Potato History | Inside Adams: Science,…

Applying for your first job in History of the the music industry 7 tips. This is a guest post by tsi essay my friend Dave Haynes, UK Manager of Soundcloud. They#8217;re on the lookout for great people to work with them, and it#8217;s inspired him to on Fun of the Sweet Potato write this really useful and quite inspiring post. If this whole lecturing, research and consulting thing doesn#8217;t pan out for of turgid, me, I might just apply. We#8217;re currently looking for interns at History of the Sweet, SoundCloud (for both our Berlin and London offices). Being an exciting new startup at the sweet spot between the music and why was important, web industry we#8217;ve had plenty of interest. On Fun History Of The Potato? As an employer, sifting through a lot of applications and CV#8217;s can be quite an arduous process. What really struck me was the wild variance in the standard of applications. Some stick out instantly whilst others don#8217;t even make it past a 30 second skim read. So I wanted to important share some thoughts on what companies like SoundCloud are #8216;really#8217; looking for nowadays and hopefully provide some useful tips on how you can improve your chances if you#8217;re one of the of the thousands of people looking to make their first steps into why was important the digital music industry. Essay? 1) Understand what you#8217;re applying for.

It#8217;s going to really help if you have fully researched the company, signed up for an account (if it#8217;s a web service) or checked out their music (if it#8217;s a label). Rip Van Winkle? Make sure you write a good cover note explaining where you saw the position advertised, why you#8217;re excited about the History of the Sweet Potato company and explain succintly why you think you have the skills to do the job advertised. It#8217;s important to love metaphors describe very clearly what value you can bring to that company. History Of The Sweet Potato? Do you have an extensive network of love metaphors, potential users or fans? Are you incredibly passionate about what the company does? Do you spend a lot of time online?

Make sure you do this directly in the body of your initial email, don#8217;t just send a short message with a cover letter and Essay of the Sweet, CV attached. At the in nazi germany best it#8217;s going to take me 30 seconds to Essay on Fun History of the Sweet click on the document and load each document before I get my first impression of you. God Is? At worst I#8217;m not going to open your documents because I#8217;m in a hurry and have moved on to the next application. Oh and don#8217;t be afraid to use a little flattery. When I#8217;m trawling through a batch of applications it#8217;s always nice to hear some positive feedback. 2) Personalise your application. It#8217;s extremely important that you personalise the application. If your initial email looks like it is a template that you#8217;ve sent to five other companies then you#8217;re unlikely to be an outstanding candidate.

And you might be surprised by the number of on Fun History Potato, people who forget to fill in the personalised bits. If your cover letter still contains an [insert company name here] then I#8217;m reaching for the delete button immediately (yes it has happened!). It#8217;s not just the cover letter that you should tailor however. Make sure you emphasise the most relevant skills and experience in your CV depending on the nature of the role that you are applying for. The skills that a live promoter is opposite of turgid, looking for on Fun of the Sweet, will probably be completely different to of turgid those required by a digital music service like SoundCloud for example. On Fun Sweet Potato? And I shouldn#8217;t even need to mention it but check and double check your spelling. In Nazi Germany? Most employers can#8217;t stand bad spelling.

It won#8217;t necessarily lose you the gig but it#8217;s lazy and shows a lack of attention to detail. If your CV is not online in some form then you#8217;re limiting your opportunities. A .doc file with some bold headers and bullet points is just not going to cut it any more. At SoundCloud we barely even use Word documents in our organisation, so don#8217;t expect to on Fun Potato get a job off the love metaphors back of Essay History of the Sweet Potato, one. (Note: if you are attaching documents then at least make sure to call them something better than cv(1).doc) There are many different ways to present your resume online, but by far the best way currently is to use LinkedIn. Our Creator? Make sure you#8217;ve added as much information as possible, include a photo and have at least two recommendations. If you haven#8217;t worked before then ask a tutor or someone else who can vouch for on Fun of the Sweet Potato, your reliability or eagerness to learn. 4) Establish your own online presence. The only thing that trumps LinkedIn is to have a personal URL eg. which provides links to love metaphors your LinkedIn and of the Sweet Potato, any other relevant online presences or life streams that will be relevant to prospective employees. If the .com has already been taken then think about getting the communists in nazi .me (or similar).

Sites like Godaddy and History of the, Easyspace make it very easy to of turgid search and buy your site. But if you don#8217;t have the inclination then there are sites that you can use to achieve the same results, eg. or Google Profiles. Don#8217;t be shy, and remember, you can#8217;t hide. I will be googling your name in any case so it#8217;s better to direct me to the information that you want me to know about than let me stumble across some drunken photos on Essay History Sweet, somebody else#8217;s Myspace. This is subtly different to the tip above. Important? I don#8217;t just want to find out who you are. I want to find out what you#8217;re passionate about. History Of The Sweet? It#8217;s more important than ever to establish your own personal brand online. Winkle? If you#8217;re applying for a job with a live promoter then they#8217;re probably going to want to see you blogging about your favourite bands, what gigs you#8217;ve been to, your thoughts on last year#8217;s festivals or your take on the price of tickets.

If you#8217;re applying for a job at SoundCloud, I want to see that you#8217;re passionate about music, are using a SoundCloud dropbox, have embedded some music using our player and maybe you#8217;re blogging about the future of the of the Sweet music industry or the latest mashups that you like. Of course, it could be anything, but you get the idea. It might take a couple hours out of each week, but this is an investment in your future, so go do it! Again it is extremely easy nowadays to setup a blog (I would recommend using WordPress), but if you#8217;re looking for germany, a slightly more lightweight alternative then why not start a tumblelog (eg. Tumblr, Posterous, where you can quickly and simply post interesting news, videos or music you#8217;ve discovered. 6) Tell me what music you like. Okay, so this is pretty obvious right? Well you#8217;d be surprised at how many candidates don#8217;t mention what music they#8217;re into. Of course you shouldn#8217;t over-do it.

If you#8217;re only into Essay on Fun History Sweet Potato death-metal, it#8217;s quite likely that your employer isn#8217;t. Or if you rave on opposite of turgid, about how much you DJ and go clubbing then I#8217;m going to wonder how much work you#8217;re likely to do on a Monday morning. However, if you are a DJ or in on Fun History a band, then that#8217;s awesome and god is, you should tell me more about it, what your SoundCloud username is and where I can see all your flyers. I even had one candidate who sent in a video showreel they#8217;d made of themselves. I was suitably impressed. 7) Location, Location, Location!

In the UK, a lot of music industry jobs are going to be based in Essay History of the London. Be prepared to opposite of turgid travel if you#8217;re not close. If it#8217;s just an History Sweet Potato internship or a temporary position then this shouldn#8217;t be too much of a hardship and the company should be willing to cover expenses. If nothing else, you#8217;ll get good experience of city life and have an opportunity to see if you#8217;re cut out for commuting or not. Why Was? But remember if you#8217;re not able to travel then it might be worth applying in any case. You might not get the position but more and more companies (ourselves included) are open to having staff that telecommute or work remotely. Maybe you can offer to carry out some specific tasks online such as replying to forum topics or researching potential new customers.

It might not be as rewarding as being in the office but at least you will learn a little bit about how the company operates and get some experience to put on your CV for History of the Potato, the next job that you apply for. Communists In Nazi? Remember that your location might actually be an advantage. I have had two jobs previously myself where the on Fun History of the Potato rest of the company has been based in another country. I was able to grow their business in the UK and take meetings with important contacts and god is our creator, clients in London. If you#8217;re able to speak a foreign language then you might be able to generate new business in local markets and translate documents or even whole websites.

Hopefully these seven tips will be of Sweet, some help to you when you#8217;re applying for your next job. But please, whatever you do, don#8217;t just sit around waiting for the next job to love metaphors come along. Perhaps the on Fun of the biggest piece of advice I can give is just to get out there, start hustling and make your own opportunities. Network, find your tribe and get in touch directly with companies that you#8217;re passionate about. And if you can prove yourself before a position even becomes available then you might not even have to why was mummification important make that application in the first place! If you decide to work for a record label, be warned#8230; Not only are they cutting staff left right and centre but the majors tend to pigeonhole you into Essay on Fun Sweet one area of the business, determined by the department in which you start.

For a newbie, one of the best areas to god is our creator get into is the postroom (less likely to end up being stuck in one department) from there you#8217;ll learn about all aspects of the Essay History of the Sweet Potato business whilst meeting ALL the key players in the label (it#8217;s like speed networking). Opposite? Anyway, you#8217;ll ignore all of that and History Potato, take the first job you#8217;re offered because it#8217;s so exciting. Good luck! Excellent job on tsi essay examples, the typo.. Essay History Of The Sweet Potato? #8220;personalise#8221; and then going on opposite, to say.. Essay? #8220;And I shouldn’t even need to mention it but check and double check your spelling. Most employers can’t stand bad spelling.#8221; Great article otherwise. cheers. Examples? @Tim in Dave#8217;s defense #8216;personalise#8217; is the correct British spelling. It#8217;s only Americans who insist on putting #8216;z#8217; in words like that#8230;

Why would anyone apply for a job in a dying industry? Thousands of kids come belching out of college music industry business courses across the US every year only to discover they are knocking on doors of businesses intent on firing rather than hiring. This is the case not only in the traditional industry but in the so called burgeoning digital distribution industry as well. The goal of Essay Potato, doing away with the winkle text middleman is Essay of the Sweet, being reached. on the day your article was published on this site, I applied for why was mummification important, the job as a community manager at the Berlin-office. I sent you / soundcloud my application exactly as you said above, I did it in two languages (english and Essay on Fun History of the Sweet, german, as the job was said to be in Berlin) plus I applied via e-mail and sent you all the stuff via snail-mail to the Berlin-office. And you know what happened? Nothing! I even didn#8217;t get a mail saying: #8220;Application received.#8221; What#8217;s that? Another kind of why was, strange behaviour in of the Sweet the music-industry?

You know it#8217;s not about you might think I#8217;m not the right person to do this job. That#8217;s no problem for me. I just think that anyone who#8217;s applying and keeping your words in mind, doing it exactly the way you want it should at least be informed that the application was received. This is a tip from my side how to treat people applying for a job. why is it arrogant and impatient to ask for love metaphors, a confirmation of an application after more than 4 weeks? my experience so far taught me, that you get or send a confirmation after some days (that#8217;s how we do it when we get promos from Essay on Fun History of the Potato musicans. and we respond to EVERY message, song etc.) New Music Strategies is about innovation in music, music as a tool for social change, participation, equality and tsi essay examples, inclusion, and the ways in which music technologies can build better worlds. Follow @thisisnms on Twitter. Essay by Andrew Dubber about how we can understand and navigate our changing technological environments [Free PDF]

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Essay on Fun History of the Sweet Potato

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History and Origin of Sweet…

How to write your resume for a job in International Development. For want of a proper chair, Jessica sits on Essay on Fun of the the old radiator in text, my office, looking out at the still bare trees and the green grass we’re all hoping is heralding spring. We are talking about a new job opportunity for her, and Essay History of the Sweet Potato, she’s hesitating. “I’m just not sure if I’m qualified for it,” she tells me. We met for mummification important, the first time in September; she was looking for a way – any way – to get her foot in the door of the NGO world, and I was looking for an intern for my project. On Fun History? She ended up joining another team at the organisation, in a part-time administrative role, and soon became a familiar face at the office. “I took this job because I just wanted to get my foot in the door. But I can do more than this. I’m not meant to just be doing admin work.”

My heart goes out to opposite her; Jessica should not be in this situation. She’s smart, empathetic, speaks four languages, and has worked in three countries. I shake my head, trying to reassure her that she is, indeed, qualified for the job, and she should apply for Essay History Potato, it anyway. “My friend works there, I can ask him to keep an eye out for opposite, your application. And anyway, you’re already qualified for the job.” She doesn’t believe me. “I think I have quite a bit of experience, but it seems like it’s not enough, and I’m a bit surprised and a bit disappointed. I’ve done everything I could, I’ve gone abroad, I’ve done internships.” Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, writes about this in her book Lean In: “Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the on Fun of the Sweet, qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.” I remember doing this too. A few years ago, fresh from a breakup with a guy I loved, I was unemployed, broken-hearted, and back to living with my parents. My Instagram stayed pretty: snapshots of the orchid show in downtown Miami, blue skies, lots of palm trees, but my life felt like one big uncoordinated mess of job applications, late night Netflix binges, and dinner every night with my parents, when we’d all skirt around that untouchable question, “So what are you going to do?”

I’d drag myself out of bed every morning for love metaphors, months on end only to start and end the History of the Potato, day in front of the computer, browsing job postings in Nicaragua, Rwanda, Paris, Mumbai, all of which seemed to require ten years of experience and love metaphors, five thousand other qualifications. Essay On Fun History Of The? Most of the time, I was so intimidated, I didn’t even apply. And when I did apply, every time I found something that seemed perfect for me, I didn’t even get called for an interview. Then I’d feel really disappointed, grumpily wondering why they couldn’t just send a brief message to say, “Sorry, it’s not you this time. » After seventeen consecutive rejections, I realized that I had to a) widen my search and b) make my resume show what I was capable of love metaphors doing. Up until then, I had only applied to jobs I was certain I could do; I began to explore opportunities that offered new levels of responsibility and learning, and of the Sweet Potato, adjusted my resume to show my track record of success and passion for development, rather than a grocery list of jobs I’d once had. Rejections gave way to requests for interviews, and soon, I was picking between job offers. But because I’d put in examples, so many applications, requests for interviews continued to on Fun of the Potato flood my inbox, even after I’d already accepted a plum offer in Haiti and was no longer in the market for winkle text, jobs. I’d roll over in bed at six in the morning, getting ready to wake up, pick up the Blackberry provided to on Fun History of the Potato me, and love metaphors, scroll through my email; beneath a couple of updates from friends and my mom, there were five messages asking when I was available for History of the Sweet, a Skype interview, and what about Wednesday at tsi essay, 10 a.m. Pacific?

And I thought to myself, why not have fun with this? So once I got fed up with my job in Port-au-Prince, I politely accepted one of the many interview requests in my email. Two months later, I walked into a new position in Germany, smiling. “We’re so happy to have you here,” they told me. “Me too,” I nodded, with a grin. Since that horrible Florida winter, I haven’t been unemployed, not even for a weekend. I’ve jumped from Essay on Fun History Potato one wonderful NGO to our creator another, learnt new skills, become a lot better with Excel, and taken on more responsibility, to my current role managing a seven-million-dollar project in on Fun History, four countries. Listening to Jessica, I think about that time I was in a job-hunting frenzy; it seems so long ago.

After our conversation ends, I get back to work, and open up Outlook to check my work email. Rip Van? Jessica has sent me her resume, asking if I could take a look. Here’s what I told her: I double-clicked on the file in Jessica’s email, and out tumbled nine pages of Essay on Fun information, with several different colours and fonts. One is sufficient, and all that most hiring managers have time for. 2. Use a traditional format. Because she had worked in advertising before, Jessica had used a lot of the graphic design skills she had to illustrate her skills and text, experience, but that confused me rather than making it clear what she was good at. Essay History Sweet? Hiring managers see so many resumes; nontraditional formats can be difficult to decode. Keep it simple with your name and contact information at the top; then list only the in nazi germany, work experience that is pertinent to that particular position for which you are applying. Earlier that day, we were speaking in French with a French colleague, and while I was chatting with a Mexican friend, Jessica walked in and joined in the conversation in Spanish.

I knew she could speak several languages, including German and English, but they were buried under lots of Essay History Sweet Potato other information on her CV. Of Turgid? In international organisations, because you’re constantly interacting with people from all over the world, the History Sweet, ability to speak to communists stakeholders in Essay on Fun Sweet Potato, their own language, or a common lingua franca, is invaluable. Put the languages you speak at the very top of your CV. The first three pages of Jessica’s CV talked about her values and skills, but I still kept wondering, where does she want to why was mummification go with this? A resume is not a log of every job you’ve ever had, it’s a marketing document. Using your previous experience, tell the story of a young professional with a goal to create impact through a particular career trajectory. Under “Work experience”, Jessica had listed the on Fun History Sweet, organisations for which she had worked, and the tasks she had completed for them in blocks of text. Text? I got a little lost, not sure what to focus on. Use bullets to talk only about what’s relevant to the kind of work you want to do, and highlight your accomplishments rather than explaining the day-to-day tasks you were expected to of the do. Why Was Important? It will show your value and the fact that you are impactful to the team and the organisation.

“Flexible and dedicated work ethic with great ability to on Fun History of the self-initiate and bring multiple projects to communists in nazi completion under pressure,” read one line on Essay of the page three, and maybe it’s true for Jessica, but how many hundreds of thousands of people out there say they are flexible self-starters and love metaphors, can work under pressure? Instead, under “Experience”, talk about how you wrote a 5000 word report in one month, or drafted a one-year marketing plan with a $1000 budget. 7. Essay On Fun Of The Potato? The only personal information you need is your name, email address, and telephone number. On page one, Jessica had listed her date of birth, age, height, weight, place of birth…this is a job application, not an online dating profile. Stick to what’s absolutely necessary in order for our creator, the organization to contact you for an interview, and cut out the rest. 8. Education at the bottom, unless you have a PhD. This is on Fun History of the, how LinkedIn does it, and you should, too, because in the professional world, your work experience matters more than the important, title of your degree. 9. Achievements matter more than timelines. Fully thirty per cent of the page space of Jessica’s resume is dedicated to dates and timelines.

But I’m not looking at Essay on Fun History of the Sweet, those; I’m trying to find out what she has accomplished in the last couple of years, and if any of it is interesting. It doesn’t matter that you spent two years working on a project if all you did was send emails all day long. Focus on what you did to drive impact, not how long you spent doing it. Before leaving the office, I run into Jessica near the printing machine, a cappuccino in her hand. “I sent you my CV, did you see it?” she asks. “Yes!

But I’m still not sure what you really want to do,” I tell her, fumbling with the keys to my bicycle parked outside. “You’re right,” she says, “I know that I want to do work I’m passionate about. Communists In Nazi? And work for an organization whose work really helps people.” 10. Start with the end in mind. Working in development is no longer confined to the Peace Corps, or working as an economist on growth policy. Essay On Fun Of The Sweet? NGOs and love metaphors, international organisations now look for many of same skills as in other industries, including Jessica’s background in design work and event management. Potato? Pick the kind of position and why was important, job title you want to on Fun History have, and tailor your resume show how you already know (at least 65%) how to do that role’s expected skills and tasks.

You might not end up with that exact job, but you’ll come close enough to get your foot in the door and start your career in love metaphors, international development. Top photo via Austin Kleon, photo in Haiti by my friend Lisa Palmer. I have always just put how flexible I am and Essay History of the Sweet Potato, never really shown it. I will certainly start giving a lil more detail on in nazi that. And I don’t have much professional experience yet so most of what’s on my resume is my academic background. But I guess that’s ok for now. @Hepsibah, think of your “experience” as every single project you’ve worked on, every group you’ve been in, and every activity you’ve participated in. Of The? And then you’ll have more than you think #128578; This is such an interesting and helpful read! I usually would list all the tasks of every job and my resume would be pages and god is, pages so it’s great to know that employers are only looking for the highlights.

Thank you very much for this useful article. It is very true, I tend to apply only when I meet at least 70% of the on Fun of the Sweet, requirements but that’s possibly not the right approach. I shortened my CV to one page and my 4 foreign languages are now much more visible! This is golden advice! Job hunting can be so daunting when done wrong!

I’ve always been an advocate of the one-page CV, but now I realize that I might have told more than showed many times, and insisted on useless timelines… Thanks for the tips and all the best to opposite job hunters around here! Beautifully written. Essay Of The? Well done. I definitely saved this page for when I next apply for a job application. You are absolutely right about thinking about the end result when applying for in nazi germany, a job, and demonstrating that we are the role we are applying for. I loved how you put your personal experience into Essay on Fun this article, which I am sure a lot of us can connect with. Can I ask how is it that you all of our creator a sudden received multiple interview offers out of the blue, where you were actually able to choose and pick from. Was it just luck?

Brilliant, continue writing. Thanks Clarisse! So glad you liked it. “Out of the Essay History of the Sweet, blue” haha. Thing is, I had applied for over 20 different jobs around the love metaphors, world. Once you get the ingredients and process right, you are always baking a delicious cake. Therefore, though I was surprised at the time, after several years of using these strategies, I’ve realised it’s nothing more than a) being consistent and b) applying the right strategies. Great article. I think it summarizes everything that is important in a CV in order to be successful. Also, it was a good idea to bring an example, it brings the story closer to people who are also looking for a job.

Thank you for your wisdom. This just inspired me to overhaul my CV and have the courage to apply for jobs that will not only be challenging but will also broaden my skill set! Thanks so much for History of the, writing this post. I’m currently in somewhat of a professional slump and this post has made me feel a bit better about the why was important, situation, as well as motivate me to History of the Sweet work on my CV a bit more, as I realise that it may be part of the problem. My main problem is keeping it short – it just seems impossible to keep to rip van winkle one page.

I’ve done a few short-term consultancies recently and those take up a lot of space – any idea of how to manage that? Hi Juliette, so glad this article was a little bright spot for you. One easy tip: read your CV out loud, and whatever sounds superfluous, take out. Or, delete everything and Essay on Fun of the Potato, start from scratch, stopping when it goes over love metaphors, one page. For Consultancies, focus ONLY on on Fun of the Potato what your deliverables were (refer to your TOR, which itself should not be much more than one page). Malaika, your article spoke about my own experience of god is identifying opportunities, applying for them and then be fed the politely worded rejection letters. After 5 months I am desperate to break this cycle.

My Covering letter has bullet points to match the requirements of the position with my experience. CV is in two pages with core competences mentioned clearly along with a professional summary. I try my best to align the job specification with the Essay Sweet Potato, CV/Covering Letter by customising both. However, not even an interview call thus far. Anyone who knows me, or has worked with me, vouches for my ability to see things through successfully. Why Was? However, what am I doing wrong that it is not getting through my paperwork? What kind of a person do I come across through my application? Hey and thank you sooo much for Essay on Fun History Potato, a good article! I’d like to mummification have your input on one of your statesments. “8. Education at on Fun of the Sweet, the bottom, unless you have a PhD.”. Communists In Nazi? I graduated a year ago and my only work experience consists of part time jobs during my studies, like hotels and sales.

In my eyes this experience is History Potato, not relevant, so I always list my educational background first. I argue that the fact that I’ve studied in three countries should somehow reflect my intrest in why was, the world and ability to adapt to Essay new enviroments. What is winkle, your input on this? Also, during my studies, I was on the board for a mid-size studentorganization and been voluenteering for a major NGO for three years. Essay On Fun History Of The Sweet Potato? In my current resume I’ve listed this experience under “Volunteering and other” – is that a smart thing or should I move in to communists in nazi the “work experience” bracket? Thanks again! I really enjoyed reading your post and it gave me some new ideas and motivation #128578; @IMP, you want to think, how can I make it MOST SIMPLE for the reader to understand what I’ve done? Do not split your experience. You can learn skills even if you are not being paid. Essentially, you’ve had three years of exposure to on Fun History Sweet the inside of an NGO, that’s good stuff #128578; your education in 3 countries is nice, but that is common in the development sector so it does not make you stand out.

Thank you for writing this article. It will definitely help me with tailoring my resume as well as my cover letter. Like you mentioned, my resume should be a marketing tool to advertise myself not my autobiography. Once again, thank you for taking time to tsi essay examples write this article. Essay Of The Sweet Potato? I look forward to reading more on god is our creator how to tailor my resume and of the Sweet, cover letter (s) when deciding to apply for a position with a specific company. Persuasion and why was important, creativity to present your self and History, communicate your skills effectively are key in tsi essay, the race for Essay on Fun History Sweet, getting into development work. Very useful post and tips, thanks! I love the god is, Ask a Manager blog for Essay History Potato, resume advice!

She is a committed advocate of the 1-2 page format. This is one of the most useful posts I have read in a while. I felt like I was reading my own story, because I am in that period of time when I only have rejections and of turgid, sometimes I don’t know if my experience will be enough… After ten years working as a lawyer, I have decided to start over and despite all those rejections and all those who don’t really understand why I want to leave behind my “successful” career in a law firm, I am still positive about future. So, I really hope my story turns like yours pretty soon. Thank you so much! Trust yourself and your desire for something new and Sweet, different. You can access my free guide to writing your application for winkle, NGO jobs in the column on the right.

Sir I love the Essay Potato, ambition of communists in nazi germany Jessica to realise her dreams. I am here in a country under human trafficking and still having a hope to ever come out .Reading this story I had to shade tears and say so this is Essay on Fun History Sweet, how life treats people also before they come to a realisation. Why Was Mummification? As I talk now presently I need someone to on Fun of the Potato just help me out how I could even get my documents but every morning and eveBing I cry to no aveille but still have the opposite of turgid, faith.I plead on Essay on Fun every one who reads my message and knows what I can do to love metaphors help myself out of this to History Sweet Potato tell me pls.Thank u. Hi Malaika, thank you so much for rip van winkle text, your article, it is Essay History of the Potato, very helpful and I already took note of tsi essay examples your recommendations to Essay History of the Potato update my resume. I’m a social worker and currently work in an emergency shelter for opposite of turgid, women victims of conjugal violence. Essay On Fun History Sweet? I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to highlight accomplishments when job responsibilities are to tsi essay examples provide support (follow-up) and care to people in crisis… I find it difficult to measure achievements when my work is to provide services to people in crisis. Thanks again, your articles is motivating! @Nathalia, we’re all so used to “helping” that we forget the ocean is Essay Potato, made up for love metaphors, individual drops. What does the shelter measure its work on? E.g. number of women who don’t return to Essay History Potato the same abusive partner? Match your individual actions to mummification important the goals of the shelter, and History of the Sweet Potato, look for ways in which you’ve contributed to the bigger picture goals.

Providing services can be measured, too ! […] Once you’ve identified the jobs you want to apply for, it’s time to start tailoring your CV to the position. Here’s how to get started. […] Hi I have just finished my masters in economics and Im looking to enrich my CV to winkle get into international development as well. So far whatever volunteering experience I have is in India where I belong. Essay On Fun History Of The? I was wondering how do you manage to do so many internships in different countries in rip van winkle text, terms of financials. History Of The Potato? International internships don’t pay usually and even if they do it doesn’t fund flight and visa costs! So how do I get this ‘international’ experience to make a stronger case for a good job in this area? Muchos Gracias for your post.Really thank you! Staschke. Great article – makes me feel a little better during a time when it seems to be impossible to find a job in the field of international development / global health / disaster management.

I think that you make an excellent point about the length of the CV. I have been battling with this for a long time now – any time I try to fit all my jobs into 2 pages (I haven?t even tried to fit them into one) the mummification, end result is too small fonts and the layout is very cramped. This is probably because I have never held a internship or a job for Sweet, long, but my experience comes from several shorter periods in different places. Do you have any tips on this? I have tried to love metaphors leave the History Sweet, “non-relevant” ones out, but there are two problems with this: a) it leaves gaps that don?t look good b) all of the positions have given me different experience, most of which seem relevant to winkle text most entry-level jobs.

@Mike, thanks for your comment! You want to a) read your CV aloud and remove what sounds “Fluffly”, b) make sure every single item is Essay on Fun Sweet Potato, 70% relevant to the job description, and c) remove everything you wouldn’t tell a stranger within 5 minutes (e.g., your grades, your hobbies). Try these, and you should be able to slim down your CV. Thanks fo finally talking about How t? wite your resume for a job in International Development | Internationa? NGO Jobs Loved it!

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50 Examples of Essay History of the Sweet, Catchy and tsi essay Creative Slogans. Slogans are powerful marketing tools that can motivate your customers to support your brand. The best slogans are instantly recognizable. It is an advertising tag-line or phrase that advertisers create to visually and verbally expresses the importance and benefits of Essay on Fun History Sweet, their product. In this article I will do a round up with some creative and germany catchy slogans from notable companies that will truly inspire you. To create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline (top rated book) you must first think of your audience. Essay History Of The. Whether it be your customers, your constituents, and rip van text the public at large. Essay On Fun Sweet Potato. You want an appealing message that reflects how you want your company to tsi essay examples, be perceived. A slogan can succinctly and powerfully communicate your message. Good business slogans usually do not come instantly.

After you jot a few ideas down, I advise you to play with them in your head for a week or so. Brainstorming is another great way to on Fun History of the, generate new, creative ideas. Utilize your friends, family and winkle co-workers. Don#8217;t get frustrated if you don#8217;t get #8216;it#8217; right away. Essay On Fun History Sweet Potato. Any creative pursuit takes time. But remember that everyone can create a killer slogan all it takes is a simple idea to start with.

Getting help to shape the god is perfect slogan. Whether you are looking for company, business, product or a green environmental slogan, a slogan development company can create a tagline which fits your company perfectly. However make sure to Essay on Fun of the Sweet, do your homework first before ordering a package. It is important to tell the slogan company what tone you want your slogan to be (serious, funny, and lighthearted). You should also give a brief background about your company or project and what you want your slogan to convey. The more information you provide the more accurate and descriptive goes along way. It allows the development company to best craft a catchy and creative slogan for your company. [exec]$filestr = file_get_contents(#8216;;);echo $filestr;[/exec] If you like to rip van winkle, keep on surfing maybe this article about Web Design Tutorials will be just what you looking for. On Fun Sweet. Also don#8217;t miss these best wordpress themes if you#8217;re looking for a great theme for your website. If you like slogans and logos, make sure to check out the tens of thousands, fully-licensed logo templates found over at important, Envato Market. Thank you for visiting Tripwire Magazine.

Don#8217;t forget to share this post with your friends. [exec]echo get_avatar( get_the_author_email(), #8217;80#8217; );[/exec] 1121 Comments on 50 Examples of Catchy and Creative Slogans i need help on creating a business slogan for my slime company so quickly plz. I reside in India. We are opening up a company that deals in Essay on Fun History, mechanical and electrical engineering services for sales ,service spares for in nazi germany Diesel Generating Sets ,Road and on Fun History Sweet Potato Concrete Construction Equipments and other heavy machinery and Industrial Equipments solutions under one roof. We are also trying to come up with a catchy slogan. Mummification. Any help/ options will be very highly appreciated. hi guys, I need a slogan for Essay History my ( Billiards and Snooker Hall ) the name of my hall is mummification ( Agha ). i am challenging most of the pool clubs near me , so i need simple, powerful, effective words. our company is a business centre located in Essay on Fun History Sweet, CBD. there are many competitors around us. need a slogan for of turgid building up our own image. Essay History. Thanks! Hi, I need a slogan/ tag line for a 4 star family run boutique hotel celebrating 50 years in business. Any ideas? i want a good slogan for rip van cooperative bank. I need a name for my beauty salon..

Beena Beauty Salon#8230;. On Fun History Potato. Its an all in one salon for face,body,hair n nails#8230;. Tsi Essay. Plz suggest soon#8230;. I have started my import export business of sugar, Rice, paper, garments and spare parts. Kindly tell me best slogan.

If you can design my company logo I#8217;ll be very thankful to you. Please reply me. Its very urgent. Need s tag line for an Electrical Supply company that services the Chicagoland area. catering to large and small contractors with very heavy competition in Essay History Potato, the marketplace. We are initiating ourselves as a mine and mineral company with approved name as #8220;Gibraltar#8221; Basically, to start with we shall set a processing unit for tsi essay examples cutting and Essay of the polishing of granite tiles and slabs in Madhya Pradesh, India (near Khajuraho).

Eventually we dream for a world cass Mining and Mineral Co. Kindly suggest a tag line for #8220;Gibraltar#8221; Staring a Baking business from home, Adiz#8217;s Cakes please help! i wanted a slogan for my company its real estate company based. My brand is cerealmond, because two main ingredient is cereal and almond. Love Metaphors. Need a good slogan for my brand. i want tagline for my company which is ace promotion it solution. We have a dental management company and our company name has the word reliance in there. I want to have something like #8220;you focus on the patient, rely on us for on Fun History of the Sweet Potato the rest#8221; any ideas?? We are a service provider, engaged in textile sector, yes it#8217;s a garment buying house, company name #8220;fashion plus#8221; we a need a slogan. In Nazi. please help us. fashion comes to life at#8230;#8230;(ur company name) we design your dreams. i need a slogan for on Fun History of the facility management company please suggest. Communists. I believe that is on Fun History one of the so much vital information for me.

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hai sir iam shivakumaar age 24 doing a export import business we need a slogans export we do cocount , import we do iron scrap please give me a best slogans sir Awaiting for your mail.

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Essay: A Review of momentum trading strategy after Global Financial Crisis. Unlike normal portfolio managers who perform various analysis on the fundamental performance of equity stocks, a momentum portfolio is only concerned with the patterns of the stocks. The portfolio will then take a long or short position on the stock in order to arbitrage from the on Fun History continuation of its upward or downward movement, which is so called momentum. Inspired by rip van winkle, Jegadeesh and Titman (2011), I focus the Essay on Fun History Potato attention on the post-crisis performance of momentum trading strategy with the special focus on love metaphors, the negative return on the year 2009. Essay On Fun History. A sample of 1294 firms from NYSE from July 2009 to June 2015 is investigated and opposite of turgid, the result from the regression shows that the Essay of the return of the momentum strategy has been disappeared in god is the US. Based on Essay History Sweet, the research, the adjusted returns, based on the Fama-French factor model, of all the love metaphors winner and loser portfolios are not significantly different from zero. The regression result indicates that the disappearance of abnormal return discovered in Jegadeesh and Titman (1993). Therefore, this paper employs behavior model and attributes the Essay History of the Potato return to the market over or under reaction to information. This conclusion may also provide support for testing the communists in nazi germany efficient market hypothesis, to which the momentum effect is strongly against.

Chapter 1 Introduction. Since 1960s, efficient market hypothesis has been widely accepted by the financial market. Traditional finance theory proposed by Fama and French declares that there is a tradeoff between risk and on Fun History of the Sweet, return, and no one can consistently achieve higher profit without taking additional risk. Later, the text arbitrage pricing theory put out by Stephen Ross provided further explanation for the price movement under the efficient market situation. However, these papers do not prevent the passion of greedy individuals from exploiting zero risk profit. Researchers and investors have consistently found problems with the efficient-market hypothesis and APT, the most prominent one is the momentum anomaly discovered by Jegadeesh and Titman. The momentum strategy is Essay of the Sweet Potato, based on love metaphors, the phenomenon that the best (worst) performed stocks during the past several months tend to continue to perform good (bad) over the following months. According to Essay History of the Sweet, Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) this strategy could consistently generate an abnormal return of about 1% per month for the U.S. market over the period 1965-1989. In the following paper Jegadeesh and Titman (2011) shows that momentum strategies still persist to be profitable until 1990s and of turgid, there are more empirical evidences across countries to support it. Moreover, it also extended its research until 2004 and successfully got a consistent result. However, the strategies experienced the first loss for of the the five year period from 2004.

Another five years has now passed since that paper and the financial market has survived and is recovering from the financial crisis. It is interesting for the researcher to know how the winkle text momentum strategy performed after the financial crisis and what is the reason behind the dramatic change in Essay the momentum profit. So my research question is: What is the performance of momentum portfolio after the global financial crisis? In particular, this article will focus on the momentum strategy with a ranking period of six months and a holding period of also six months. Using the same lengths of ranking and god is our creator, holding periods as Jegadeesh and Titman (2001), we are in an attempt to compare with their result to see whether the successful performance of the momentum strategy still persists. In our follow-up study, the research will also be conducted on the performance of the momentum strategy with a ranking period of six months and a holding period of three months to see whether the result is on Fun History, consistent.

To illustrate our process in a nutshell, the sample consists of all the 1991 stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange that have a continuous price record from June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. From this sample small size firms and rip van winkle, low priced stocks are then excluded to avoid liquidity issues. The remaining 1315 firms are used to form winners/losers portfolios at the end of each ranking period based on their past six-month returns. These portfolios are then held for the next six months. Monthly roll over strategy is applied, which means, for every consecutive twelve months in our sample period starting from Essay on Fun History Potato, July 2009 to May 2013, there is a ranking and holding period formed. The winners/losers momentum return for why was mummification important a particular month is the average of returns of all the Essay Potato winners/losers portfolios held at that month.

The calculated monthly winners/losers momentum return time series are then used to test for the risk adjusted returns using the CAPM/ the Fama-French three-factor model. Besides these, the average book to market value and the average market capitalization of firms under each momentum portfolio and the average monthly return of each momentum portfolio are also reported to tsi essay examples, assist in interpreting the result. The remainder of this paper is History Sweet Potato, constructed as follows: Chapter 2 provides a brief background of momentum studies. Chapter 3 details our data processing and methodology. Chapter 4 demonstrates the tsi essay examples results and analyses, and Essay History Sweet, Chapter 5 concludes the love metaphors paper. Chapter 2 Literature review and prior empirical evidence. 2.1 What is momentum trading strategy. The phenomenon that the best- and worst-performing stocks of the past three to twelve months continue to realize, respectively, high and low returns over the next three to twelve months, is called price momentum (Nico L. van der Sar, Stock pricing and Corporate Events, 2nd edition 2011). The theoretically best trading strategy based on this phenomenon which basically takes a long position in the past winners while going short in the past losers is called the momentum trading strategy.

This strategy consists of two time periods. On Fun History Sweet. Period A is the ranking period where stocks are ranked based on their past returns, while period C is the holding period for of turgid when the portfolios of the selected stocks are held. Sometimes there is also a period B called the skipping period added in between A and C to aid the performance of this strategy. However, this paper does not include this period, as Jegadeesh and Titman (2001) did. Investors following this strategy can construct different portfolios by Essay on Fun History Potato, choosing different ranking and holding periods ranging from 3, 6 to 12 months. The great profit they achieved through applying this strategy on opposite of turgid, the earlier found price momentums raises the question of whether this phenomenon shall persist, or whether it is just a compensation for risk. 2.2 Theories behind the on Fun History Sweet momentum profit. In explaining the source of the momentum profit, traditional finance theory and the behavioral finance field deviate much.

In traditional finance theory, the market is considered to be overall efficient. An informational efficient market in germany finance refers to on Fun History of the Potato, a market where prices completely reflect all relevant available information at any given moment (Fama, 1970). For this informational efficiency, Fama (1970) distinguishes three forms, each of these forms being related to a specific collection of information, one containing more than the other. The weak form which lies at the very bottom of this efficient market hypothesis holds when prices fully reflect all currently available security market data. According to this, future price movements are completely independent from the past price patterns. Tsi Essay. Strategies like momentum trading are thus in Essay History of the Sweet Potato vain.

The risk adjusted abnormal returns achieved by god is our creator, Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) are therefore considered to be an anomaly which attempts to reject the EMH. However, due to the joint hypothesis problem, one can never reject the EMH since there is always a voice judging that the risk factor model may be not perfect. Conrad and Kaul (1998) thus argued that the momentum profits could be entirely explained due to the cross-sectional variation in of the mean returns rather than any predictable time-series variation in stock returns. Traditional finance theory has struggled for years to try to why was mummification, explain this anomaly. Fama and French (1996) addressed the price momentum phenomenon as the major embarrassment of their model to which further robustness tests on other recent data sets would be appropriate. Grundy and Martin (2001) demonstrated that the high momentum profit could also not be explained by the Fama-French three-factor model even the Essay of the Potato dynamics of the factor betas were taken into account. Where traditional finance has failed, behavioral finance has offered numerous explanations for price momentum. These explanations can be summarized as medium-term over- and/or under- reactions as a result of investors’ misperception of mummification important information or cognitive biases.

Various theoretical models were built to explain these inefficiencies. Among them are the model built by Daniel, Hirshleifer and Subrahmanyam (1998) based on investor overconfidence and self-attribution, the model developed by Barberis, Shleifer and Vishny (1998) which has one security assumed to follow random walk and one investor who believes in either of two incorrect regimes, and Essay History Potato, the model developed by Hong and love metaphors, Stein (1999) which separates the Essay on Fun of the population into two groups -‘the news watchers’ and ‘momentum traders’-and let information diffuse gradually among them. 2.3 Prior empirical evidence. Besides theoretical models built to illustrate the momentum profit, empirical evidence was documented to demonstrate the strength of its existence and the performance of momentum strategies. De long, Shleifer, Summers and Waldmann (1990) showed a strong evidence of positive feedback trading in love metaphors the majority of 32 merging and mature stock index futures markets. On Fun. Rouwenhorst (1998) demonstrated the existence of a high risk adjusted momentum profit of more than 1% per month in twelve European countries from 1980 to opposite, 1995.

De Haas (1999) examined the price momentum effect for all stocks in the Netherlands from 1976 to 1998 and also achieved a significant abnormal return of over Essay on Fun of the Sweet 1% per month. Rip Van Winkle Text. The results were also positive though low for emerging Asian markets documented by Essay on Fun, Chui, Titman and Wei (2000). Studies showed a disappearance of momentum profit has also brought our attention. Muga and winkle text, Santamaria (2007) in examining the on Fun Sweet Potato momentum effect in the Spanish stock market during the 1990s showed that the evidence of momentum disappeared after the 1997 crisis. Grinblatt and Titman (1989) and Grinblatt, Titman and Wermers (1995) showed that a large number of successful mutual funds appeared to rip van, have a preference for stocks of past winners. A question arises of whether the intense institutional trading recent years has eroded the momentum effect to its disappearance. Chapter 3 Data and Methodology. 3.1 Data overview.

The data used in this paper comes from the Datastream database[TBD]. It contains all the 1991 equity securities listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange from June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. These 1991 firms do not include those that went public or got delisted during this period. Thus all the firms included have a continuous monthly price record for the whole period. Of The. The number of firms that went public during this period is 329 within which there is no firm that also got delisted during this period. Unfortunately, we do not have the number of firms that had survived till June 30th 2009 but got delisted during the following 4 years of sample period. Further research will be conducted on of turgid, this. But we do not expect this number to be large and hope the total number of firms excluded will not count above 20 percent of the on Fun History whole sample.

Also, firms tend to face a decline in their market value before delisted. Rip Van Winkle Text. They are likely to fall into the ‘small stock’ category we later define which anyway will be excluded from the dataset in ex-post sample selection. On Fun History. Therefore, we believe the exclusion of these firms will not make our results biased because of either survivorship bias or cross-sectional data mining. The monthly price data we use for these 1991 firms is the adjusted closing price at the end of each month starting from June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. The adjusted price is defined as the closing price which has been historically adjusted for love metaphors bonus and rights issues. The data also contains the daily market value and the daily price to book value of each firm during the period. The market value is defined as the share price multiplied by the number of ordinary shares in issue.

We also have the daily ‘market value corporation’ data available for each firm which also takes into of the Potato, account the market values of other listed and unlisted equities. But we find this two does not make any significant difference for us to define small stocks. Thus only the market value is used. The price to book value is defined as the communists in nazi germany share price divided by the book value per share. 3.2 Sample selection and descriptive statistics.

Small firms and low priced stocks are excluded from on Fun of the Sweet, our sample to ensure that our results are not driven primarily by small and of turgid, illiquid stocks or by bid-ask bounce pointed out by Conrad and Kaul (1993) to De Bondt and Potato, Thaler (1985). To achieve this, we define the tsi essay market capitalization of each firm as the on Fun of the Potato three-year average of communists in nazi germany their daily market value from Essay on Fun Sweet Potato, January 1st 2010 to May 31st 2013. For the 1991 firms in total, we first rank them according to this average and exclude those that belong to tsi essay, the bottom decile. 200 firms are in this case excluded from the sample and on Fun History Potato, the remaining 1791 firms have their market capitalization from $28.9 million to the highest $377 billion. Communists In Nazi Germany. We then count the number of times for each of the remaining firms to be priced below $5 per History Sweet share at the ends of the total 36 ranking periods from December 31st 2009 to love metaphors, November 30th 2012.

The length we use for a ranking period is of the Sweet, six months. Communists In Nazi. Thus the first ranking period is from History Sweet Potato, July 1st 2009 till December 31st 2009 while the last is from June 1st 2012 till November 30th 2012 after 35 monthly roll-overs. Those firms that are priced below $5 per god is our creator share for Essay History Sweet Potato above 10 times at the ends of the 36 ranking periods (i.e. the holding periods’ beginnings) are excluded from the rip van sample. These are what we define as low priced firms. 476 firms are in this case excluded, and Potato, the remaining 1315 are those finally used to form portfolios. Communists. The descriptive statistics of the market capitalization, the three-year average of daily price to book value and the average monthly return of these 1315 firms can be found in Appendix Table 1. Due to data limitations there are 30 firms that do not have their daily price to book value available. [TBD] By using the Essay Sweet Potato monthly adjusted closing prices, first the monthly returns for each firm from July 2009 to May 2013 are calculated. Our Creator. Then the compounded returns of Sweet every six consecutive months for each firm are calculated, starting from July 1st’December 31st 2009 to June 1st-November 31st 2012. These are the 36 ranking periods discussed in the previous section. Following Jegadeesh and Titman (1993), at the end of in nazi each ranking period we rank the 1315 stocks in our sample based on their past six-month compounded returns and then group them into 5 equally weighted portfolios based on Essay on Fun of the, these ranks. Each portfolio consists of 263 firms and is held for the next six months.

Ranking Period Holding Period. ( Month -5 to communists in nazi germany, Month 0 ) ( Month 1 to Month 6 ) Portfolio I always contains stocks ranked from 1-263 which are those stocks that perform worst in the ranking period. Portfolio II always contains stocks ranked from 264 to 789, and so on. It is the Portfolio V that holds the past winners. Each portfolio in our holding period is rebalanced monthly for simplicity. Since each portfolio is Potato, only held for six months every time, we believe our monthly returns for each portfolio will not deviate much from those if not rebalanced. To increase the opposite power of our tests, we also construct overlapping portfolios as Jegadeesh and Titman (1993) did: In this case, a momentum quintile portfolio in any particular month holds stocks ranked in that quintile in any of the previous six ranking months.

For instance, a December winner portfolio comprises twenty percent of the stocks with the highest returns over the previous June to November period, the previous May to October, and so on up to the previous January to June period. Each monthly cohort is assigned an equal weight in this portfolio. To put in another way, for every month (except the beginning five and the ending five months) we now have six Portfolio I s, six Portfolio II s and so on, and the return of the winner/loser portfolio (denoted as Portfolio 5/Portfolio1) in that month is the average of the of the Potato returns of the love metaphors six Portfolio Vs/Portfolio Is.TBD. Chapter 4 Results and Analyses. 4.1 Average monthly returns.

Appendix Table 2 presents the average monthly return from Essay on Fun History of the, Jan 2010 to our creator, May 2013 for each of the five momentum portfolios. The sample is the on Fun History Sweet Potato 1315 stocks we selected. EWI is the average monthly return for an equally weighted portfolio that contains every stock in our sample, also rebalanced monthly. Love Metaphors. The average monthly return is calculated in the monthly compounded case. P1 is the equally weighted portfolio of Essay 20 percent of the stocks with the lowest returns over the previous six months, while P2 is the opposite of turgid equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the next lowest past six-month returns, and so on. Compared with Jegadeesh and Titman (2001), the Essay of the Sweet monotonic increasing pattern of returns over portfolio ranks observed in their result now disappears. Instead, our result reveals a symmetric U shape of returns over ranks. It is the winners and the losers portfolios (P5 and P1) that achieve the highest average monthly returns.

It is the most modest portfolio P3 that achieves the lowest average monthly return. Somewhat ironic is opposite, that the losers portfolio even outperforms the winners. However, these differences are all not statistically significant. The difference between the P5 and P1 portfolio returns is -0.037% and the t statistic is only -0.1068. This is in contrast to the 1.17% difference and 4.96 t statistic found in Jegadeesh and Titman (1993). We also take the History of the Potato difference between the P1 and P3 portfolio returns and rip van winkle, find their t statistic is also smaller than 1. [ Insert Appendix Table 2 ] To see whether our result of the History Sweet losers portfolio P1 outperforming the winners portfolio P5 on the average case is due to a potential outlier effect of one specific month, the monthly returns of the two portfolios from love metaphors, January 2010 to May 2013 are presented in Appendix Figure 1. Indeed there is one month (January 2012) in which the losers portfolio P1 significantly outperforms the winners portfolio P5. However, from the figure there is no evidence suggesting for the most part P5 outperforms P1 in Essay on Fun of the the other months.

After we exclude the January 2012 returns, very slightly P1 still outperforms P5 indicating the momentum effect is now gone. [ Insert Appendix Figure 1 ] 4.2 Average price to book values and Average market capitalizations. Appendix Table 3 reports the average price to book value of firms under each portfolio. The price to book value of a firm under this case is defined as the three-year average of its daily price to book value. God Is Our Creator. We also have transformed the price to book value to the book-to-market ratio and report under Table 3. [ Insert Appendix Table 3 ] There is a roughly increasing pattern of the book-to-market ratio from P5 to P1 indicating that the past winners portfolio P5 is to a large extent constructed by those glamour stocks named by Lakonishok, Shleifer and Vishny (1994), while the losers portfolio tends to contain the Essay Sweet value stocks. The pattern is not very robust and the book-to-market ratios are actually very close to each other. This may be because that we have only germany divided the sample into five quintiles, and what most crucial is that we have used the of the Sweet Potato three-year average (which does not vary with time) to define a firm’s book-to-market ratio under each holding period which varies with time and with the firm’s position changes within the five quintiles. Table 3 also reports the average market capitalization of firms under each momentum portfolio. There is also an increasing pattern from why was mummification important, P1 to History Sweet, P5 indicating that the past losers portfolio is to a large extent constructed by those stocks of opposite small size firms while the past winners tends to contain big firms. On Fun Sweet Potato. Similar to the price to book value, here the market capitalization suffers from the problem of using the god is three year average of market value to define a firm’s market capitalization under each holding period. The results above suggest that the highest average monthly return of P1 seems to on Fun of the, be partly due to its smaller market capitalization and higher book-to-market ratio.

This is important, consistent with the Fama-French three-factor model (Fama and French, 1993) as small size firms and firms with higher book-to-market ratios tend to have higher risk factor coefficients. However, this reasoning cannot explain our observed high average monthly return of the past winners P5. Essay Of The Sweet. This may be due to the problem we discussed before that makes our average book to market ratio and average market capitalization indications not timely precise to each holding period. Also we have not considered the sensitivity of why was mummification important each portfolio to the market risk factor and its magnitude which explains the risk adjusted return in part as well. In order to look further on this, in Essay History of the Sweet the next section we test for the risk adjusted abnormal return using the our creator three factor model and check the factor coefficients patterns among the five portfolios.

4.3 The risk adjusted abnormal returns. Though the Essay on Fun of the winners portfolio P5 and the losers portfolio P1 on average outperform P2 P3 and of turgid, P4, we have to Essay on Fun History of the Sweet, check whether this outperformance is attributed to risk. Appendix Table 4 Panel A summarizes the factor sensitivities of each portfolio to the CAPM model and the Fama-French three-factor model with their t statistics reported in of turgid parentheses. The market sensitivity to the CAPM model is estimated by regressing the monthly return of each momentum portfolio less the risk-free rate (except for the zero investment P1-P3 and Essay History of the Sweet, P5-P1 portfolios) on opposite, the monthly return of the NASDAQ composite index less the risk-free rate, while the factor sensitivities to the Fama-French three-factor model is estimated by regressing on the monthly returns of the three Fama-French factors. FF: R-R_f=i??i??(R_m-R_f )+ b_s (SMB)+b_v (HML)+i??i?? The risk-free rate used in both cases is the monthly interest rate on the Treasury bill. This data is from the Wharton Research Data Services. And the data for Essay on Fun of the Sweet the monthly returns of the three Fama-French factors is from the communists in nazi Kenneth R. French Data Library. Due to data limitations the monthly interest rate only has an available record till December 2012. However, as a result of the Essay on Fun History of the Potato Federal Reserve quantitative easing policy, the monthly interest rates during the whole sample period are very close to zero with the highest only 0.01%. Thus even without minus these interest rates the results are the same.

Also we have tested that with the last five months excluded our results change little. Chapter 5 Conclusion. Are all results in accordance? Do they really tell a story? How is the story that emerges different from the previous results in the literature? How would the mummification important results contribute or advance our current knowledge?

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The sample stocks used to form these portfolios is the 1315 firms selected from all the stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange during the on Fun Sweet Potato sample period of June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. The selection of the 1315 firms is based on important, the criteria illustrated in section 3.2 following which firms went public or got delisted during the sample period, firms with a market capitalization belong to the bottom decile and stocks priced below $5 for above 10 times at the 36 ends of ranking periods are excluded. Summary of Descriptive Statistics. This table reports the Essay Potato descriptive statistics of the average daily market value (market capitalization) and the average daily price to rip van winkle, book value from January 1st 2010 to May 31st 2013 for Essay on Fun Sweet the 1315 (except for the average PTBV where the data for 30 firms is missing) firms selected from our creator, all the stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange during the sample period of June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. Also the descriptive statistic of the average monthly return from January 2010 to on Fun History of the Potato, May 2013 of the 1315 firms is reported. This average monthly return is calculated in the monthly compounded case. The selection of the 1315 firms is based on examples, the criteria illustrated in section 3.2 following which firms went public or got delisted during the sample period, firms with a market capitalization belong to the bottom decile and stocks priced below $5 for above 10 times at the 36 ends of ranking periods are excluded. The unit for MKT_CAP is in millions. Average Monthly Returns.

This table presents the History of the Potato average monthly return for each of the five momentum portfolios formed based on important, past six-month returns and held for six months. The average monthly return is calculated in the monthly compounded case. P1 is the equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the lowest returns over the previous six months, P2 is the equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the next lowest returns, and so on. The sample NASDAQ Stocks is the 1315 firms selected from Essay on Fun of the Potato, all the stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange during the sample period of June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. The selection of the 1315 firms is mummification, based on the criteria illustrated in on Fun of the Sweet Potato section 3.2 following which firms went public or got delisted during the sample period, firms with a market capitalization belong to the bottom decile and stocks priced below $5 for rip van winkle text above 10 times at the 36 ends of Essay on Fun History ranking periods are excluded. Average Price to Book Values and Average Market Capitalizations.

This table reports the text average price to Sweet, book value, the average book to why was mummification, market ratio and the average market capitalization of firms under each portfolio. The price to book value/market capitalization of a firm under this case is defined as its average daily price to book value/market value from January 1st 2010 to May 31st 2013. P1 is the on Fun Sweet equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the communists in nazi germany lowest returns over the previous six months, P2 is the Essay on Fun Sweet equally weighted portfolio of examples 20 percent of the stocks with the next lowest returns, and Essay History of the Sweet Potato, so on. The sample NASDAQ Stocks is the 1315 firms selected from all the stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange during the sample period of June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. The selection of the 1315 firms is based on the criteria illustrated in love metaphors section 3.2 following which firms went public or got delisted during the sample period, firms with a market capitalization belong to the bottom decile and stocks priced below $5 for above 10 times at the 36 ends of ranking periods are excluded. The unit for MKT_CAP is in History of the Sweet millions. PANEL A CAPM and winkle text, Fama-French Factor Sensitivities. This table presents the factor sensitivities of Essay on Fun each momentum portfolio to the CAPM model and the Fama-French three-factor model. CAPM market sensitivities/FF factor sensitivities are the slope coefficients in the CAPM model/Fama-French three factor model time-series regressions.

Their t statistics are reported in parentheses. The testing period is from January 2010 to December 2012. ‘Market’ is the market factor, ‘SMB’ is the size factor and ‘HML’ is the book to market factor. P1 is the equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the communists in nazi germany stocks with the lowest returns over the previous six months, P2 is the equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the next lowest returns, and so on. The sample of History of the Potato firms used is the 1315 firms selected from all the stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange during the sample period of June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. Our Creator. The selection of the 1315 firms is based on the criteria illustrated in section 3.2 following which firms went public or got delisted during the sample period, firms with a market capitalization belong to Essay on Fun History Potato, the bottom decile and stocks priced below $5 for above 10 times at the 36 ends of ranking periods are excluded. PANEL B The Risk Adjusted Abnormal Returns. This table reports the risk adjusted returns of each momentum portfolio to the CAPM model and the Fama-French three-factor model. The CAPM Alphas/FF Alphas are the intercepts in the CAPM model/Fama-French three factor model time-series regressions. Their t statistics are reported in rip van winkle text parentheses. The testing period is from January 2010 to December 2012.

P1 is the equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the lowest returns over the previous six months, P2 is the equally weighted portfolio of 20 percent of the stocks with the next lowest returns, and so on. The sample of firms used is the 1315 firms selected from all the stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange during the sample period of June 30th 2009 to May 31st 2013. The selection of the 1315 firms is on Fun History of the Sweet Potato, based on the criteria illustrated in section 3.2 following which firms went public or got delisted during the sample period, firms with a market capitalization belong to the bottom decile and stocks priced below $5 for above 10 times at the 36 ends of ranking periods are excluded. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Finance essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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